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sorry blurty [29 May 2008|12:15am]
[ mood | curious ]
[ music | aerius light - datA ]

i think i'm gonna be on a long hiatus from blurty. honestly, it doesn't give me as much satisfaction when i know there are people reading this. i guess i get too picky about what i want to share on a blog, or i just don't think writing it out is worth it because no one will really read it. i just need to give myself a space where i can just think to myself. i've already set it up a while ago, and i wasn't sure about it. but i'm really liking this new space. if my product comes out unreadable, shitty, scrambled, or whatever it becomes, then the mess can stay. first drafts, and second drafts will chill there forever. it'll be nice seeing my process of thought happen and leaving it at that. i always seem to edit over first drafts through microsoft word, and i lose potential ideas in the mistakes i've erased.
i'll put final thoughts and stuff that i like here, but everything else will be on another blog. if you're lucky, you might run across it. maybe if you can guess me well enough, too. <--is that a complete sentence?

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