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love makes the world go round [13 Apr 2004|09:33pm]
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Woot what a lovely way to end the vacation. hehe I slept till like 1 in the afternoon then I drove over to Jon's and hung out with him. It was kewl, lol we watched Beauty and the Beast. O yea Disney movies rock! haha lol. It was wonderful to get to see him before I go back to school. Boy it was rainging outside like CrAzY. I can't believe it I drove home too, in the dark and it was rainging! o yea who's FreAkIng grEat!!??!?! Yep me! haha lol! Well Yea I just got off the phone with Trevs. It was nice to chat for a bit. I've come to the conclusion that I don't think I will be going to the swing dance. * tear* Oh well... Who knows maybe I will change my mind. I've gots to see who else is going. Man I can't believe it's already mid- way through april. Oh I can't tell you how badly I want to get this month over with... I just wish it was done and gone. Well I guess no matter how much I am dreading going back to school, everythign will just fall into place nicely. Woot three days left and then it will be 4th quater, woooot! I can't wait then it's easy riding with just review and stuff! Man I need to go to ralphs....

poem time...

The burden of a simple delicacy

I sit by the window with a look of dispair,
waiting for someone to answer my prayer.
The taste of mango haunts me every waking minute,
I don't know why all these emotions can come from one fruit.
I keep dreaming of the next time I will enjoy my mango sensation,
All the longing for the ice causes much frustration.
All I can do is hope for a opportunity to come along and cease it,
I have fallen deep into this deep pit.
The only way out is to obtain this crazy ice,
so before you get hooked too you should think twice.

okay yea....


J - a real jewel

O- the only one for me

N- number 1 in my book

A- adorable

T- my true love

H- very handsome

A - absolutely wonderful

N - nicest person I know

hehe lol Okays yea I am done....

I love you Jon, your so wonderful!!! Mwah!!!!!!!!!!!


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