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Beautiful Florida! :-D [10 Aug 2003|11:40pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Im in Florida right now! I just got here yesterday and so far my vacation has been alotta fun. I left my house yesterday at 7 in the moringing (so i hadda wake up super early) Our plain left at 10:30 but we went to JFK the airport in the city. We arrived there like 9:15ish. Beleive it or not even though we arrived at the airport so early we got on the plain at 10:10 because my family was one of the chosen ones who they randomly pick to go through the like super super intense security. First we hadda wait on this line which wasnt even that long but it took a while to get to the front because they check everybody from head to toe. When we finally got to the front of the line they put our bags through the thing ( i dont know the exact name) then we had to walk through the metal detector and after that they like scanned us head to toe with these weird looking bar things. It got pretty bad when it kept beeping whenever she would scan the thing over my bra because it had wires in it so she hadda like touch my bra to make sure i wasnt keeping any dangerous weapings in there(haha) They were also literally pulling out like candy rappers i had in my pocket and stuff. It was really weird. Then they unzippersed are bags and were searching through them and that was extremly uncomfortable to do while i was just stnading there because i had like thongs and underwear on the top becuase they were the last things i pcked becuase my mom had to clean them the night before and i hadda dry them overnight and just through them in my bag that morning. Anyway we finally got on the plain and we were riding jet blue which was really cool because they have TV's for every passenger so the ride wasnt boring at all :-D. After we landed we went to get our rental car and then headed for the west palm beach airport to pick up my cuzin sydney who is staying in fl with us. After we picked her up we went to my condo showered and then went out for dinner at Cracker Barrel lol it was really good.

This morining i woke up like at 11ish. Sydney and I were abnout to go down to the pool when it started to pour rain. So instead we went to the store and got a ton of makeup and facial stuff. Woo! when we got back it was all sunny so we went down to the pool and got a bit of color ..until it started to rain agian. So we went back to my condo showered up and then met up with my aunts, uncles, grandparents, cuzins and we all went to the cheesecake factory (like my new favorite resturaunt) lol. Then sydney and i came back here, did facials, painted nails,and now are just chilling. i sorta miss everybdoy in new york...mm kinda. im sure i will in a few days. the only person im like DYING to see right now is Elizabeth and thats only beacuase i havnt seen her for 6weeks becuase she just got back from sleepaway camp(ofcourse the week i go on vacaton *sigh*) well im done for now.
<3 Danielle

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Florida Tomorrow . . .yay...not really [08 Aug 2003|09:35pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Im going to Florida tomorrow but I'm not really that excited becuase thats the day taht Elizabeth is coming back from sleepaway camp. I am halfway done packing. Florida probably will be a lot of fun becuase my cuzin sydney is comeing with me. For anybody who doesnt already know she is coming to Port Jeff High School next year and is gonna be in 9th grade!! :-D If you would like to talk to her her sn is xOBillzFriend (no i dont like that sn either haha) Don't be shy she is excpecting it!!
Right now I'm on the phone with Alex.
<3 Danielle

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Just shoot me now...depressed is an understatement...BIGTIME [07 Aug 2003|07:07pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

I am so depressed. I am starting to wish that I was still in school. Not because of schoolwork or anything but because I miss Elizabeth soooooooooooo much! Seriously like all day I have been crying about it. If you criticize or make fun of me for crying about it I dont even care. Whatever. I havnt seen her in over a month. She is coming back home in two days but ofcourse that is the day I'm going to Florida. I am in a horrible and depressed mood. I feel like something inside me is missing. :'(!!!I'm counting down the days till the 21st(the day I come home from FL) becasue it is the day I will reunite with my best friend. UGHHHHHHHHH. :-< I cant even call her because my mom wont let me cuz it cost like fifty million dollars to call another country. So I hafta wait for her to call me or just stick with email.

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American Idol Concert :-D [02 Aug 2003|12:15am]
[ mood | content ]

OMGGG! Today was soo awsome. I woke up at 11 I got ready and two hours later my parents met my aunt and uncle in the parking lot of the resturaunt Nathans and my sister and I went with them to the cheesecake factory. Wow can u say like best resturaunt I have ever been to like..in my life? lol. First we got like 3 different appetizers. Just from the appetizers I was pretty full but then when my dinner came i some how made room lol. I had terryaki chicken and rice. Omg it was soo good. After that my aunt and uncle ordered cheese cake and I have never eaten it before but it was actully much better then I expected it to be. And it had oreos in it...I like Oreos. lol. Then we went to Old Navy and I got two shirts. After we were done in Old Navy it was about time to go to the American Idol concert. We were waiting for it to start for a little while. Are seets were pretty bad. They were like ultra-nose bleed section lol. The show started and all I could see was little specks running across the stage. So i was mostly looking at the screen. Then at intermission we went down to like the front of the middle section and conviniently enough there were four open seats. We were soo excited so the rest of the show we had awsome seets. Then while Clay was singing, my uncle was taking a picture and this extremly nice man who worked there asked my uncle if he wanted to go to the front to take a close up picture of Clay. It was so awsome and now i have a close up picture of him. :-D. All in all the concert was sooo amazing. I just found out like 2 mins ago that lindsay was sitting really really close to me after I moved. It stinks cuz i was looking for her. I had no idea how close we were to eachother. Grr..
ight well im gonna go
<3 Danielle

oh yea...im not dreding going back to school becuase sydney is defnilty moving to port jeff now..woo!
and also I miss Elizabeth sooooooooo much!! im done now for real

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Im lazy..and HAPPY [01 Aug 2003|12:56am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Ok I've really been becoming horrible at updating this thing. But stuff has happened since the last time I wrote. or one thing MY CUZIN SYDNEY IS MOVING TO PORT JEFFERSON AND IS GOING TO SCHOOL WITH MY NEXT YEAR WOOO!!! I am soo excited!! Eliz is coming home from french camp in 8 days but it I'm going to FL the day she comes back and she is going to spend a week at her dads house. When I get back from FL though we are gonna hang out like everyday for the rest of the summer. woo. well im gonna go cuz im on the phone with alex right now and its sorta hard to concentrate. <33 Life is good right now
<3 Danielle

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...yawn... [28 Jul 2003|11:34am]
[ mood | tired ]

I am soo tired. I would still be sleeping but somebody {(*cough*cough* Alex *cough*cough*)} kept calling me about our plans today even though i told him 9853958495305 times to call me after 12. LoL. So yea I'm probably hanging out with him today. I just need to shower and get ready and stuff. Yea..this entry was pretty pointless. I'll write later

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"Danielle do you have a magazine that i can read while I sit on the toilet" LMAO!!!!!HAHAHAHA!! [28 Jul 2003|12:21am]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | "All Choked Up" -Grease ]

Ok i havnt written in a few days so I think I will start with yesterday. Yesterday I didnt wake up till like 12 or 12:30 or sumthin. i was so lazy so I just sat around and read all day till Alex called me at 3 to ask if it was ok if he brought over my birthday present. So I ran into the shower but ofcourse since my showers are like 7359835837945 hours long I wasnt out when he arrived lol. Anyway..he came and gave me my birthday present and then I showed him our convertable. Then he hadda leave i guess cause he hadda get ready for last night. So anyway after he left I blowdryed my hair and got ready to go to see Grease at Mt. Sinia Highschool. Some of my friends and my cuzin Steven were in it. It was pretty good. After the play my cuzin Steven went to the cast party but I went out to Seaport Dinner with my Aunt, Uncle, and Cuzin. We picked Steven up at 12:30am and then went to my house to pick up my sleepover stuff.

This morning I woke up at 12pm. It was sorta weird cuz everybody else at my cuzins house had already been up for like atleast two hours lol. Then at 3pm we went back to my house to celebrate my birthday with my family and Alex. (Lindsay and Brittany were suppose to come also but they didnt :'( !!!)After everybody left Alex and I walked downtown and we saw BRITTANNNNNYYY!!! lol. With some ugly guys . . but we can forget that part. Then Alex and I went back to my house and played Scrabble (WOO!! WOO!!) After we just watched TV till like 11 and then we drove him home.
Thats my last two days in an extremly shortened version

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Happy Birthday to ME! [24 Jul 2003|11:41pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Wow i havnt written in over a week. Hehe. Today was my birthday and still will be my birthday for 19 more mins. then i hafta wait 364 days. I defnielty feel like I should be a lot older then 14. I keep telling people this but all they say is "Danielle stop wishing your life away" well im not really wishing my life away . . .i just wish it would go a bit faster till the part where I am allowed to drive and then you can slow it down again. Anyway...The first half of my birthday was horrible. I am just gonna say that much. I dont even wanna get into details because I will get really upset and overwellmed again if i go into it. Then my daddy came and saved my birthday :-D. He took me to Adventure Land. Yay! LoL. Never to old to go to adventure land. ;-) and he even won me a stuffed fish. You can't go wrong when you have a stuffed fish. Tomorrow my mom is taking me a Brittany to Splish-Splash. Woo! I'm pretty happy...atleast a little bit more happy then I was before...eh. Ok well hopefully I'll get time to write tomrrow

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mustang...WOO! [14 Jul 2003|10:36pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Today was a wonderful day! My mom woke me up at 11:30 and usually im really grumpy when i get wokeun up but i didnt have a problem with it becuase the reason i was woken up was to get our RED BEATIFUL MUSTANG CONVERTABLE. We went to the dealers and we were there for a little while but i didnt mind because my cuzin katie came with us and her and i were takin pics of some cars with my cellular (its one of those kinda phones that has a digital camera on it) After we went to my grandmas house and had dinner. after all my other cuzins came over. Then my cuzin sydney called my cell and invited me to sleepover. so wanna no were i am right now. Yup! u guessed it. sydneys house. lol.
sry britt we couldnt hang out today :'(!!
(this was a very, VERY shortened version of my day lol)
<3 Danielle

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Mall and Movies...Woo Hoo! [13 Jul 2003|09:59pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

This morning I went to the second service of church and when I got home my mom told me my cousin Steven had called me. He wanted to know if I wanted to go to the mall with him Jess, Billy, and Ashley. So i had my dad drive me there at 2 and everybody was already there. For the first 15 mins we just wondered around lol. Then Steven wanted to go into Aero so we did and we spent like 94358439580 hours in there. But it wasnt boring lol. Then we just kept on walking around for another hour and then we went to Hot Topic to get Jess her shoe laces lol. After, we sat ate at the food court. Steven spilt his whole coke and luckily it didnt get on anybody lol. Then we walked around again and then decided to sit and get ice cream. I (being the retard that I am) forgot to ask my parents for money so the only thing I had was 2 dollars. I somehow had enough for icecream.lol. After my uncle picked me steven, billy, and ashley up. We dropped off Billy and Ashley at Billy's house and then I went to Stevens house.

At Stevens house Steven and I had a tetris tournement and I figured out that I am so good at tetris that the computer just wanst able to handle it so it appeared that I was doing bad but I really wasnt....right. After dinner steven and I met a whole buncha ppl at the movies. We saw the WORST movie ever...i sorta forget what it was called. umm i think it was like...The 12 Leage Gentalmen....well Im not sure if thats it but watever. Now my Grandparents are over :-D. I'm gonna go cuz this is a really boring journal entry becuase I think all of my writing skills are being forgotten because I havnt had english class in like a month. O well...
<3 Danielle<3

PS BRITT CALLED ME!!! :-D Shes back from Florida!! WOO We are gonna hang out tomorrow. One best friend back 2 to go!!!

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BONJOUR! [11 Jul 2003|08:52pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I havn't written in a few days, partly due to the fact i could not unglue my eyes from the 5th Harry Potter book. OMG wow it was seriosuly the best book i have read my entire life!!! I was crying though by the end lol. Today i went to my grandmas house and then my mom my sister and my grandma and i went to applebeese. I got a oriental chicken wrap which was really good and then i remembered, the last time i ate one of those it was at freindslys with elizabeth!! AHH!! i miss her sooo much! Today my mom decided that we are getting a mustang convertable (woo woo!) so shes out right now test driving one. And in november i am goin on a cruise with EVERYBODY on my dads side of the family and i sooo can not wait!!! My mom always talks about going on cruises but she has never actully booked it but today she actully did book it so its defenite!

Elizabeth called me before and i would like to say i was SOOOO excited but that would be an understatement. I LIKE DIVED FOR THE FREAKIN PHONE I WAS EXSTATIC!!! I miss her sooooo much! I was happy to know that she was wrong and didnt have to talk to me in French on the phone. By the end of the convo we were both crying..! she said that she called me even before she called her mom. Aww i love her too much! I am going to florida the day she comes back :'(! And im really upset about that.
<3 Danielle


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I was a bit wrong about my vacation... [08 Jul 2003|05:57pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Ok, i am not one to usually jump out and admit when i am wrong but I hafta confess my vacation upstate wastnt half as bad as expected...As a matter of fact it wasnt bad at all! I thought it was going to be awful because my mom told me it was a horse resort so i expected it to smell bad and not be clean. Well suprisingly enough most of the people who I talked to up there never even rode a horse before in there life. The place was called Rockin Horse Ranch but it wasnt different from any other resort except that one of the activities you could do up there was ride horses.

We left on Sunday morning at 8:30. I kept complaining to my dad how much I wanted the 5th Harry Potter book that finally he decided we could stop at Boarders or Barnes and Nobles since I had such a great interest in reading it. I told my mom we were going to make that extra stop and to my suprise she was perfectly cool with it. Right before we left are house she remembered that the day before when she was food shopping she had seen the book in Stop and Shop (yes my reaction was also "STOP AND SHOP?!?!") But just as she had said the book was at Stop and Shop and it was also 10 dollars cheaper. LoLoL. Then we were back on the rode and I was a happy camper because I had my Harry Potter book. We stopped at McDonalds for breakfast and I got the McGriddle and wow it was really good.

At about 11:30 we were in the area of Rockin Horse Ranch and I was getting really scared because everything looked rundown, old and dirty. We finally made the turn onto the resort and to my suprise, it was extremly clean and nicely gardened. I was trying to find something wrong with it but honestly, I couldn't. My mom told the lady at the front desk that we were here and she said our room wasnt ready yet but we could check out the place. My sister and I went off first looking at the awsome outdoor pool. It had this huge rap around slide. Then we went inside and checked out the indoor pool wich had like these water barrells that tipped over ever few mins. pooring water on all the people in the pool. After that we just walked around the place some more and at 12:30 met up with my mom and dad. It was time for lunch so we went to the dining hall were they were serving pasta and salad. I wasnt to hungry so I just ate the salad. By time we were done with lunch our room was ready. We unpacked all of our stuff put on our bathing suits and went down to banna boating. OMG it was sooo much fun! The fisrt time I went with my mom my dad and melanie and the second time I only went with melanie. After Mel and I went her and my mom wanted to go horse backriding on a trail so my dad and I decided to hang out together. At first I was only joking around about it but then I thought about it more and decided I REALLY wanted to try water skiing. AHH! I tried three times and all three times the results came out the same! I fell before I could stand up! Okk..maybe water skiing just inst my thing lol. The remaining bit of the afternoon I spent at the outdoor pool with the amazing slide! By 5 o'clock I decided I felt gross so I went back to the room and took a shower. We were a little bit late for our dinner becuase of my shower...uhh oops? We were suppose to be in the dining hall by 5:30 but instead showed up bout 5:45-5:50ish. When we got there we were seated with another family who had the two cutest kids ever! they were really nice. For dinner I wasnt really that hungry but still ordered a sterline stake, and it came with onion rings. Well if there is one thing I learned on this vacation it is not to eat onion rings when you are not hungry. I left dinner before the rest of my family on a count of me not feeling good. I went back to the room and read my book and then dozed off. At 9:15 my mom woke me up telling me that in the entertaining room there was going to be a World Famouse Magician and told me if i was up to it i should join the rest of my family because this show was supposedly amazing. I decided I felt a little better so I went with them but when I got there I all the sudden felt even more sick then before. Very dissappointed I went back to the room to lie down and read again. When my mom, dad, and melanie came back they kept going on about how amazing the show was and how my sister was picked from the audience to do something. Then my mom and my sister went to a store to get something... Im not quite to sure what they got but ok thats irrelivent. lol. They returned home....well back to the hotel like at 12 o'clock. I was wide awake engrossed in my book. Then finally, when the rest of my family had fallen asleep i decided to join them.

The second day I awoke around 7:30 and if you know me, you know thats like an un-godly hour for me. We went down to the dinging hall and ate breakfast. Then we went back to the hotel room and got on our horse back riding clothing and went down to the trails. I was a little questionable of doing this or not but the rest of my family convinced me to. I was going to do beginner but everybody else in my family was doing inturmidiate so i decided to join in with them. The lady was assigning us to our horses and I thought for sure that I would get stuck witht he horse named Killer, or Danger or something but to my suprise I got to ride Morgan. I got on Morgan and at first was a bit frightened being that this was my second time ever being on top of a horse (unless you count pony rides when I was like four, ofcorse.) We waited till everybody else who was going on the trail got on their horses and then we were off. We started with our horses walking but then our horse guide lady was like "EVERYBODY READY?" and i am thinking to myself "oh no ready for what...?" and before I knew it her horse started trotting and then the horse behind hers started trotting and it was a chain untill it got up to me and my horse joined along in the train and the horse behind me joined along etc...etc...etc... The first minute or so of trotting I seriosly belived thatt I was going to fall off, and it really hurt my butt badly! but after a while it was fun. Are trail ended about 45 mins later and we went to the pool. After an hour at the pool. Were my sister and I spent 11:50 for two pina coladas, we went banna boating again. Then I went back to the room and im not sure were the rest of my family went. I showered and then once again was glued to my Harry Potter book. During dinner in the dining hall it started to rain heavly! Then all of the lights went out! The lights remained dead for about the next hour and a half. Finally they went back on and it stopped raining. I went in the lounge room and continued reading my Harry Potter book while the rest of my family went on a hay ride (yes you heard me right I said a hay ride!! LMAO!) I stayed in the lounge till about 12:30 reading untill these guys who were sitting at the bar the whole time i had been reading in there were finally intoxicated. One of them had a guitare and let me tell you, drunk guy and a guitare does not make a quiet match. Especially when he has 6 other drunk guys sitting around him singing...well more like howling but thats only a matter of opinion.

This morning I refused to wake up for breakfast but at 9:30 (which is still early for me) I finally dragged myself out of bed and took a shower being that we had to check-out by 12. The car ride home wasnt boring at all. Once again I was detachable from my harry potter book. We were passing the smithaven mall and my mom and dad decided to stop because my dad needed a new cell phone and I wanted to get one to. I ended up getting the colored screen picture cell phone. OMG its the coolest thing ever! Its a brand new model. When I say brand new I mean brand new! It just came out TODAY and I was the 9th person to buy it. EEHH!! I love it and i am in the greatest mood ever now! All sept one thing....I miss Elizabeth :'(!!!!! BABY COME HOME!!! I LOVE YOU
<3 Danielle

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i hate babysitting, i hate horses(besides mine), i hate stupid vacations, I hate everything!!! [05 Jul 2003|11:45pm]
[ mood | angry ]

UUUUUUGHHH!!! i just came back from babysittin like an hour ago! I ws there from 5 till 10:40ish and you wanna no what! I DIDNT EVEN GET PAID! There opair from Tyland let me go home but they still hadnt come home yet so i didnt get paid for almsot five hours worth of work, and they are most likely gonna forget about it cuz thats what happened last time. Tomorrow I have to go on some retarted vacation in upstate new york at some horse resort. I am gonna hafta miss my cast party for it :'(! So while all my friends from the show are having fun im gonna be freakin sleeping in horse poop! I asked my mom if we could get the 5th harry potter book because i would proably finish it in those three days since i have nothing better to do but my mom ofcorse isnt being supportive the one time i am actully interested in reading! My sister is in the shower right now so i cant get in, im not finished packing, i havta wake up 8 o'clock in the morning, we have like a 893258394058304 hour car ride and i feel like crying out of anger! This is the last time i will be writing till tuesday night. UGH! :'( Dont forget me**


Oh and i need to get my eyebrows waxed >:-0

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-:- Yawn-:- [05 Jul 2003|12:58pm]
This morning i had to pack beacuase tomorrow i have to go on some boring vacation upstate. We are staying at like this horse resort for my sister. Why cant we just be like normal families and go to normal places. I told my mom that and she is like well we are going to florida in August so stop complaining. Err i really really really (times 100 really's) do not want to go! I hafta go and get ready now cuz me my mom and my sister are going downtown stony brook (oh the thrills of my life)
<3 Danielle
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This or That? [04 Jul 2003|11:36pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Wow I am really bored. I was looking at random peoples blurty's and I found this on one of theres so I decided to fill it in myself. lol im 2 cool to handle.

This or That

1. Lemonade or Alcholic Beverage?
Lemonade with the little umbrela to get the feel of an alcholic beverage but the taste of lemonade

2. Swimming pool or beach?
Hmmm... well this can vary. It depends what kind of swimming pool it is. For instince if we are decideing between a public pool and the beach I would defenilty say the Beach but if we are talking about a private pool in the backyard with a waterful, diving board, and a slide I would defnitly say the pool.

3. Long weekends here & there, or a 2-week vacation?
I guess I would have to say 2 week vacations because I enjoy knowing that I am off for a while.

4. Destination: Acapulco or Hawaii?
Being that I have never heard of Acaulco I would have to pick Hawii.

5. Destination: Mountains or Beach?
Wow whoever made this must have terrible problems deciding between the beach and somewere else. uhh ok oh tahts right back to the question....uh i would have to say the beach cause mountains are usually cold (i think...well atleast i know mt everis is...?)

6. Hotel/motel/B&B or camping?
Whats a B&B...oh well even if i knew I would probably still pick Hotel

7. Carefully planned vacation, or play it by ear?
Hmm..I guess I would like to know were I was staying and how i was getting there but I wouldnt want to have every little thing planned out. You know what I mean? So i guess I'd hafta say a bit of both

8. Sneakers or sandals?
As long as my toenails are painted, Sandals

9. Air-conditioning or fans?
Wow what a stupid question. I cannot think of one person who would pick a fan over an aircondition.

10. Concerts in the park or baseball games?
Mmmm...IDK i've been to both and i thinhk they are both exciting. I guess it depends who is preforming in the concert.

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Worst forth of July EVER [04 Jul 2003|06:18pm]
[ mood | blank ]

my dad just brought my sister and I home from the most boring forth of july party I have EVER been to. Then he went back so i am celebrating my forth of July home alone with Melanie. WooFrigianHoo! I have to say though the hamburgers were really good. The party was at the guy who owns McDonalds downtown Port Jeff.(leave it up to my parents to create the most bizarre relationships) He has a really nice house and a huge yard. There was only one other person my age there and I was afraid that her weirdness might rub off on me if i got to close (wow i am really, really mean MWAHAHAHA) There was also probably every kind of pasta salad ever created at this party. Still, two hours of sitting on the hammack is way more than i can handle. I have nothing else to do so I'm gonna go downstairs and watch TV. Thriller. I think i might go to the carnival tonight. If you wanna join call me
<3 Danielle <3

Elizabeth I miss you :'( !!!!

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Ew!!! [04 Jul 2003|12:38pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

I woke up like an hour ago and am still really tired. I would probably still be sleeping if it werent for my mother dearest who decides that I cant be happy and sleep. I went downstairs onto the pool deck, were my mom was sun bathing and my sister was swimming and i lied down on the bench to absorb the sun. My sister saw that i was confortable so she decided to get out of the pool and wanted me to sit up so she could sit on the bench also. I said no but then my mom started yelling at me. i was like mom why are you being so mean and she told me its becuase i have started nothing but trouble since I woke up. Uh hello i went down there for like 2 mins, how much trouble could i have possibly started. So i decided that i didnt want to put up with my lunitic mother so i came inside. Then like 5 mins ago shes like Danielle come downstairs for a sec. So i went downstairs and she is like come outside with us. And i was like uhhh not after the way you treated me. and she is acting like nothing happened it was really annoying. So she keeps on begging me to come outside and im like NO STOP ASKING. then she decided to ask me if i was a lesibian cuz im wearing really big men shorts (its my pajamas!) and a mens oversized t-shirt. so now any chance she had of me coming outside is now ruined. I am not gonna support anybody who questions my sexuality. UGHH IM SO GROSSED OUT.

Eliz I miss you!! 35 more days till you come home!! :'(

<3 Danielle

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Bon Voyage Elizabeth! [04 Jul 2003|12:48am]
[ mood | sad ]

I got a late start today. I woke up like 12ish. The first thing I did when i got out of bed was go online. Kelly IM'ed me and told me that Steven got Johnny Casino, Brittany got Marty and Billy got Doody in Grease. Congratulations to all of you for getting the parts you want I cant wait to see it! At like 1 o'clock i got offline got showered and headed out to Walmart (yes i admit i went to walmart) to get pictures developed so I could make Elizabeth's going away scrapbook so she remembers me. After my mom and I went to a few other places then back to Walmart to pick up the pictures. I got home and started working on her scrapbook and finished in just enough time to go to her house so she could drive me to the Chineese buffet.

When I got to her house Alexis was there. We were watching VH1's 50 idol's till we had to go. When we got to the resturaunt I realized I was extremly underdressed. I felt really bad but nobody seemed to care. I met some....uh interesting people at that party. For instince the one who got jealose when Brittany pulled out her cell phone so she decided to pull hers out and call her house even though nobdoy except her two dogs and cat were there. The sad thing is, that she ADMITED this to us. Yes, she actully came up to brittany and told her exactly what I just typed!

After the going away party it was like 10:30 so we decided since this was Gizzy's last night in New York for the next 5 weeks we wanted to have fun. We decided to go to the carnival. Ofcourse we didnt get there till 11 o'clock but when we did we saw my dad who was working at it cuz he is part of the orginization running it. He got Me, Eliz, Britt and Alexis in for free then he left. It was suppose to end at 12 but all the rides closed at like 11:30 it was ridiculous. So we were waiting around for Elizabeths mom for a half hour. I really didnt mind, being that it was the last time I was gonna see her for like the whole summer. When she finally did pick us up i started to get like that kind of unsure feeling in my stomache. It was because I knew this was the last time I was gonna see my best friend for 5 weeks. I was fine pretty much the whole car ride but when we got to my block, I lost it. I admit it I just started crying like there was no tomorrow!! Just typing this is making me cry again :'(! Elizabeth is going to a sleepaway french camp were she is allowed to call me AS LONG AS SHE SPEAKS IN FRENCH! yes thats right! I will not be having any english convosations with my best friend for the whole summer! Time to get out my french dictionary.....

A part of me is gone for the next five weeks. Elizabeth, dont you DARE forget about me! I love you more then life itself and honestly i would die for you. I'm trying to find a way to get to Quebec to come kidnap you. I think maybe if i start walking now i'll be there by time your mom comes to take you back to New York. UGHH!! BABY I LOVE YOU! MY SUMMER WILL NOT BE THE SAME WITHOUT YOU :'(! BFFL!!!!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEL! [02 Jul 2003|09:49pm]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | those magic changes (from grease) ]

last night i didnt go to sleep till 5:30-6:00. probably one of the umm...most interesting nights of my life. Then my cuzin sydney woke me up at 8 in the morning....crazy girl thats all i hafta say lolol. i couldnt go back to sleep so now im really tired from my two hours of sleep last night. we pretty much just hung around her house the whole day watchin TV and goin online. Then like at 4:30 we went downtown west babylon. We saw her friend....uh i forget his name....downtown and we were talking to him for a while. At like 5:30 or sumthin her parents picked us up and we all ventured out to port jeff, to my house to celebrate my sisters birthday. For the next 22 days my sister is only gonna be a year younger then me. lol. So we arrived at my house and alotta people were here. I was so uncomfortable cuz i was wearing a skirt and sum retarted shirt so i wanted to change into comfy clothes. ofcourse none of my sweats are clean so right now im sittin here in my dads long workout shorts and an oversized t-shirt. if u ask me i think i look real hot ;-). then i was hanging out with my cuzin steven and katie and im sooo upset im not doing grease with steven. i thought about it but then i was like uuhhh nah i dun want to do it cuz i dun wanna wake up early. but now that i think about it i was retarted cuz first of all its only for half the summer and second of all thats one of my favorite plays. uhhh. well ummm yea, so thats my exilarating day.
<33 Danielle

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online, online, cuzins house, online...amusing day-not [02 Jul 2003|01:19am]
[ mood | geeky ]

today was soo boring. almost the whole day i was online then my cuzin called and asked me to sleepover. then she remembered she had to babysit so i went babysitting with her. fun... ok maybe not. we made cookies and watched grease. wow theres my whole day in two scentences. hopefully tomorrow will be more thrilling.
<3 Danielle <3
oh how could i ever forget, tomorrow is my sisters birthday so my mom bought her a present from me and is gonna give it to her tomorrow even though im not home, im at my cuzins house....i dont even know what the present is! Ha! theres my day in 3 scentences...no no wait 4! ok its way to late im soo out of it! now bye for real.

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