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Saturday, April 5th, 2003

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    2Nd IcE dAy
    Today Was yet agian another ice day! today was also one of the most boring days of MI LYFE!!! lol okay i'll tell you wut i did yesterday first... Okay well i woke up earliiiii and i was in da shower and when i got out ma mommys like sarah you don't gotta bbsitt... in a motherly voice (of course lol) and i was like cool why? shes liek well its to icey outside the busses are cancelled i was liiike YAY!!! haha so i went bak to sleep... slept alot...well like till 8 which is alot for me if i dun gotta get up lol weird! and i called Kal... i went ova there at like 11 and we went... can you belive it... dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnn... ICE TOBOGGANING!!!! yay! haha we went to get stacey and was tobogganing down her street when the evil sand man came along... geeze do they pay him just to ruin our lives?!?! well yea so we went to the 12 oaks park hehe they cant get there and its got a big big hill! lolz! well you probly don't knwo this or you mite but lil baby Sarah here is a scardy cat when it cums to heights and stuff... so i was afraid! hehe then we went to ma house to hot tub... LOL! fun fun fun! kal's shirt FLOATS lolZ! thenh i went to the grocery store wid ma mom and melissa and lissa was like Sarah your the best grocery cart driver ever lol she's like 2 haha it was soo cute! actully she's 5 but shut up! but today man its been a bummer i woke up and i watched 6 episodes of dawsons creek... and you think i have a life lolz! then i learned how to play cribbage! haha it was soooo funn... NOT! oh well what can you do... haha! then thats all i think oh wait i was banned from leaving me house... i got the you used to be a good girl speech and then i went to bbsitt haha it was fun... i watched spy kids 2! ha! and i let the kids stay up till like 12 haha they were soposto be in bed at like 9 *woops* oh well i gtg hope you liked this journal better then the last! luv yeah

    tHe SaTuRdAy MoRnInG aFtA!
    HeHe today was fun! i woke up in a good mood... it was fun! lately i haven't been in the best mood especially with what has been happening... and last nite oh man that was horrible! oh well today was fun! i went to hockey wid ma mommy and bro his friend jamie was making fun of me lol but it was cut cuz it was like playful making fun of lolz! oh well and then i uhhhh rannnnnnnnnn awayyyyyyyyyyyyyy lol no i watched hockey went shopping lol! went on a cert high! missed Sara in the process! that was r thing : (! oh well then me and ma bro and jamie and ma mommy went puddle hunting lol actully we just called it that... jamie pushed ma window down and we wentin a big puddle and my hair got all wet haha it backfired on him tho cuz i ducked and he got soaked lolz! but i still got wet... now i'm bored so i'm writing in liek half an hour i'm going to this dinner and dancing banquet wid ma bro and kevin sept i dinno if my bros going... mite just be me and kevin... oh well hes a good guy... i get to dance!!! hehe i bet they'll play shitty muzic... oh well here i go dancing!!! yay! hehe i'm ginna have fun... bye~

    Current Mood: bouncy
    Current Music: Amanda Perez - Angel (Remix)

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