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Monday, November 3rd, 2003
3:53 pm - Eh..
There was a fire in the B-wing today. Some guy was smoking a cigarette in the bathroom. When he threw it into the garbage can, it set into flames. So, 6th period, I was so close to getting my pizza. Everyone on the lunch line and cafeteria just stood there for like 5 minutes after the fire bell rang. Then some girls started to walk out so everyone followed them, and I yelled "what the fuck, I want goddamn pizza". The whole school was on top of that little hill in front of the school just watching. Four fire trucks, one ambulence, and the police came. We were outside for like, thirty minutes. Finally, when we went back inside, 6th period got extended. 7th period was cut in half because of 6th period, and that was cool. For 7th period, they closed off the B-wing, where I had my class, so we just sat in the cafeteria and talked. That was basically all that happened today. This is so fucking funny. My school's STILL under construction, and one of the wings set fire already. I find humor in strange places.

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Sunday, November 2nd, 2003
3:02 pm - Umm..
Halloween was awesome. It's especially great when you're all dressed as some type of prostitute. We fucked up so many people's cars and shit. It was suh-weet. There were absolutely NO police anywhere. I got covered from head to toe in shaving cream and toilet paper.. so this lady was like, "OMG DO YOU WANT A TOWEL HONEY?!??!" Yesterday was good, too. I went to see The Texas Chainsaw Massacre with Nick, and it was okay. Some scenes just lasted too long, and it was like "just kill the fucking bastard already". I'm now suspended from Destinta. Hmm, last night Megan, Chris, Colin, Bustin and I went to this really fucking weird show. We almost got kicked out of there for throwing food and yelling. And I kept on annoying our waitress. Today Kevin came over to my house just to tell me that him and Debbie broke up. Um, okay? Why would you think I'd care at all?

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Sunday, October 26th, 2003
12:00 pm - Fun
We went to upstate and had the best time there on Friday. Then on Saturday, we went to the mall and were just being loud and obnoxious. Because we were "disrupting" and just basically singing, we got thrown out of three different stores. Colin and I played the "number" game. For this, you have to compete to see who can get a selected girl's number the fastest. The girl I had to get the phone number from wouldn't give in to me. Of course Colin won. His girl was easy.. Anyway, about an hour ago, I just finished one of the worst movies I have ever seen. It was called "Home room". It was hysterical at the end. This "goth" (that's what they called her) girl stared crying because of her baby that had died. I'm cruel, I know.

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Wednesday, October 22nd, 2003
6:52 pm - First entry
Why, I finally got one of these ghey journals. I don't even know why, but oh well. I guess I'll just write shit in here. Well, um.. tomorrow night at around 7 PM Chris, Megan, Colin, Bustin, Mark, and I will drive upstate to visit Ashley. This is going to be a paaarty! I'm definitely skipping fucking detention tomorrow. I'm not doing that shit. Anyway, I got a 32% on my chemistry test, so yeah, I'm failing that subject. Since the fucking computers are down in our piece of shit school, they can't make progress reports. Normally, I'd like this, except for the fact that now the school has to call our parents to tell them if we're failing any classes. This is bullshit. I hate this new high school. Why do I despise it so much?
1. No water
2. Always a beeping sound in the D-wing
3. Auditorium, gym, locker rooms, B-wing, glass bridge, etc are not finished
4. School leaks when it rains
5. B-wing is infested with spiders and rats
6. We are failing the state requirements for the fire drill. (We take too long to get out of the school, so if there was a real fire, we'd fucking burn.)
7. Chemicals broke in the D-wing and it reeks
8. Cafeteria is fucking shit and if there was a storm, everyone by it would die
9. Security sucks.. wait, I like that =)
10. B-wing, D-wing, and E-wing have dirt ALL over the floors, which gets my hawt sneakers filthy
11. A-wing and B-wing gives me a headache
12. Bathrooms are disgusting and the stall locks don't line up right
13. Only the BOYS get porn in their bathroom =*(
14. We're going to be forced to participate in gym outside even if it's freezing until around.. Feb.
15. Clocks are all wrong
16. Bus schedule is fucked
17. New desks and chairs suck fucking ass
18. Teachers' TVs are shit
19. Computers have the worst resolution ever
...And fuck, I could go on forever. I think you get my point, though. I like to complain.

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