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Monday, July 10th, 2006

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    1. I thought PotC: DMC sucked. Like they were trying too hard. Well, there will be another one..

    2. My hand is all sorts of swollen and nasty now. Yesterday it was my arm (two spots- looked lke i had some crazy mad muscles!) and my wrist. Today it's still my arm, less my wrist- but the swelling moved toward my elbow. Also, my hand is all sorts of gross. I think I had some kind of bad reaction.. to some kind of bite? I don't know. But it's pretty nasty. The first aid tent wasn't helpful but one guys I was volunteering with- he was doing some college thing with robotic dogs (it was neat) happened to have a mother who happened to be a nurse who happened to be visiting him that day. and happened to have benadryl on her. I don't thihnk it did much but it was still nice.

    3. Teeney I got you a windmill.

    4. ahhh.. operaton get-kelley-a-goddamn-picture-ID, or OP GKAGPID, is.. experiencing some major setbacks.

    5. I love you all.


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