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I never thought I could change... [14 Nov 2004|12:29pm]
[ mood | drowsy ]
[ music | "Monition"-Unearth ]

okay I made a blurty because I was getting sick of live journal.
I'm gonna go bang on some drums.

S h a t t e r e d
our lives

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clap clap [14 Nov 2004|07:05pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | "A movie kind of life"-On Broken Wings ]

So I beileve I have an ortho appointment tommorow in salisbury,which means I might get some new drumsticks and maybe The Red Chord cd iv'e been wanting for awhile.Very awesome.I am siked for me.Anywho heres some tunes i've been constantly blastin'....

1.Unearth-"The Stings Of Conscience"
2.On Broken Wings-"Some of us may never see the world"
3.Shadows Fall-"The War Within"

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what drives the weak? [14 Nov 2004|09:10pm]
[ mood | worried ]
[ music | "An Old Wyoming Song"-18 Visions ]

some stuff is going on and I feel like I need to put up some lyrics in this here "joint".

it gets worse.
you've taken this too far.
i say i should give up on you.
i say i'm giving up on you.
he makes the cut long and wide.
it hurts to breathe.
your suicide. -18 visions(motionless and white)

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