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jingle all the way. hey hey hey hey. [07 Dec 2003|07:37pm]
[ mood | exanimate ]
[ music | Feelin this x Blink 182 ]

ALRIGHT. yesterday. went shopping with grandmother. bought ryan twinkie pants. yessir. then bought mitchell his birthday present. trina her christmas gift. paige her x-mas present. and and natalie a present. yes. Came home. waited for trinaaaaa. to get here. SANG songs. bwhaha. then *DAMN POP UPS* okay then.. maddie's house! uh. trina made me change. so i changed. re-met BLAINE. who was in my kindergarden class and first grade class, thats right. THEN. *skips ahead* I met Chris! okay so Jeff takes out trina's eyeliner and chris takes it and attacks my face. oh man it was so funny. 'it hurts to be beautiful.' 'something is missing...' yeah so he spent like half an hour or more on my face, and i ended up looking like one of those trible people. damn skippy. and while he was doing my face, i took off his necklace, and evidently he never noticed me taking it of and putting it on, and i still have it. indeed. lmfao. I also stole Kenn's earring and he never noticed either. PEOPLE THESE DAYS. So then Chris and Kenn were taking shots of ginger ale or w/e they had. OMJ. funny stuff. And then some how chris was washing his shirt and then hung it outside to dry. lmfao. Then Chris did Kenn's make up. and kenn went into the bathroom to take the make up off, and so Chris put everything that was in maddie's bathroom on kenn's head. then they went in the shower... and we took a picture. sickos... ooh and sometime in between all of this, Jeff had streamers wrapped around him and he sang, 'Happy Birthday Mr. President' to maddie and heather then ripped the streamers off. then kenn and jeff left. We played Christer. lol. magical times. So then chris dressed up as a woman, thats right. and it was beautiful!! but he wouldn't take his shirt off so some how he ended up on the floor, don't ask me how, and finally agreed to take his shirt off. but then he wouldn't take his pants off cuz Trina would rape him. Then Chris left and we went outside for like five minutes. then watched finding nemo. and i feel asleep. then woke up and heard, 'your funny STUPID.' yep then i woke up again to, 'Is that a lawn mower?' THEN i wnt to trina's house and we had HOT CHOCOLATE. then i went home.


that's interesting

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