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[02 Sep 2003|11:42am]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | The clash- London's burning ]

so im living in the city now.
college is so much fun, one big party.
my room mates are fantastic. couldnt ask for a better bunch of people.
ive been hitting up the bar scene.
ive met a guy.... hes 29..... i know... hehehehehe : ]
classes start today.
i miss lyz and michele so much.
lyz is finaly in boston.... i suppose shes having a good time..
i wish she were here.... it would make this experience that much more entertaining...
ill update again soon.

02|| * * *

[22 Aug 2003|11:47am]
+name: maya
+piercings: still 6 suprisingly, cartilege in two places, second holes, and 0g lobes
+tattoos: still drawing a design but definately on the top of my foot
+height:5' 9"
+shoe size: 10
+hair color: black and pink
+length: short, just below my ears
+siblings:one, marek

+movie you rented: oh, i dont even remember, it might have been monty python with sarah and mark and lyz, in june....
+movie you bought: i dont buy movies my dad does
+song you listened to: the aniversary - without pananos
+song that was stuck in your head: that closing time song, because ann is ridiculous
+cd you bought: the new, New amsterdams cd
+cd you listened to: Rxbandits
+person you called: web?
+person that's called you: um, i dont know probably my mom
+tv show you've watched: im watching a personal story now
+person you're thinking of: hmm, thats none of your buisness : ]

+you have a bf or gf: no
+you have a crush on someone: yes perhaps i do....
+you wish you could live somewhere else:well i will be living somewhere else tomorrow, hah.
+you think about suicide: no
+you believe in online dating:no, thats just stupid
+others find you attractive: i dont know ask them....
+you want more piercings: i would like my lip, very very much so
+you drink: occationaly
+you do drugs: no
+you smoke: yes
+you like cleaning: only when im angry
+you like roller coasters: yessssssss
+you write in cursive or print: print, i dont write well in cursive

+long distance relationships: eh
+using someone: against
+killing people: against
+teenage smoking: its the persons choice
+premarital sex: against, but im also against being a prosti-tot
+driving drunk: very against
+gay/lesbian relationship: for
+soap operas: ick, against

+food: chicken francesse, and chicken fingers with honey mustard
+song: stairway to heaven- Led Zeppelin
+thing to do: be with people who i care about and have fun, oh and cuddle...
+thing to talk about: random things, and music
+sports: swimming and skiing
+drinks: green tea, and vanilla coke
+clothes: my off the shoulder shirts... and my tube top, and my skirts...
+movies: amelie
+band/singer: led zeppelin/kevin devine
+holiday: i dont care
+new nerdy saying: "oh man"
+ever cried over a guy: yes
+ever lied to someone: yeah...
+ever been in a fist fight: no

+of times I have been in love: 2
+of times I have had my heart broken: many..
+of hearts I have broken: maybe 1... or maybe none, i dont know
+of boys I have kissed: 5
+of girls I have kissed: 3
+of girls I have slept with:haha i slept with dani but we didnt have sex... lol
+of boys I have slept with: 1 or 2 but, not sex i am a virgin...
+of drugs taken illegally: 2
+of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends: 2 or 3...
+of people I consider my enemy: 2 or 3 people
+of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: never...
+of scars on my body: many
+of things in my past that I regret: you learn from your mistakes...

+disney movie: lady and the tramp
+scent: good mens colonge
+word: perhaps
+nickname: maya maya
+guy name: i like many names
+girl name: i like many names
+eye color: i like green but it doesnt matter
+flower: dark red rose, or red tulips
+piercings: lip
+actress: christina ricci, hellen hunt, audrey tatou
+actor: edward norton, johnny depp, orlando bloom

+pretty: sometimes maybe
+funny: sometimes
+hot: nope
+friendly: very
+amusing: i should hope so
+ugly: no
+lovable: i should hope so
+pessimistic: not pessimistic but paranoid
+optimistic: occationaly
+caring: very
+dorky: oh yeah, thats me...
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[18 Aug 2003|05:55pm]


Once upon a time there has a young DIRTY BASTARD named MICHAEL. He was LEAKING BLING-BLING-ING in the MELTED forest when he met DENSE DANIEL, a run-away PSYCHOANYLIST from the STRINGY Queen MICHELE.

MICHAEL could see that DENSE DANIEL was hungry so he reached into his TRUNK and give him his STRETCHY FILET MIGNON. DENSE DANIEL was thankful for MICHAEL's FILET MIGNON, so he told MICHAEL a very BROWN story about Queen MICHELE's daughter LYZ. How her mother, the STRINGY Queen MICHELE, kept her locked away in a CRACK HOUSE protected by a gigantic BETTA FISH, because LYZ was so FOAMY.

MICHAEL ASS-RAPED. He vowed to DENSE DANIEL the PSYCHOANYLIST that he would save the FOAMY LYZ. He would FLOGGING the BETTA FISH, and take LYZ far away from her eveil mother, the STRINGY Queen MICHELE, and SMACKING her.

Then, all of the sudden, there was a BLEAK PISSING and DENSE DANIEL the PSYCHOANYLIST began to laugh. With a puff of smoke he turned into the gigantic BETTA FISH from his story. STRINGY Queen MICHELE CURSED out from behind a DILDO and struck MICHAEL dead. In the far off CRACK HOUSE you could hear a ZOINK.


Make your own Fairy Tale at fuali.com

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[18 Aug 2003|08:58am]
i hate long island.

fuck everybody.

college here i come.
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[15 Aug 2003|08:27am]
a note for the not so wise.... dont ever drive at night durring a blackout.... its fucking creepy... especialy when drunk people walk in the middle of streets and you almost hit them.
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[01 Aug 2003|01:43pm]
lyz and michele are the only people i need.

i thought i knew you so well, i guess i never really knew you at all.
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[31 Jul 2003|04:44pm]
i got very drunk last night.
had a good time i suppose.
realized a lot of things that made me sad today.

it really sucks when people you think are your good friends decieve you.
maybe i shouldnt trust anyone anymore. everything is a lie.

in a way im excited to move away and start over.
perhaps people in the city are more honest and straight forward.

dont waste your time being shady. i know.
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[28 Jul 2003|12:41am]
no week will ever compair to this. none will ever come close.

5 shows
amazing music
good friends
people ive known since i was 11
amazing hugs
ace green

if this is what life really is, i love it.
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[24 Jul 2003|01:20am]
[x} Fallen for your best friend? no, well maybe.... he wasnt my best friend when i first started liking him.... so i dont know if that counts or not
{x} Made out with JUST a friend? no
{x} Been rejected? many a time
{x} Been in love? yes
{x} Used someone? never
{x} Been used? many many times
{x} Done something you regret? eh, i dont really regret many things because ive learned from them

Who was the last person...
{x} You touched? i touched ummm michele? john? i dont know one of the two
{x} You talked to? shele
{x} You hugged? lyzzy
{x} You instant messaged? Kristofer, hehe hes drunk : ]
{x} You kissed? umm i blew sal kisses tonight, i dont think that counts though
{x} You yelled at? ummm i dont really yell at people
{x} You laughed with? probably shele

Have you/are you/do you....
{x} Considered a life of crime? never
{x} Considered being a hooker? nooooooo
{x} Considered being a pimp? haha, sals pimp hampster. haha.
{x} Are you psycho? possibly
{x} Split personalities? nah
{x} Schizophrenic? nah
{x} Obsessive? eh, not really
{x} Obsessive compulsive? yeah sort of
{x} Panic? yesss.
{x} Anxiety? yes
{x} Depressed? not anymore, i have my moments though
{x} Suicidal? no
{x} Dream of mutilated bodies? no
{x} Understanding: yeah
{x} Open-minded: yes
{x} Insecure: very very
(x) Interesting: i guess so? i dont know you tell me.
{x} Hungry: kind of, my tummy hurts tho.
{x} Friendly: i suppose
{x} Smart: yeah i like to think so
{x} Moody: sometimes, not really.
{x} Childish: i have my moments, but its fun.
{x} Independent: im going to have to be in a month or so
{x} Hard working: if its for the right reason
{x} Organized: not at all
{x} Healthy: eh.
{x} Emotionally Stable: id hope so
{x} Shy: yeeeeah it depends tho
{x} Difficult: nah
{x} Attractive: eh, people tell me i am, i dont know whatever.
{x} Bored Easily: yessss
{x} Thirsty: yes, actually
{x} Responsible: yes
{x} Sad: eh, a little bit, right now almost everything is good, so im not dwelling on things
{x} Happy: getting there, hopefully
{x} Trusting: it depends
{x} Talkative: depending on the people and the topics.
{x} Original: to a degree
{x} Different: to a degree
{x} Unique: i dont think so
{x} Lonely: yes very
{x} Color your hair? yes
{x} Have a girlfriend? no
{x} Floss daily? oops...
{x} Own a webcam? yes
{x} Ever get off the computer? im out alot recently so yeah i do get off of it.

{x} Current Clothes: skirt and a button down teeshirt. i just got home
{x} Current Mood: a bit tired, and my stomach hurts.
{x} Current Taste: clove, from before.
{x} Current Annoyance: my stomach, and the fact that sunday isnt soon enough
{x} Current Smell: room-smell... haha i dont know?
{x} Current thing you ought to be doing: sleeping sounds like a good idea.
{x} Current Desktop Picture: i havent had one in a really long time.
{x} Current Worry: actually i dont have one.
{x} Current Fav Food: chicken francesse
{x} Current Fav Shoes: flip flops, adidas sambas, adidas rekords, and my courd cons.
{x} Current Fav TV Show: conan o'brian!!!
{x} Current Fav Movie: amelie <3

On Dating....
{x} Long or short hair? depends on the person
{x} Dark or blond hair? it doesnt matter
{x} Tall or short? id like taller, but it honestly shouldnt matter.
{x} Dark or light eyes? personaly i like green eyes, but i dont care.
{x} Hat or no hat? it depends on the person
{x} Pierced or no? mmmm piercings<3
{x} Freckles or none? they can be very adorable, it doesnt matter tho.
i stole this from meaghan.

On preferences....
{x} Chocolate milk or hot chocolate? i dont drink either.
{x} McDonalds or Burger King? dont eat that crap
{x} Marry the perfect lover or the perfect friend? in between
{x} Sweet or sour? eh, i dont care.
{x} Root Beer or Dr. Pepper? dont drink that shit
{x} Sappy/action/comedy/horror? comedy and action
{x} Cats or dogs? caaaaaaaats
{x} Ocean or Pool? lake lake!
{x} Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese? cool ranch but i dont eat chips anymore
{x} Shine or rain? rain
{x} Winter/Summer/Fall/Spring? fall and winter
{x} Vanilla or Chocolate? niether
{x} Gloves or mittens? gloves
{x} Eyes open or closed? closed
{x} Fly or breathe under water? fly
{x} Bunk-bed or waterbed? it doesnt matter
{x} Chewing gum or hard candy? neither
{x} Motor boat or sailboat? sail <3
{x} Lights on or off? i like lights off
{x} Chicken or fish? i love chicken

What's your favorite:.
{x} Number? 3
{x} Holiday? doesnt matter
{x} Radio station? i dont listen to it
{x} Place? bergen point <3
{x} Flower? dark red roses, or brown roses, so pretty.
{x} Scent? good boy smell mmmm <3
{x} If you could be anywhere, where would you be? in his arms
{x} What would you be doing there? just being with him would be enough i dont care.
{x} What are you listening to? nothing, my air conditioner? i was listening to the new RX bandits cd a bit ago
{x} Can you do anything freakish with your body? my indes finger bends to a 90 degree angle... thats about it....
| * * *

[21 Jul 2003|01:54am]
-- Name: Maya Papuzinski
-- Birthdate: 10.24.85
-- Birthplace: beekman hospital in manhattan
-- Current Location: Babylon long island, soon to be midtown manhattan
-- Eye Color: greenish
-- Hair Color: black
-- Righty or Lefty: righty
-- Zodiac Sign: im on the cusp of libra and scorpio im more of a libra
-- Innie or Outtie: innie

// series two - describe
-- Your heritage: 100% polish
-- The shoes you wore today: uh, black and white flip flops
-- Your hair: short and black
-- Your eyes: they are green and they have freckles in them
-- Your weakness? tendancy to fall for someone too quickly
-- Your fears: death of others, being completely alone, silence, spiders
-- Your perfect pizza: none
-- One thing you'd like to achieve: starting my own music magazine

// series three - what is
-- Your most overused phrase: "oh man"
-- Your thoughts first waking up: fuck
-- The first feature you notice in the opposite sex: i notice the way they carry them selves, then their eyes, then teeth, then hands
-- Your best physical feature: hah, nothing, maybe my eyes, i have nice teeth too i guess
-- your bedtime: i dont have one
-- Your greatest fear: being completely alone
-- Your greatest accomplishment: my acceptance to marymount manhattan college
-- Your most missed memory: the ones i spent with him.

// series four - you prefer
-- Pepsi or coke: pepsi but i dont drink soda anymore
-- McDonald's or Burger King: neither i dont eat that crap
-- Single or group dates: group, well i wouldnt really know since ive never been on a real date before
-- Adidas or nike: adidas
-- Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: neither, arizona green tea
-- Chocolate or vanilla: neither i dont eat that stuff
-- Cappuccino or coffee: coffee
-- Boxers or briefs: boxers are cute

// series five - do you
-- Smoke: yes
-- Cuss: i suppose i dont really notice anymore
-- Sing well: when im alone
-- Take a shower: everyday
-- Have a crush(es): yes
-- who are they: thats private
-- Do you think you've been in love: oh, yes
-- Want to go to college: i am, in a month
-- Like high school: it was alright
-- Want to get married: yes but not any time soon
-- Type w/ your fingers on the right keys: no
-- Believe in yourself: not all the time
-- Get motion sickness: no never
-- Think you're attractive: not at the moment but people tell me im pretty
-- Think you're a health freak: no, well.... maybe getting to that point in the lifetime diet
-- Get along with your parents: not really
-- Like thunderstorms: i like thunder but not lightning
-- Play an instrument: im musicaly challenged

// series six - in the past month, did/have you
-- Drank alcohol: yes i got drunk last night, and im still hung over.
-- Smoke(d): yes like an hour ago
-- Done a drug: not in 11 months
-- Have Sex: ive never had sex in my life
-- Made Out: yea like almost 6 months ago
-- Go on a date: ive never been on a date
-- Eaten an entire box of Oreos: no
-- Eaten sushi: no
-- Been on stage: nope
-- Been dumped: no, i havent had anyone to dump me in a year and a half
-- Gone skating: no
-- Made homemade cookies: nope
-- Gone skinny dipping: no
-- Dyed your hair: yes
-- Stolen anything: probably

// series seven - have you ever
-- Played a game that required removal of clothing?: no
-- Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: last night?
-- Been caught "doing something": never
-- Been called a tease: i dont think so
-- Gotten beaten up: nope
-- Shoplifted: yes
-- If so, did you get caught: i have
-- Changed who you were to fit in: nope, more of a found who i really am sort of thing

// series eight - the future
-- Age you hope to be married: mid to late twentys
-- Numbers and Names of Children: i dont know
-- Descibe your Dream Wedding: i dont know
-- How do you want to die: i dont want to think about that
-- Where you want to go to college: im going to college in manhattan
-- What do you want to be when you grow up: a journalist but it would be better not to grow up at all
-- What country would you most like to visit: spain portugal and italy

// series nine - opposite sex
-- Best eye color? i like green eyes
-- Best hair color? i dont care
-- Short or long hair?: i dont care
-- Best height: as tall or taller than me
-- Best weight: i dont really care
-- Best articles of clothing: it doesnt really matter
-- Best first date location: beach is cute
-- Best first kiss location: i dont know

// series ten - number of
-- Number of drugs taken illegally: 2
-- Number of people I could trust with my life: one
-- Number of CDs that I own: like 200?
-- Number of tattoos: none
-- Number of times my nam has appeared in the newspaper?: never
-- Number of scars on my body: many many
-- Number of things in my past that I regret: i dont regret many things

My Father thinks I am: intelegent musical and a good daughter
My Mother thinks I am: fat lazy and responsible
My sisters think I am: i dont have a sister, unless i count lyz then she would just love me
My brother thinks I am: i dont give a crap what he thinks of me
My Girlfriend thinks I am: i dont have one
My best friend thinks I am: a good friend and am funny and selfless according to her

+your three best qualities= i care too much, im understanding, and im a good listener
+three worst qualities= i keep things inside that i should let out, i procrastinate, and i care too much
+three things you are often complimented for= selflessness, kindness, humor
+a compliment you got that made you blush= anything
+you get embarrassed when= im always embarassed
+makes you happy= my friends
+upsets you= the way im feeling at the moment

Yes or NO....
+you keep a diary= not really
+you like to cook= i would if i had somebody to cook for
+you have a secret you have not shared with anyone= maybe
+you fold your underwear= nah
+you talk in your sleep= people told me i have
+you set your watch a few minutes aheado= no
+you bite your fingernails= yes
+you believe in love= yes

x. movie you rented = asterix and obelix in paris
x. movie you bought = i dont remember
x. song you listened to = the scientist - coldplay
x. song that was stuck in your head = " "
x. song you've downloaded = john downloaded something by robert cheese or something like that
x. cd you bought = i bought RXbandits and Breaking pangaea today
x. cd you listened to = a rush of blood to the head- coldplay
x. person you've called = i called web earlier, no wait, the last person i called was sal.
x. person that's called you = shelle
. tv show you've watched = i dont remember
x. person you were thinking of = him

x. you wish you could live somewhere else = sort of not really, now im just nervous to live in the city
x. you think about suicide = i used to
x. you believe in online dating = no
x. others find you attractive = i dont know anymore
x. you want more piercings = im getting my lip periced soon
x. you want more tattoos = maybe
x. you drink = yes, i drank last night
x. you do drugs = no
x. you smoke = yes
x. you like cleaning = when im angry or upset
x. you like roller coasters = yes
x. you write in cursive or print = print
x. you carry a donor card = i checked of organ donor on the back of my licence dose that count?

have you...
x. ever cried over a girl= no but i cried over a boy tonight
x. ever lied to someone = yes
x. ever been in a fist fight = no
x. ever been arrested = no

x. shampoo do you use = john frieda thick hair
x. cologne do you use = i use lovespell
x. shoes do you wear = flip flops, adidas sambas, adidas rekords, converse
x. are you scared of = of losing him
| * * *

[21 Jul 2003|01:04am]
time continues to fly yet my heart still beats for you. :' [
04|| * * *

[17 Jul 2003|07:02am]
[ music | Aerosmith - janies got a gun ]

yeah, since its really early, and no one is on, and theres nothing to do, i was brousing and catching up on people journals, and i found this in sals. (whoa run on sentance)

high school: loved certain teachers and subjects and my friends, hated everyone else. so all in all not to dissapointed.
coloring books: OMG! loved! i remember when me and lyz used to color in coloring books over at her house when it was raining and we couldnt go into town in like 5th grade oh shit, i miss those things.
video games: loved old mario old zelda for like the ghetto nintendo. mm that was great.
your parents: mmm, i guess i loved them alot when i was little, i still love my dad alot, and i love to hate my mom i suposse you could say.
reading: when i was little i hated it, now i love to read alot.
mathematics: DEATH, hated.... i got a 50 on the math b regents... go me?
rats: love! they are so cute.
nature: love love love, my dad says im an environmental communist wacko.... haha silly daddy
black and white photos: love
feet: HATE.... but i like the whole ankle akillese tendon heal part of guys feet... if they have nice ones.... its rare.... yeah i hate feet ich
showers: love more than baths
stray cats/dogs: love, i want to save them all.
siblings: hate.... marek is a fucking crazy asshole
your car: love my lucas, honda element
medicine: depends.... i like taking medicine.
madonna: haha i love this woman
red roses: mm love
your house: love been here to long to think other wise... lived here 15 years.
cotton candy: love mmm. too bad i can never eat sugar again.
carebears: OMG i loved them... tots <3
fairy tales: i liked them alot... i have like three thick volume type books of fairy tales
forks: sporks are better.
mexican food: loved.... cant eat that shit anymore....
organized religion: did i hear someone say cult? yeah... hated
telephones: love my cell phone, hate hate hate regular phones and calling people
Mac Computers: i dont really know how they work i prefer pcs
music cd's: loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove
clowns: ive been scared of them since one of them laughed in my face when i was five.
nuns: im sorry that your lives had to come to that.... cults suck.

if you could have only one
dog/cat: cat!
computer/telephone: computer
genitals/left leg: wow for a second i though it said leg hair... um .... hahah i dont know! i dont really need my left leg to drive... but hahaha i have no idea
riend/soulmate: soulmate
house/food: house
sight/hearing: wow see now this question is so tough, cause if i still had sight i could communicate cause i know sign language, and i could still see everything thats beautiful and ugly, but if i had my hearing then i could here music which i love. and i dunno if i could live with out it.
camera/book: oh god.... id have to say book
parents/siblings: parents
pen/paper: pen
bed/bath: bed
soap/toothbrush: ummmmmmm i cant choose both...
AIM/phone: AIM

name: Maya
birthday; 10 -24 - 85
nationality; one oh oh pole
screen name; hearts have sung
hair length; short.
hair color; buuuuuuuuuuuuh -lack
eye color; greenish
piercings; 4 in my ears... lobes = 0g
tattoos; soon soon.

color[s]; buhlack and white. blue, red
movie; amelie
band/singer; oh man too many, all i listened to in europe was jazz cause my cd player broke... i love jazz
subject; english!
fruit; dont eat fruit
month; oc - tube - reh
season; autumn
holiday; birfdeh
saying; oh man!

do questions!
do you believe in love at first sight? no, lust at first sight
do you get along with your parents? dad yes, mom no
do you think about suicide? not in a long time
do you drink? not really i havent had any alcohol in 11 months
do you do drugs? again i havent done any in 11 months
do you smoke? yeaaaah, kindaaaa
do you think you have multiple personalities? no but i get mood swings
have you ever smoked? yeah
have you ever done drugs? yes
have you ever drunk alcohol? yes
have you ever gotten drunk? too many times
have you ever made out with just a friend? no
have you ever used someone? no
have you ever been used? yes
have you ever wanted someone you couldn't have? hah, thats funny......

best questions!
best feeling; listening to music so good it gives me goosebumps
best thing in the world; lyz
best stuffed animal you own; Rosie the rabbit everyone abuses she is 12
best thing that happened to you yesterday or today: i came home!

last questions!
last time you cried? um a while ago actually
last movie you saw in a theater? finding nemo with lyz and nick
last movie you rented? Asterix and obelix in france i LOVE that movie shiiiiyat
last movie you bought? i dont know
last song you listened to? my duke ellington cd
last song you downloaded? i dont remember
last tv show you watched? VH! insomniac music theatre
last song that was stuck in your head? aerosmith - love in an elevator
last person you talked to; lyz <3
last person you hugged; my dad
last person you kissed; someone, a long time ago.
last person you went to eat out with; my dad and aunt and uncle on bastile day it was crazy! fireworks <3
last person you slow danced with; myself?
last person you yelled at; my dad
last person you called; lyz <3
last person who called you; i dont remember
last person who made you smile? lyz
last person who made you laugh? my aunt is funny

closest; lyz... wow, um i think shes the only one i consider really close, um, markies great i love him, i tell charlie alot of things, but i never hang out with him : [
who lives farthest away? olka in poland. i miss her SO much
who lives closest to you? lyz!
who is the tallest? haha me.... charlie is tall.... john ryan is tall too....
who is the shortest? sal my love
who is the meanest? no one is really really mean.
who is the loudest? jaimie, luke, mogilla, devon...wow pretty much all my friends are really loud
who is the smartest? SARAH COTTER.... jesus.... she should write encyclopedias off the top of her head.
who is the craziest? sal's crazy, um, jamies crazy, lyz is nuts, vickys kinda nuts.... but i love them all
who dresses the best? laura, vicky, whitney, diana, jessica, carla.... all them chicks and LYZ she just dresses hotter than anyone i gotta say.
who sings the best? vicky has a nice voice.... ummm sarahs got a nice one too.
who makes you smile most? lyz, everyone!
who do you turn to the most? lyz

love and relationships!
who is your boyfriend/girlfriend/crush? nobody! but thats okay! im heppy anyway.
what do you first notice in the opposite sex? the way they carry them selves, smile, eyes, teeth, hands
first crush; Ryan o'connor. hahhhahahahahahhhaahahahahahah first grade

01|| * * *

[17 Jul 2003|05:56am]
so im home.
it really early here in old new york.... 542....
but my body is on France time, which would make it 143 in the afternoon.

having typed that i have come to the conclution that i have completely forgotten how to type and spell.


yeah europe will do that to you i suppose, with their crazy keyboards and such.

im really glad that im home.
i missed everyone so much and i was begining to feel deprive... of, well... friends.
mmm i love you guys <3.

not to say! that it wasnt brilliant. because... well it was.
alot shorter of a trip than i usually make over the summer. thank god.

london is spectacular and i want to move there after college. i honestly, having been there and seen many many people, dont think there is an ugly man in that city.

they were all beautiful!

ahhh eye candy for a tourist.... yum yum. even the dirtiest crust punk was hott.

normandy was so relaxing, all i did there was read, and relax, and go to the beach, and walk around the county side. mmm it was really nice.

paris was eh, having visited it three years earlier, i found little to do, with out speaking the language. yeah so i read alot there too.

all in all not to bad but its good to be home.

i read alot. im on my thrid book in two weeks.
i finished the lovely bones, and that was soooooooo amazing.
i read the 900 page new harry potter book, it was good as they always are but not too much action, i was a tad disappointed.
and now im reading the hotel new hampshire by john irving <3 very very nice, i like it alot.

oh and holy shit, the england cosmopolitan mag shows naked men, DO NOT READ IN FRONT OF YOUR FATHER.... yeah.... oops.

im on the optimal lifediet. its good, i gotta go get my food today. then im hanging out with lyz. yey! and maybe john ryan cause he wanted to hang out with me.
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[16 Jul 2003|10:08am]
this is it!!!!!!
ill be home tonight at nine NY time!!!!!!!!!!
hopefully lyz will be able to spare an hour for me when i get home if not tomorrow then

holy fuck, its gonna be 3AM when ill be back in ny on the time im on now.... fucking shit ill die.
| * * *

[02 Jul 2003|10:40am]
oh yeah i forgot
i saw benji and joel of Good Charlotte walking down the street in london by piccadilly cirus.... haha it was so funny, first i saw benji and i didnt realize it was him but then joel was behind him and im like holy shit no way, and hes staring at me and im just staring back and then i passed him and im practically walking backwards and into things, while looking at him and he just gives me this weird look and i started laughing holy crap it was so random.

I LOVE THIS CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
06|| * * *

[02 Jul 2003|10:30am]
WOW! im in london and its absolutely fantastic.
so far i have visited the tower of london [where all the 15th 16th and 17th century "bad guys" got hanged, beheaded and what not, the tour was absolutely hilarious] the london bridge, its so huge! buckingham palace not as amazing as i would have expected. also Madame Tussoud's Wax Museum, which was really really cool.
Ive seen so many punk boys, lyz would be head of heals! the area in which my hotel is, is practicaly teaming with authentic london crust punks! aaaaah swoon. : ]
ive been trying to score some ass but its just not happening! i want a boy with an accent and ive got three more days to get one! hahaha.
friday morning im taking a bus to stonehengde, that is going to be sooooo cool ive wanted to visit it for so long, tomorrow the london eye. weeeeeeeeee
soooo many pictures to show everyone im so excited!
i miss everyone alot, but sorry at the moment im to occupied with falling in love with london to think about missing you guys. hah.

i miss lyz tho! i think about her all the time and how this is the perfect city for the both of us.... ahhh sigh.

ill update again soon as soon as i gain access to this computer again.

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[30 Jun 2003|05:03pm]
off to europe in a big jet plane.

04|| * * *

[28 Jun 2003|01:38pm]
i am a mess.

i have an ingrown eyelash.... painful.

i have to do college stuff before i go away the day after tomorrow.

i have parties to go to and i hate them.

i dropped a heavy framed mirror on my foot while rearranging my room and now i have a huge lumpy bruise.... painful.

my car tire went flat.

my battery died and i had to find people with jumper cables to help me get it running again, while in hicksville.

and most of all i miss lyz.

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[26 Jun 2003|09:04am]
Happy Deathday!
Your name:onesilentvoice
You will die on:Thursday, July 12, 2012
You will die of:Appendicitis
Created by Quill

HAH! too bad ive already had appendicitis!!!! : P
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[25 Jun 2003|12:13am]
haha i stole this from meaghan its funny, i miss her.... : \

- Full name: Maya Marcella Papuzinska
- Nickname(s): Maya-Maya, Mayita, majeczka, majunia.
- Location: Babylon, ny.
- Age: 17, ill be 18 in a little over 4 months...
- Natural Hair color: dark dark brown
- Present Hair color: black, yeah gotta dye it again soon
- Eye color: greenish
- Religion: i dont believe in organized religion, i suppose i would be agnostic.... but im not really sure... i dont think my veiws would qualify me as being aethiest.... hmm
- Sexual Preference: straight for the most part....
- Bra size/Penis size: 38 B

[The Nosey]
- What color is your underwear? was, navy.
- Do you have a crush on someone? hmm, not at the present moment
- Who do you have a crush on? hmm, nobody...
- Do they like you back? nope.... i guess not.
- What turns you on? hands, back/shoulders, tummies, lots of things i guess
- What turns you off? hmm, an unkempt body.... feet, dirt...etc.. oooh bad smells.... ich
- Which celebrities do you find attractive? edward norton, johnny depp, orlando bloom
- Which celebrities would you make out with given the chances? see those listed above
- Which of your friends do you find attractive? all of my real friends are beautiful people.

[The Perverted]
- Have you ever watched porn? hahahah, yeah frank made me watch gay porn once.
- Did you enjoy it? no! anal is sooo not attractive
- Do you fuck or make love? i dont have sex....
- Have you ever kissed a girl? of course
- Have you ever kissed a boy? uh huh
- Have you ever gone down on someone? nope
- Has anyone gone down on you? nope
- Have you ever used any sex toys? no
- Are you sexually shy? yeah, i dont like my body....
- How many sexual partners have you had? none, im a virgin.
- Would you ever make out with someone outside your race/religion? why not?
- Would you ever make out with someone who is really fat/really thin? it doesnt matter
- Would you ever make out with someone who has bad hygiene? noooo cleniness is key.
- Who do you want to have sex with right now? no one
- Are you a kitten in bed? i not sure i understand
- Sarah McLachlan or Wild Monkey? ...again.... im not quite with you....
- Are you comfortable being naked around people? nooooooooooo, nakedness bad.
- When was your last orgasm? hmmm, hmmm.... uuhhh personal much? yeeeah.
- What gives you goosebumps? fingertips along my spine and neck... its nice

[The Morals]
- Would you kiss someone you don't love? yes, but i dont kiss just anybody
- Would you have sex with someone you don't love? i dont think i would
- Do you believe in sex before marriage? i dont think it really matters
- Have you ever been in love? yes
- Do you want to get married? of course
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