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Sunday, January 4th, 2004
6:14 pm - ::hehehehehe::
Well, first let's start off by saying hello!!! HELLO EVERYBODY!!! Next, I also would like to say that the previous journal entry about Ryan and I was a huge mix up. Things are better than ever and this new year has started off fantastic. We have started fresh with everything, not holding back anything and leaving ur pasts behind us and looking forward to our future together. So whoever wrote that comment your wrong and your just jealous, just like my girl Monica said. OMG MON!!!!!!!!! GIRL I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! YOU ARE SO FREAKING AWESOME!! I MISS YOU SO MUCH!! Yeah the other day I was thinking to myself, "where the hell has Mon been?" LOL Awwwwwwwwww your cute!! Definately we will have to hang out, and possibly go shopping, because I'm in need of mre clothes I've already worn all mine. Anyway, life is great like usual, waterpolo this year is awesome we have a kick ass team this year!! Our record is 5-3 w00t w00t!! Yes I know we're freaking awesome. And over winter break I went to Ohio and visited my Grandparents. Fun Fun..but I didn't get any damn snow!! :::::grrrrrrr::::::: I had fun though, and yes I love school so much I brought my homework along with me and did it. Yes I know I'm a freak!! haha But hey now I don't have to stress about it. right? right!! Anyway, yeah school starts tomorrow I kind of can't wait, because in Government I have this trial thing and I'm a prosecutor and all that hunky dory stuff.
~~One last thing I would like to say before I go is that I LOVE YOU RYAN YOST!! I am so glad that you and I are stronger than ever, and this year is going to be better for the both of us. I love the time that we spend together and even the rest we both get from each other to be with our friends. Like the saying goes, "the way you spend your New Year's is the way you spend the rest of the year." Well, I spent my New year with you and you made me very Happy, and vice versa, so then that automatically qualifies us as the happiest couple of the year. I love you Ryan!!!!!!!

~~Alrighty now peace outtie and A Happy New Year to all even to you the anonymous person that made the comment!! :-) Smile!!

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Monday, December 15th, 2003
10:42 pm - Geez!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey, what's up? Not much going on here I guess. w0w it's been a long time since I've been online or even written in my journal!! But yeah, waterpolo started, I'm so excited the season is awesome. We played Valhala and I scored the first goal....from the outside upper corner!! YEAH BABY!! But unfortunately we lost by 2 points. Oh well at least they didn't slaughter us. But yeah then we played Monte Vista. w0w that game was fun. I scored 3 freaking goals!! n0w that's unbelievable. And we won, but unfortunately the person that I wanted to go to my game and that was supposed to go to my game didn't show, they had other more important plans. Whatever, I scored those goals for my Dad, because he was my only supporter that night. Anyway, I worked all weekend like 8-9 hour shifts. Hey I need it because well I leave on Saturday and I need the money. Yes, that's right I leave on Saturday to go to Ohio for 9 days!! Yippee!! At least I can get away from all these freaking problems for a while. Yes, I said problems, only because my boyfriend has been too busy to spend time with me, because oh wait I forgot he was the one leaving to go out of town so he needs to spend quality time with his friends and Amanda. Yes, haven't seen my boyfriend in 1 week and haven't heard from him in 4 days. And his new friend Amanda has said some quite interesting things that I would like to get clarified from him, but wait I forgot once again he's TOO BUSY FOR HIS OWN GIRLFRIEND!! LAME!! Yes, what fun hunh? Anyway, I'm over this shizzy time for more water polo talk. This wekk I have 3 games in a row. Wednesday we play at Granite against Granite, Thursday we play at Santana against Mar Vista, and Friday we play Mt. Miguel at the Ymca behind RioSeco Elementary/middle school. But yeah I can't wait because I'm hoping I'll score a lot of goals during the games. So yeah, but I'm going to go now, because I have to go to bed and then get up in the morning for school. Not really school because I'm going to the Down town Court hosue tomorrow!! Yeah, what fun!! NOT But yeah, thanks for reading about my shitty life lately. Peace outtie!!

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Saturday, November 29th, 2003
11:50 am - HOLY w0w!!!!
Hey hey, what's going on? Well, since the last time I wrote in here a lot has gone on, but I really don't feel like talking about everything that has happened since my last update. Well, Homecoming queen and king were Krystal and Theo!! YEah!! We beat Santana!!! Won the Mayor's cup!! And now the football team is League Champs!! Anyway, Homecoming Dance was fun, I got Ryan to dance with me!! It was awesome, awwwwww I love Ryan!!! And that was also our Year and a half anniversary. YEAH!!!!!!!!! Anyway, waterpolo has started for me, it's a lot of fun. BRITTANY PLUMB IS PLAYING!!! SHE'S AWESOME!! I'm so glad she stuck with it. Brit it's going to be an awesome season!! w00t w00t!! hehe But yeah I don't really feel like talking about anything more, because I'm hungry so I'm a gonna go eat!! MMMMMMMMM...food!! I need to eat!! I've gained some weight YES!!! I love thanksgiving and RYAN!! hehehe But yeah talk to you all lata!! Peace outtie!! hehehe

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Wednesday, November 5th, 2003
3:15 pm - Hey
~Hey I just wanted to say that I love Monica Richards!! It's all good girl things will get better, if they don't call me up and we'll fix-em together!!
~Amie and Brit I'm very proud that you girls are going to try out for waterpolo!! Trust me it's the best sprot ever and once the season is over your going to want it to start right back up again!!
~Jayme, awwwww best friend helping each other with homework online is the best!! hehe Let's do it more often!!
~Mal, well best friend we need to buy you some more links to your bracelet.
~Lynette-COME TO SCHOOL DAMN IT!! j/k STOP GETTING SICK!! Take vitamins or something damn girl fix your immune system!! haha

Well, that's all I have to say real quick Peace outtie!!

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