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[21 Feb 2004|08:02pm]
[ mood | good ]
[ music | higher and higher ]

Well 1 day left of vacation. Ick, atleast I will be all refreshed when I go back to school. Woo! Lol today was kinda kewl I got to run a trial hair do for the banquet on Saturday! I went shopping today, and then came home and just chilled, watched my best friends wedding, sang, cleaned my room, and made corn muffins. Yummy lol I just finished one. Woo our steps are coming along nicely, I think they might even be done, or very close to it, and our driveway is being done on Monday, if the weather is bad they will do it on Tuesday. Lol it's exciting but right now it looks like a disaster. This morning I was woken up so early by the people who are working on our house. Argh, that totally was not cool. Woo I finally figured out how to convert the images on my computer.... *does the computer geek dance* oh yea! Well yea that's about it! LATERS!

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