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Thursday, August 31st, 2006

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Time:6:31 pm.
woah i can't believe i still remember my password for this thing. aren't I amazing?

well, I think I'm actually going to keep this account.

so there's a HUGE gap of time between now and my last entry. for those who care, here's my LJ and here's my translation journal in case you are interested in Kagrra, or Gazette. I'm also a part of Masakarasu Translation Community I AM the translatress. XD

So, to update:

  1. I've been to Japan. Stayed there for nearly a year. Now I'm back in the US.

  2. I've picked up some html, can you tell?

  3. I passed JLPT 2. So now I'm officially "FLUEN-"

  4. I met Miyavi up close on two occasions. And went to a concert.

  5. I graduated from college a year early.

  6. I am becoming known all over the jrock/visual kei community as a good translator!!

  7. um... I will be hosting a Miyavi Birthday/Celebration in NY on the 9th of Sept. Check it out here

And I'm super great.


Thursday, March 11th, 2004

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Time:6:56 pm.
Mood: relieved.
Music:English Folk Song Suite: 2nd movement-Vaughn Williams.
waiiii.. i love miyavi. wee~ i want to marry him.
ok so not right away. i don't want to act all fangirly. those people can be really annoying, but sometimes i just think they are adorable.. but.. yeah, that's not me. Miyavi reminds me of my first boyfriend Dustin a lot. Dustin is actually only 4 days older than Miyavi... so that puts miyavi in the perfect age range for me.
the other day my friends and i were talking and me marrying miyavi in the future was one of the topics. they talked about me having his babies. i was quiet for a while... i have never liked the thought of having babies. adopting sounded ok, but only after i had settled down (well duh!) but the truth is, i think i would enjoy having children with someone like that. miyavi is so talented! whenever i try to play his songs on my guitar, i can only figure out small bits at a time, because i have found that the chords he uses are usually not very common. tey ARE chords... it's just, you know... like the notes make up a chord, but on the guitar, they aren't a chord that has been named before, so it is difficult to memorize. he must have to practice often. i would love that. i think when i write music i will do that.
but back to babies.
i think it would be great to have little miyavi's and little me's and little miyavi-me's running around. i was a cute kid (what happened after that? i don't know... j/k i guess to be honest i like how i look... i need a better haircut tho T_T.. stupid free haircut lady, gaev me teh worst haircut ever!!!!) for some reason, although i think miyavi is the most attractive person i have EVER seen in my entire life so far, i think maybe he was not such a cute kid. even though i would like to think he was. but judging from his song "coo qwack cluck" maybe he is talking about himself a little. i was a cute kid... up until 4th grade. then i was like... i dunno. i was NOT popular at all!!! NO WAY. i had one friend, she's still my friend today, by the way. Mandy i <3 her!!! v^_^v then at about 8-9th grade i was cute again. now.... i don't know if others think i'm cute, but i do! f*ck you guys, i can be proud of my appearance if i want to XP..
just kidding i <3 you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<33333333333333
yeah so here is a story that Dan made up in my music class.
my intro: i wrote a note to him and Alia (my roommate) about how i was daydreaming about what i would say wheni first met miyavi... which will be in chicago in may XDDDDD!!!!! i was being as realistic as a daydream could be, but both alia and dan went off on their own tangents... Dan is being really weird lately, both good and not so good ways.. mostly just weird-funny... so here is his weird tangent!!!!
he wrote it all in english. but he said to pretend it was in japanese.
(in Japanese of course)
Jessica: Hey Miyavi!
Miyavi: Uh, do I know you?
J: of course, I've known you all my life!
M: Uh, okay, so what's up?
J: Well, I was wondering if you would marry me
M: Uh, well, we just met . . .
J: but I want to bear all your children! Wouldn't it be kyooooot! Little
Miyavis running around?
M: Uh, I'll think about it . . .
J: Wee!! *jumps on Miyavi, giving him a hug*
*Miyavi, surprised, collapses, jessica landing on top of him*
J: hee hee, maybe we could start now . . .
M: Uh, well, maybe we could find somewhere more romantic
J: Wee!!

woah. i'm not that obsessed. i mean. yeah i think that would be ideal SOME TIME AFTER I GET TO KNOW HIM. but really... let's be realistic here. next issue: my daydream! both in japanese AND in english... excuse the japanese... it might be choppy. i'm only in my 3rd official year, and a total of 4 years of studying it!! pppplease forgive my language issues.
mata update shite ne!!!

(night in girl)

Time:6:50 pm.
Mood: embarrassed.
Music:English Folk Song Suite: 3rd movement-Vaughn Williams.
holy crap guys
i am SOOOO sorry for the really long entry. somehow, i accidently selected jrock icons instead of my own journal. so now i feel pretty embarassed.
ok well it's out. i like miyavi a lot. and my friends are wacko about it.
so talk to me sometime. it doesn't have to be about miyavi.
i <3 everyone. ::::hugs::::
^o^/~ *waves a flag*

Friday, January 30th, 2004

(night in girl)

Subject:last night
Time:4:43 am.
Mood: tired.
Music:some song by Dragon Ash (Nao gave me the cd, he likes them).
last night sami, teresa, andy, alia and i all went out for coffee. andy is a wild driver. he's very safe, though. THE SEATS ARE HEATED!!! they're so awesome. when it was my turn to sit in teh front, i had the level up to 5 (the highest) i was like.."ooohhhh my butt feels so good!" people were laughing at me. i said that you know some people get relaxed by massages or vibrations (like electric massagers) but i get relaxed by heat. i'm proud to say i was the only one who could tolerate the high heat.
we went to anodyne cafe. but only got drinks and left because it closed at 10:00 (10 mintues after we got there), then we tried pandora's box, and in the back there is a piercing studio. like wild piercings. no one was getting pierced, but there was a portfolio of photographs of the guy's works. there were some really weird things. like things that looked like metal zits, or like beebee gun bullets stuck onto the skin. and then they had pictures of this weird body mutilation thing. it looked a little but like henna or tattoos, but it's done with the actual skin, like artistic scarring. *_* and there was a picture of a girl who had little hoop rings in two rows on her chest and she used them like loop holes by threading a string of lace through it and tying the lace in a bow. it didn't look painful, it wasn't tight or anything, it actually looked kinda pretty, but way to extreme for me. and then there was a picture of a guy who had his tongue split in looked weird. and a small section of graphic area piercing...if you know what i mean.. and there were a few pictures of the tattooist himself being hung by several small hooks in his back. it's some kind of religious thing.

that place didn't have any food we wanted to eat...jsut desserts and stuff. so we went down the street to the uptown diner. we got one of those big round booths and had so much fun. we were flicking those little plastic packets of cream like footballs, and flicking water at each other. pretending to pick each other's noses...haha! and then wee~ andy paid for us all. he's so nice! i wanted to hug him!
they were listening to my visual kei music and enjoying it. it felt good ^_^. on the way back we listened to andy's music and teresa, sami and i were in the backseat having a mini mosh pit. it was pretty fun.

then everyone crashed in my room. andy had an early class, so he went to bed. i really had a good time. college is so much better than highschool. there is such a big variety of people that i have finally found some really nice people to hang around with, and with whom i think i will be friends with for a long time. we're all different, but we have this common weirdness and tolerance for each others quirks. and we all have a great time together no matter what. last weekend i went out with them all, except alia, and i threw up like 4 times and got food poisoning...but i was still having a great time with all of them!

before going out with them all: i missed the variety show that was tonight, i was so tired after dinner, i fell asleep in the purple chair with the tv on. every now and then a friend of mine would walk in, and i'd have a horrible time trying to wake up and talk with them. lauren asked if i had change for $ took me at least 2 mintues to figure the question out and answer it corretly. and when alia and sami returned from the show, i asked them, "how did have fun sleeping?" like twice before i finally woke up enough to say "how was the show?" (that's what i was trying to say in the beginning) andy was in it, i wanted to see him play guitar or whatever, but i knew that if i went, i'd just fall asleep and they'd have to carry me out. after the show is when we all went out to i said before.

but now it's very late, and i'm still tired, and i need sleep.

i still haven't heard from Nao. i miss him, but i'm not like emotinoally sad about it anymore. i am sad in my mind about it, but it's not something that is hurting me inside. but i really wish i could talk to him again. i don't think that what happened last weekend should ruin our friendship,...that's just dumb.

i'm getting really good at drawing...i'm proud of myself. more and more people are noticing. even my teachers. i want to learn how to make manga stories and how to sew clothes from my own designs. i wonder if i learned how to do these things, if i would really enjoy it and choose those as my career. i still want to be a rocker, but i also love drawing. i wish i could take some extra classes...i wish i had the time!

good night/good morning

Wednesday, January 28th, 2004

(night in girl)

Time:1:55 am.
Mood:still dizzy.
Music:Velvet Eden - Sad Mask.
i don't know who made my icon, i dno't even remember where i got it. but!!! i did not make it, so if someone sees this and thinks "hey i made that" then, you made it....i'm crediting you.
ok, that was stupid. but i guess some people are really picky about that.
i think it's dumb....personally, it's not like that person made up chii or chobits. or even that phrase! it's in the mangas! and no one's making a profit from it, they're online...not real...but anyway, in case whoever made it is petty and picky like that, yay i like you're icon you did a good job and gret, you did it.
(but i doubt very many people will be reading this butts on a leash)

Blurty for Jessica Rains.

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