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    Saturday, November 20th, 2004
    11:08 pm
    god it's been a while. Been busy as all hell the past couple of months. but we have a week of downtime starting Monday that I am very much looking forword to. Jack and I have been getting all of the major stuff taken car of this weekend (laundry, groceries, etc...) so that we can just laze about and play the rest of the week. However last night after dinner jack did surprise me with the first season box set of Starsky and Hutch! I loved that show (or more specifically I loved Starsky) when I was growing up, and so did Jack. We got through the first disc, which had the original pilot and the first three eps of the show, and we were necking and getting into some pretty heavy petting half way through the second episode. and then at some point Starsky was diving out of a car right as it blew up and I came in my pants. God I feel like I'm 15 all over again. At least Jack was happy about it. Never seen the bastard look so smug. ::sigh:: But I guess I'll keep him around. ;)

    Current Mood: embarrassed
    Current Music: Jack snoring in bed next to me.

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    Sunday, September 12th, 2004
    4:56 pm
    some kid at the mall today claimed that I was Billy from the Power Rangers. I told Jack about it when I got to his place for dinner, and he couldn't stop laughing about it.

    then while we were in the bedroom he hollered out 'It's Morphin' Time!!'

    Guess who's going to be sleeping on the couch tomorrow?

    Current Mood: bitchy

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    Saturday, August 21st, 2004
    3:42 pm
    got down-time for the rest of this weekend. then it's back to work on Mon. Still trying not to think about recent inter-planetary incident... anywho! here are some random quiz results.

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    Sunday, August 15th, 2004
    10:23 am
    why me!?!?!
    OK, first off, I’d like to apologize for being away from my blog for so long. We got back from our visit to P4G-781 around late Wednesday evening, and I just got back home earlier today.

    So we were on the other planet for well over a week, and most of it went just fine. The people there seemed very nice. A little behind the times. In a still living in the 1700’s kind of way. But things were nice. They were nice… the weather was nice… the food was nice… they were nice…


    Yes that’s right! SPANK ME! I had to be SPANKED publicly! That’s S-P-A-N-K-ED! As in
    Pants down, bare-assed, over the knee, open palm, SPANKED! BY JACK!!!

    And you know, none of it would have probably happened if somebody there had, had the brains to mention their little unspoken law about nobody being allowed into the holy temple just outside of their village. A holy temple that happened to originally be a Goa’uld palace dedicated to the Egyptian Goddess Qetesh (supposedly said to be one of the many faces of the Goddess Hathor, so whether or not this is the same Goa’uld as the one we met a few years back, I haven’t a clue). Because really! You can’t bring a archeologist into a place that has a palace that’s coved almost head to toe in hieroglyphs, and gua’uld text that’s just begging to be translated. and expect him not to go running for it like a kid in a candy shop! But NO! No mention of not going in. not a word. Hell not even a sign on the door with like, ‘WARNING: Entering this building shall result in a sever ass-paddling!’ So in I go; cataloging, dating, and translating my little heart out until I suddenly get Jack’s voice crackling over my radio telling me to get the hell out of there, and to not get caught, and before I can even click to respond, the doors burst open, and in pours this very angry, very large mob.

    They end up binding my hands at the wrists and lead me to their town hall building, where the rest of the team is, already arguing on my behalf (thanks guys) and then we’re all dragged into this big meeting room, where the chairs in the audience are already filled w/ villagers, and what not. And on the stage, instead of a podium was a single wooden chair. At this point I hadn’t the faintest idea as to what exactly was going on until Jack suddenly bellows out:

    “Oh no! nobody gets to even *think* about laying a hand on Daniel’s ass but me” and then there's dead silence. Now I’m guessing, and for his sake desperately hoping that it was said as a sort of bluff to try to get us out of this mess, but they figured that since he was our team leader that he would do fine, and next thing I know, my pants are around my ankles, Jack’s being shoved into the chair up on stage, and I’m being pressed down onto his lap while he’s told that he is to give me no less then thirty lashes with his hand. And I just bowed my head, because I really didn’t want to know what my teammates faces must have looked like right then.

    Now an important thing to know here, is that I have never before in my life been into the idea of spanking. Neither giving, nor receiving. Just isn’t my bag. Can’t really get around the idea. Too Dom/sub for me. Jack on the other hand has pretty much always loved the idea of getting to spank me. But certainly not like this. Not strapped down against my will, with a public audience, especially one that included Sam, and Teal’C, But this wasn’t exactly his choice either, so I have to imagine that this was a pretty horrific experience for him as well.

    And I quickly realized that this must be a really big thing to these people. Because it wasn’t just Jack spanking me and they let me up and we go, and pretend it never happened. No these people took it very seriously because they started swaying a chanting, and drums were being slowly pounded on as though to urge Jack on. But moving on.

    The first five or so smacks came as a complete shock to me, and Jack was apologizing all over the place. Whispering for me to please forgive him, and I had to grit out for him to just can it and please just get it over with. By the time we reached fifteen I was panting loudly, but still managed to keep myself quiet, but my body still jerked with every smack. And God it stung. It burned and kept burning after he removed his hand. Jack had thankfully fallen silent except to count out each…spank. But his other hand kept rubbing over the small of my back which was a very big comfort to me. By spank number twenty. I had tears starting to roll down my face, but at the same time I noticed that I was starting the heat up in the uh… groin…area… And I didn’t want it to! This wasn’t my thing, I’m not into spanking! And especially not in front of a bunch of strangers, and two of my closest friends! But it was happening none the less, and I don’t think Jack having begun softly running his hands over my poor abused ass between spanks was helping me any. And once he felt me start to get hard, he started moving his hands around more. Even going so far as to dip between my legs for a single instant and brush over my balls, which caused me convulse and cry out, and I could hear Sam gasp at that one; thinking that I was in incredible pain at this point. Which in fact I was, to be honest. But I kept getting harder, and had to start begging between shouts, for Jack to just hurry it the hell up and let me out of here. And then we were finally at the final one, and I heard his hand come whistling down on me, and the sound of it connecting with my butt filled, and echoed around the room. And at that one instant, my body suddenly sort of shut down on me, and I was simultaneously sagging in on myself while crying like a baby, and creaming myself on Jack’s lap.

    Most of what happened after that is kind of blurry. I remember people coming up and un-strapping me, and Jack helping me get my pants up while I stood there miserable, covered with my own spunk and bawling my damned eyes out. He did that, then handed me my glasses which had fallen to the floor at some point, next thim I remember is Teal’C holding me in a fireman’s carry, while we’re headed for the gate, with Sam trying to sooth me and Jack staring at the ground in front of him while he walks.

    Once back on earth it was a very awkward debriefing in the infirmary where I was told I’d have to stay a while due to the fact that Jack had quite literally blistered my ass (which had Jack looking beyond miserable when he found out) and it was decided that for at least for the time being, that the people of P4G-781 can go fuck themselves. Jack was apologizing all over the place and I kept telling him that it was ok, and that it wasn’t his fault, and not to worry about it, but I know he’s not going to just let it go like that. This really, really disturbed, and upset him, and everybody can tell. Sam and Teal’C haven’t really mentioned it, other then to ask how I’m doing, and I’m glad they’ve left it at that.

    ::yawns:: well I think that’s about it for now. Very tired… and sore… I’m still a bit weirded out about the whole unexpected arousal thing that happened. But since it was with Jack at least I don’t have to worry about it being, too, too weird… I guess. But like I said, I’ll leave that for another time.

    Current Mood: exhausted

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    Monday, July 26th, 2004
    5:44 pm
    hi ho... hi ho...
    I'm off medical leave! and back to work :) Just got back from a mission briefing about an hour ago. We're heading off to a planet P4G-781 in a few days. the probe showed a few old ruins with pictographs, and I'm hoping there'll still be some locals nearby for us to meet up with. so far though it looks like we're mainly going to check out the mineral deposits that may, or may not be there. Hopefully it'll just be a simple in and out mission.

    ::goes off to work on translations for SG3::

    Current Mood: cheerful

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    Saturday, July 24th, 2004
    1:51 pm
    I'm staying at Jacks's place for the weekend, now that the whole allergie thing has finally abated, and as luck would have it, the birthday gift
    Jack ordered for me earlier this month, finally arived.

    And oh God. I thought the orgasam Jack gave me the other night was fantastic...I'm starting to thing that discovering this thing on the net is more amazing and wonderous then when I figured out those gliphs and how to make the stargate work.

    oh, and by the way does anybody know of a safe way to get jizz stains off navy blue carpeting?

    Current Mood: satisfied

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    Thursday, July 22nd, 2004
    3:53 pm
    ohhhhhh G-o-o-o-o-o-od! Jack stopped by last night, to try to get me to forgive him for the whole sleeping meds in the juice thing. He also killed the killer-flan for me, and for that I forgave him.

    and then he pounded me through the mattress. :)

    Current Mood: well fucked

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    Tuesday, July 20th, 2004
    10:28 pm
    Sam stopped by an hour or so ago, with a flann to try to cheer me up. which is sweet of her, it really is. Problem is, is that Sam can't cook worth a damn. now I've got a damned rennagade flann chassing me about the house. Brooms don't stop it. Bleach doesn't stop it. I'm hoping I can set up some kind of distraction with some of those sparklers I have left over from the 4th. And, then I'll make a run for it, and lock myself in my bedroom where I can contact the SGC and get some back up, and hopefully some sort of grenade launcher.

    ::worries:: why does this kinda stuff always happen to me???

    Current Mood: distressed
    Current Music: pounding of my own heart

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    Monday, July 19th, 2004
    7:20 pm
    oh boy... ::rubs eyes, and sends glasses flying off face and too the floor:: damnit... ::picks up glasses, and yawn:: I think Jack must have slipped some nightQuill into my juice, and I've apperently crashed at my desk, and I've got a word document open, with over 150 pages of nonsense on it becuase my head was resting on the keyboard. Cripes... ::ruffles hair, and looks about for more pink goop:: just because I "wouldn't stop bitching about my itchy skin" Well ex-SCUSE me! ::scratches:: ::sighs:: I'm gonna go take a shower.


    Current Mood: groggy

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    Sunday, July 18th, 2004
    9:36 pm
    testing one...two...three...
    I was a little unsure at first as to whether or not I should start a journel out on the internet... or I guess there are called blogs aren't they? Anyways, I've come to discover that thanks to 'Wormhole EX-treme' there's been countless people on the internet creating their own blogs about there lives being spent trying to find or going through stargates, or wormhole devices. Hell some even claim to be members of different alien races, and write about being stuck here on Earth. So needless to say, I'm not all that worried about being singled out here.

    And now on to bigger and better things. I'm not quite sure what I plan on doing with this thing, so we'll just have to see what happens, but I looks like it could be fun. ::sips coffee:: Unfortunatly I'm on medical stand-down due to having a massive alergic reaction on P7X-84D, AKA: the Pollen Planet. I'm litteraly covered head to toe in that pink goop, to try to stop the itching.

    And someones knocking at my door, and I have a sneaking suspission that it's probably Jack, and hopefully he's got chinese take out with him.... oh God I hope so...

    ... I gotta go!

    Current Mood: contemplative
    Current Music: Radio Head: Paranoid Android

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