Dee's Day

Friday, August 15, 2003


you know i just love being blamed for something I didn't do.....I know who did do it and you know they don't feel the least bit sorry for what they did or the fact that I get all the shit for!! ugh man you I fucking hate shit..and this person who is basically getting me in shit is like mad at me! ugh this person won't even have a decent convo with me ....ew I don't friggin get it man.....ugh..this shit makes me so mad.....she's been like this since Sunday! and now she's camping and I swear she better come back with a new attitude...maybe she will when she realizes i gave up on my/her crush so she could admire him from afar....not that Im really complaining cuz I was making out with someone else the other day but still she she still hold that other shit against me when I gave him up for her wtf! w/e man I don't give a shit anymore.....Im starting to feel like my cousin...all her friends turned out to be jerks too!

Current mood: aggravated
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