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New Journal [09 Dec 2004|10:27pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | The Arrogant Worms: The Last Saskatchewan Pirate ]

New journal: http://www.greatestjournal.com/users/ladymac

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Quizzies [01 Nov 2003|02:05pm]
[ mood | pleased ]
[ music | Macbeth - A Gothic Overture ]

what should YOUR screen name be?

Are you NASTY or NICE?

Quiz made by Angela

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Quizzies [22 Oct 2003|04:28pm]
[ mood | complacent ]
[ music | Yanni - Winter Lights ]

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*sigh* [20 Oct 2003|09:59pm]
It's not letting me edit my damn journal to get rid of those updates where the pictures don't work... someone...

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Hmm... my first actual entry [20 Oct 2003|09:39pm]
Yeah... this will be like the first time I put something in this journal that actually resembles a journal entry... I think I'm just sentimental right now. I dunno. I never share my feelings with anyone. At least... I don't think I do...oO Who knows. I don't know anything anymore. I had parent - teacher interviews at school... Mrs. Marotta (my Spanish and French teacher) told me that there won't be a Spanish 30 class... *cry* because there's only be... say.... 4 people in the class. That makes me sad. She said it would be best to do that and then have me take Spanish 101 in university. She also said something about... a bursary?... something about that I can get my French 101 before I go to university. That's cool. *shrugs* I dunno. I dunno what I want to be now. I was writing to Marzieh and I said that I was glad I can tell her anything... because... she's actually accepting. I dunno, it seems that people from all places except North America are quite alot more accepting about that stuff, like peoples asperations, but completely and totally less accepting about things like religion. She like, thinks its cool that I want to be a writer. She doesn't care if I write worth shit, she still thinks I can do it. And here it's like... someone like you only writes shit, and you won't get anywhere with it. I dunno, can a person who laughs because she feels like she's supposed to entertain people and talks because the silence is frightening... who is a girl who seems quite stupid but does good academically... can they write anything worth reading? I dunno. But I have an idea... and I think it's a really good idea... like, really good. But you know, 16 year olds are still two much of dumbasses to judge what is really worth reading, that is considered good writing, that every part of the idea I have is really probably quite not as good as I think... blah blah blah. So, whatever. I don't trust myself. I really really want to write it... like... more than anything in the world, and have people love it... but to do it when even my parents reply "Oh, well, that's nice," when I tell them I want to be a writer, like, a writer that is so good their books are called classics and shit, well I don't think I have the willpower to do it when no one else even considers the possibility that I can. And even this entry doesn't sound like good writing, does it?

Well, I think that was angsty enough... that's what people want in online journals, right?

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[16 Oct 2003|09:35pm]
[ mood | mischievous ]
[ music | stuff ]


Which [Diamond Shapes] are you?

Both my mom and dad:

Which [Seven Dwarfs] are you?

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Quizzes... Again [16 Oct 2003|09:02pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]
[ music | Iranian Music ]

Are you easily stressed?


Do you need a boy/girl friend now?


Is the glass half full or half empty?

Who would of thought.

What [Cakes] are you?

What [Cakes] are you?

What [Cakes] are you?

I couldn't decide!

What's your usual [mood]?


Which [Charlie's Angels] characters are you?

*kicks ass*

Which [Finding Nemo] characters are you?

I have... short term... memory loss?

Which [Rainbow Colours] are you?

Sweet, sweet violet.

Which [Movie Genres] are you?


Which [Seven Dwarfs] are you?


Which [5 Elements] are you?

That's meee
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Quizzes Galore [16 Oct 2003|08:59pm]
[ mood | sympathetic ]
[ music | Yanni - Marching Song ]

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[10 Oct 2003|05:45pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | Jann Arden's Greatest Hurts ]

According to my friend Deepak Chopra, I'm a Pitta-Vata. :*)


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Survey [09 Oct 2003|09:43pm]
[ mood | curious ]
[ music | Dido - Life for Rent ]

I am filling this out because:

[+] sticky cake

[+] me pa is A-Diddy… and I am… S-Mimmy

[+] I stole it from Mal

[+] Pochacco is suggestive

[+] Save our straight boys lines, EAT UR VEGGIES!!!!

[+] Erm…

[+] I see London I see France I see Mally’s underpants

[+] *dies*

[+] other: various inside jokes…

I would rather be:

[‡] Psychology class, in

[‡] Psyduck

[‡] Psyness

[‡] PsErm

[‡] PsWonked

[‡] PsPeeing

[‡] PsEtc.

[‡] PsDead

[‡] PsDoing

[‡] PsAvataring

[‡] PsDancing

[‡] PsBeing

[‡] PsSmarter

[‡] Other: Ps*Cry*


[†] I like… kitties

[†] I'm ecstatic!

[†] I'm ecstatic?

[†] A is for Amy… who… fell… down the… stairs.

[†] Why not?

[†] Everybody lurves moi.

[†] Because.

[†] Other: In Germany they go “Ja” and -klopf klopf-, but in Mexico they go -pam pam pam-

I go for:

[±] Dancing :*)

[±] Ice Cream :*)

[±] Evil Stuff :*)

[±] Harry Potters… :*)

[±] le Cahier et/y el Cuaderno

[±] klopf klopfs

What I remember from Math class:


[÷] *lip tremble*… *cry*… *die*…. *lip cry die*

[÷] This is not a Mr. Buttinger sort of situation.

[÷] Sticky cake

[÷] Hey Sara… come adjust my SCREEEEEEN!

[÷] And from now on the butt of all our jokes will be Mr. Butt, the sheep. … …

[÷] J’aime les adjectifs

[÷] Wat did you get? Erm… nuthin.

[÷] Other: No creo en Santa Claus.

What I remember from English class:

[•] Goofyness wit Mal

[•] I lurves Mr. Hodson

[•] Erm… essay… no comprendo.

[•] They killed the poor mockingbird?

[•] Did u just poke me...o.o YES!


[•] And Macbeth is hot.

[•] Other: I like pie..xD - So do I.

What I remember from history / geography class:

[¿?] I don’t have Geography class

[¿?] ADAL!!!!!! LEAVE!

[¿?] ADAL!!!!!! GET OUT!

[¿?] Who’s Mr. Hat?

[¿?] Mal… there’s popular people in here…

[¿?] ADAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AOHGA:LDJHF:OASDHF!

[¿?] Imma gunna live in the dumpster until ah sell a bookie.

[¿?] Other: WheneverwhereeverweremeanttobetogetherillbethereandyoullbeNEERandthatsthedealmydear

What I remember from Science class:

[«] Hee… Mally has a Mr. Buttinger situation!!!

[«] Teh frogs game

[«] Dumbass butt

[«] Wonkay Dutch shoes


[«] dangerousness *looks evil*

[«] erm… is it supposed to do that…

[«] *dances*

[«] Other: teh Yuna cut

Next please:

I AM.... tonta
I KNOW.... not much
I WANT.... Hugh Jackman and Harry Potter and Macbeth and Heathcliff and Trunks and Vegeta and…
I HAVE.... lots of crap
I WISH.... that I wouldn’t have to live in a dumpster
I HATE.... Self-righteous churchgoers
I LOVE.... saving our straight boys
I MISS.... my mommy
I FEAR.... the dark
I SEARCH.... and find it in the last place I look
I WONDER.... why soy tonta
I REGRET.... *sniffle*
I ACHE.... in the leg
I CARE..... yes
I ALWAYS.... get mad and sensitive
I AM NOT.... great
I DANCE.... on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
I SING.... when no ones home *looks around*
I CRY.... why not?
I DO NOT ALWAYS.... …buy… that?
I WRITE.... EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I CONFUSE.... myself
I NEED.... a life and a brain and an idea
I AM.... I already told you

Yay that be good

Ookpik Sari

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[05 Sep 2003|10:52pm]
[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | John Mayer ]

Who Will You Marry? by Sari
DateApril 7, 2031
SpouseJustin Timberlake
Price of Wedding$1,022,972
Created with quill18's MemeGen!


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Getting to know... uh yeah [31 Aug 2003|04:43pm]
[ mood | refreshed ]
[ music | My Dad's singing... ]

Ookpik Sari's Hobbies!: drawing anime and natural life - cross stitching - crafts... and such - beading - playing the violin - swimming - golfing... when I can hit the ball - dancing: ballet, jazz, lyrical and flamenco - reading everything especially Harry Potter - writing: poems and stories but blah on essays - scrapbooking... awww so cute - journaling: which means saving every little thing and gluing them in books -

Some Quotes

Those were the days when I still liked hyperbole, before an
excess of real drama killed my taste for the manufactured
kind. -- Katherine Russell Rich, [3]The Red Devil

The mark of a true insane man is that his logic is flawless.
It's his premise that leaves something to be desired.
-- Iunno

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[29 Aug 2003|06:45pm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | erm... ]

Who will your ex-husband be? by Bert
Ex-HusbandDaniel Johns
Date MarriedFebruary 11, 2014
Date DivorcedJuly 24, 2041
Reason for DivorceYou are a prostitute
Amount of Alimony$586,055
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

AHAHA! That's great!

School in only... 4 days... at least that means new clothes and binders and paper... Mmm binders...

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[29 Aug 2003|05:56pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | Whatever's playing in the Neopets Shops ]


Which Kingdom Hearts Character are You Most Like?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Drink [28 Aug 2003|10:22pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | Sweet Misery - Michelle Branch ]

You Are Absinthe!
You are Absinthe, referred to as la Fee Vert, or
the Green Fairy. You're unique, hallucination-
inducing, and illegal, oh-la-la! You're the
drink of the bohemian revolution.

Which alcoholic beverage are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Erm... W00t!

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[25 Aug 2003|09:58pm]
[ mood | mellow ]
[ music | Alegria - Cirque du Soleil ]

I thought I would take a scary quiz...

Glitter-and-Jewel-Fairy Goth
Fairy Goth -- Also known as "glitter
goths," you're the type who runs around in
my-eyes-are-burning yellow and please-kill-me-
it-hurts pink. You like jewels and baby blue
glitter powder on your face instead of white
and black paint. You're usually a bit more
bubbly than most, but one thing can be said in
your favor. In the gothic world of drab and
dreary, you bring a flash of color. Some say
too much.

Which Gothic Stereotype Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Fairies are good!

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[21 Aug 2003|12:52am]

Who's Your Anime Boyfriend?

Mmm what a looker!
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Random Lyrics #1 [20 Aug 2003|01:13am]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | Shakira's "Inevitable" ]


si es cuestión de confesar
no sé preparar café
y no entiendo de fútbol
creo que alguna vez fuí infiel
juego mal hasta el parqués
y jamás uso reloj
y para ser más franca nadie
piensa en ti como lo hago yo
aunque te dé lo mismo
si es cuestión de confesar
nunca duermo antes de diez
ni me baño los domingos
la verdad es que también
lloro una vez al mes
sobre todo cuando hay frío
conmigo nada es fácil
ya debes saber
me conoces bien
y sin ti todo es tan aburrido


el cielo está cansado ya de ver
la lluvia caer
y cada día que pasa es uno más
parecido a ayer
no encuentro forma a alguna de
olvidarte porque
seguir amándote es inevitable
siempre supe que es mejor
cuando hay que hablar de dos
empezar por uno mismo
ya sabrás la situación
aquí todo está peor
pero al menos aún respiro
no tienes que decirlo
no vas a volver
te conozco bien
ya buscaré qué hacer conmigo


siempre supe que es mejor
cuando hay que hablar de dos
empezar por uno mismo

If you can't understand these lyrics, too bad.


Inevitable (English Version)

To be true, I must confess
Making coffee, I'm a mess
Don't know anything 'bout football
Been unfaithfull once or twice
Cannot even win at dice
As for watches, I don't use one

To be completely honest
No one thinks of you
Quite the way I do
It's all the same to you now

To be true, I must confess
I never sleep by twelve or less
Never take a bath on sundays
Since I'm telling you so much
I cry in earnest once a month
When the weather turns to freezing

With me nothing is easy
Only you can tell
You know me so well

(Without you everything's a bore)

The sky is seeing a million raindrops fall
The hours seem to crawl
And every day that passes is the same
Just like yesterday
I can't find any way to forget you because
To keep on loving you
Is inevitable

Always felt that it was true
When we talk about we two
I should be the first revealing
I'm sure you know what's going on
Nothing's better since you're gone
At the barely least I'm breathing

And you won't be returning
Nothing left to tell
I know you so well

(What will I ever do without you?)

The sky is seeing...

Always felt that it was true
When we talk about we two
I should be the first revealing...

If you like Shakira go here.

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[18 Aug 2003|09:39pm]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | Shakira's "Pies Descalzos, Suenos Blancos" ]

What DragonBall Girl Are You?

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Getting to know your friendly neighborhood Sari! Part 2 of ??? - The Survey [18 Aug 2003|09:07pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | Avril Lavigne ]

What Anime Type Are You?

Well that's... saying something about me...

What Anime Type Are You?

That's better!

At the request of Mally I am obliged to fill in this survey.

{o1} name: Ookpik Sari
{o2} nicknames: Sari-kun, Sarigirl
{o3} age: over 18... oO
{o4} birthday: July 31
{o5} eye color: blue with white around the pupil
{o6} siblings: two younger brothers, Stupidhead and Idiota, respectively
{o7} what's your sign?: Leo
{o8} fallen for your best friend?: no... oh God what do you think I am???
{o9} made out with JUST a friend?: nah
{o1o} been rejected?: yes
{o11} been in love?: God no
{o12} been in lust?: oh yeah baby
{o13} used someone?: yes
{o14} been used?: i expect so
{o15} cheated on someone?: nit
{o16} been cheated on?: damn you Cory
{o17} been kissed?: no *sigh*
{o18} done something you regret?: *cry*

Who was the last person…
{o19} you touched?: ... nobody
{o2o} you talked to?: Mally
{o21} you hugged?: my mom
{o22} you instant messaged?: Mally
{o23} you kissed?: NO ONE
{o24} you yelled at?: my mom
{o25} you laughed with?: Mally
{o26} you had a crush on?: Hugh Jackman

{o27} food: feta cheese
{o28} drink: not pop
{o29} color: pink
{o3o} shoes: tall people shoes from Beta
{o31} candy: Warheads
{o32} animal: kitty/chinchilla
{o33} tv show: uh... Malcolm in the Middle? who watches TV anyway
{o34} movie: Lilo and Stitch
{o35} dance: the TANGO!!!
{o36} vegetable: hate 'em
{o37} fruit: raspberries/berries galore

Do you..
{o38} sit by the phone waiting for a call all night: I don't associate with the phone
{o39} save aol conversations: I save MSN conversations
{o4o} save e-mails: most of them
{o41} wish you were someone else: usually
{o42} wish you were a member of the opposite sex: for Gods sake I'm straight
{o43} cry because of someone's mean words: usually
{o44} like the survey: yeah, it was the whipped cream of my day!

You are Mokona!

Take the "Which Anime pet are you?" test!

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