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[03 Jan 2005|09:14pm]
[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | celia cruz- la negra tiene tumbao remix ]

today has been my lucky day! woop woop.. ok i was suppose to read anne frank over the christmas vacation but unfortunately i did not do any of my homework! now since i love to leave everything to last minute.. i started doing my homework on sunday night i finished my essay and everything else and then i started reading as i was half way done with the book i realized that i had to highlight everything that was important it was like 11 and i had to start all over again so i stopped reading like at 11:30 cuz i was friggin tired so anywhoo the next day i spent all of my 1st period copying from some girl's book what she had higlighted.. i finished half of the book! im so proud of myself =) than in 2nd period something unusual but funny happened to my teacher (lol fefi) im not going to say a word! anyway changing the subject 3rd period i found out that the highlighting thing wasn't due until WEDNESDAY! what!? you should have seen me it was like i won the lottery or something can you say a little over the boarder? ya think? 3rd per was super fun i chilled with david ali and sam.. very funny times =D lunch was w/e and 4th per came... all we did was go over the book and some pictures and than vocabulary phewww.... 5th period we had to do some thing for dance that has to deal with the romantic ballet kinda cool im going to be a dancer! yay! lol 6th per we were watching a video about penguins.. i want one! they are soo friggin cutie patutie!! but w/e well i have to go back and get my nose in the books! peace out yo homie g slice!

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