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quiz thingy [20 Apr 2005|05:22pm]
ewww taks today so heres a quiz

Name:Samantha Ann Sewell
Birthday:January 24, 1989
Current Location:Austin
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Dark Blonde with highlights
Height:5'2'' on a good day
Right Handed or Left Handed:Right
Your Heritage:um..i think not sure
The Shoes You Wore Today:Reef flip flops
Your Weakness:presents :)
Your Fears:every single kind of bug there is.
Your Perfect Pizza:lots of cheese with a lil peparoni [sp?]
Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year:to get out n hang out with ppl more..and stop being a "home-body"
Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger:idk<
Thoughts First Waking Up:"dammit i hate my alarm"
Your Best Physical Feature:eyes
Your Bedtime:umm..i dont really have one..but latley ive been getting tired at 8...wierd?
Your Most Missed Memory:my grampa..:'(
Pepsi or Coke:i like em both
MacDonalds or Burger King:Mc Donalds
Single or Group Dates:both are nice..i think single..
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea:lipton
Chocolate or Vanilla:mm both..
Cappuccino or Kari
Do you Smoke:sometimes..
Do you Swear:all the time..i try not to..
Do you Sing:all the time..i love to sing
Do you Shower Daily:yes i one wants a stinky samantha
Have you Been in Love:yes..i am right now.. :)
Do you want to go to College:yes i doooo
Do you want to get Married:yessss
Do you belive in some things..i guess so
Do you get Motion Sickness:no
Do you think you are Attractive:not really..but whos to say
Are you a Health i dont think so..
Do you get along with your Parents:yea most of the time
Do you like Thunderstorms:yes they are fun! unless their really bad..then im scared.
Do you play an Instrument:Flute
In the past month have you Drank Alcohol:yea
In the past month have you Smoked:yea
In the past month have you been on Drugs:no..not that i remember..jk
In the past month have you gone on a Date:yes
In the past month have you gone to a Mall:nope
In the past month have you eaten a box of Oreos:no..but that sounds good right now..
In the past month have you eaten Sushi:OMG i HATE sushi..
In the past month have you been on Stage:no.
In the past month have you been Dumped:no.
In the past month have you gone Skinny Dipping:no.
In the past month have you Stolen Anything:wow..suprisingly no.
Ever been Drunk:oh yea..
Ever been called a Tease:no
Ever been Beaten up:no
Ever Shoplifted:yea
How do you want to Die:i dont want to die
What do you want to be when you Grow Up:a Paramedic
What country would you most like to Visit:Europe
In a Boy/Girl..
Favourite Eye Color:blue
Favourite Hair Color:brown
Short or Long Hair:short..unless its a shag..then thats sexy
Height:taller than me which isnt hard
Best Clothing Style:w/e looks good on them
Number of Drugs I have taken:dont wanna know
Number of CDs I own:like....alot..too many to count
Number of Piercings:2 on each ear and bellybutton
Number of Tattoos:none..
Number of things in my Past I Regret:alot..

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I n f o [29 Mar 2005|07:20am]
[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | news in the living room..i mean i dont watch the news!!! ]

1. name: Samantha
2. single or taken: the most wonderful guy there is. :D
3. sex: female
4. birthday: January 24
6. siblings: older sister and younger brother
7. hair color: dark blonde with highlights
8. eye color: blue
9. shoe size: 8 1/2
10. height: 5' 2''

f a s h i o n s t u f f
1. where is your favorite place to shop: abercrombie, kholes, uhh...theres more..just cant think
2. any tattoos or piercings: ears & bellybutton

s p e c i f i c s
1. what kind of shampoo do you use?: Herbal Essence
2. what are you most scared of?: eeE BUGS!! ugh and Cockaroaches!! *shivers*
3. who is the last person that called you?: Michael
4. where do you want to get married?: in a church
5. how many buddies are online right now?: 11
6. what would you change about yourself?: uhh..theres alot..

f a v o r i t e s
1. color[s]: pink!!
2. food: chinese n mexican n italian..n..others...
3. boys names: psh idk
4. girls names: same

5. subjects in school: HST..good class that is..yep..uhh all the others just bc i love the ppl in there.

6. animals: cat
7. sports: what are those? if i had to choose..

h a v e y o u e v e r
1. given anyone a bath?: yea..who hasent? is that wierd?
2. smoked?: yea
3. bungee jumped?: no..but i wanna
4. made yourself throw up?: yea..again..who hasent..
5. skinny dipped?: yea
6: ever been in love?: yesS
7. made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: haha yea done that many times...many many times.
8. pictured your crush naked?: all the time...
9. actually seen your crush naked?: yeaa
10. cried when someone died?: aww yea..i cant help it.
11. lied? of course not! ;)
12. fallen for your best friend?: no
13. been rejected?: who hasent
14. rejected someone?: yea.. :| ...sorry..
15. used someone?:i dont think so..
16. done something you regret?: oh yes.

c u r r e n t
1. clothes: jeans and cracker jack shirt
2. make-up: the usual
3. annoyance: tired..and i have to go to school in a lil bit
4. smell: i dont smell anything...oh wait..apples n cinnimon..[candles]
5. favorite band: id have to say green day or Rascal flatts right now..
6. desktop picture: uhh..its a solid silver...
7. book youre reading: i dont know how to read..
8. in cd player: burned
9. car cd player: uhh..moms barry manalow..btw anyone know whot he fuck that is??
10. in dvd player: uhh..dodgeball
11. color of toenails: redish-pink

l a s t p e r s o n
1. you touched: my brother..[doing his hair]
2. hugged: Kari
3. you imed: Kari
4. yelled at: my brother last night
5. deleted: no comment.

a r e y o u
1. understanding: depends..
2. open-minded: yea..i try to be
3. arrogant: somtimes..
4. insecure: somtimes.
5. interesting: idk? i?
6. random: lol i can be..
7. hungry: not right now.
8. smart: in some subject..i get very confused some of you
9. moody: can be
10.hard working: at some things
11.healthy: uhh...depends on what your idea of "healthy" is
17. messy: i try not to be

o p p o s i t e s e x
1. what do you notice first: Smile and eyes

2.last person you slow danced with: oh god...i have no idea..
3.worst question to ask: "whats your bra size?" O.o
4.Who makes you laugh the most of the opposite sex?:Michael
5.makes you smile: Michael n some other peeps

d o y o u e v e r
1. sit on the internet all night waiting for that someone special to im you?:no.
2. wish you were a member of the opposite sex?: no im happy being a girl thank you.
3. wish you were younger: hell 16 and that much closer to being 18 n getting the hell outa here.
4. cried because someone said something to you: duhh

n u m b e r
1. of times i have had my heart broken: umm..2..but it was repared the 2nd time..
2. of hearts i have broken:idk..
3. of guys ive kissed: who counts that stuff?
4. of girls ive kissed: um..1? i think?.
5. of continents i have lived in: one..this one.
6. of tight friends: tight? lol who says that anymore...umm..4 best...lots of "tight" freinds
7. of cds i own: idk never counted them
8. of scars on my body: um..again..never counted them

f i n a l q u e s t i o n s
1. do you like fillings these out?: sure..
2. gold or silver: silver
3. what was the last film you saw at the movies?: raise your i need to get out more
4. favorite cartoon/anime?: family guy :D thanks michael
5. what did you have for breakfast this morning?:coco puffs
6. where do you want to get married?:read^^up there
7. who would you love being locked in a room with?: lovely Michael
10. could you ever get off the computer?: yees.
11. habla espanol?: what that mean agian? serious..i dont remember..
12. how many people are on your buddy list?: 54..i delete ppl who talk shit..or i dont like there.

D O N E!! now go bug someone else..

<3 Samantha :D

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Copy Paper [23 Mar 2005|08:45pm]
Today was awesome. we played a game in 7th period and i made laura [that stupid smart girl] look soooooo stupid it was so awesome...we played Jeperdy..and it was me and her..and the teacher started to ask a question about the big 3.. and he didnt even finish the question and i answered it and i got it right and she walked away in a daze..and everyone clapped and andy was like oooohhhhhhh that takes skill right there!! didnt even finish the question!! omg kari it was the proudest moment of my life i think..and nobody got answers right except me and like 5 other ppl in the whole i felt good

Kari is the best...i love niggas. fa sho.

all i have to say.
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burrrrrrn [17 Mar 2005|11:55am]
[ mood | amused ]

parents are looking at a car for me..a saturn possibly..oh youll never see me for sure..ROAD TRIP!! girls get ready!! :D

its been 2 and a half months for me and Michael..i couldnt be happier..things are great and i love him so much..but we have our "speedbumps" but we so get over longest serious relationship ive been in scince..uhh..whats his face..

i burned my hand..on the stove..hurt like the mom was like "whats the dickens hurt like?" psh..LIKE HELL MOM!!

Family relationships are good..saw my bro and sis the other day..they got to meet Michael..they loved him..but was their any doubt that they wouldnt? neh..

we got rid of the little kitty..shes with my sister now bc she has a mouse in her house..oo i made a now its just sweet pea here..yess! i love her.

well Michael went to court yesterday..and there was a possibility he might have got put in jail..i was so scared..which drove me to light up again..damnit..gotta stop that..not good *cough* for your health..

Me and Michael went to the greenbelt the other day..which was cool..i met alot of his friends that i hear so much about..i think Brian was my fav tho..he actually has a job! wow..what a smart kid..hes so nice..well we went up there with Brian and we saw Ryan, Tim and Sarah, Briana and Brandon, this kid Matt, uhh 2 other ppl i forgot their names, Ashley, and Eric..pretty fun.

Spring break sucks this year..nothing to do..long story of why i cant leave the not grounded..actually everyones really happy with me..but its all the lil bros fault..looong story..

I love Kari..*so* much..shes the only one i can call when me n Michael are haveing a problem..and she talks me through it and can make me laugh when im so one but her can do that...shes the best..

Well tired of updateing..that pretty much it anyway..i have a boring life, what can i say? hope you enjoy..


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[05 Feb 2005|08:11pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Well things have been good..last night i went to Michael's house and chilled for a while..then Tyler and Autumn came and picked us up n we went n chilled with Troy n Bridget..then we went that was fun....we alllll sucked soo bad...most of us got in the 40's..but i got like 68..n Troy got he was pretty fun..Karma sucks tho..thats why all us girls sucked..bc all the guys yea...there were these guys there and they kept on saying the stupidest "oh dude that was criminal!" and like talking to us n telling us it all depended on us..just being really weird..w.e..then we left the bowling alley and went back to Troy;s..chilled for a while then Tyler n Autumn took me n Michael back to his house..chilled for a while then crashed..yep so it was fun..we had McDonalds this morning...the best..then Crashed again lol..i met Michaels Uncle that just got outa jail..he seemed pretty cool..and his cousin[s] of them..ricky i think..he is just about to turn 15 and lol hes so funny..n small...but i made him show me his muscles bc everyone said hed fight i was like bring em out! n lol yea..he could kick ass i bet..buuut...then i came home..parents spent like $500 at the grocery we have like..every single food thing anyone could its so awesome...but i bet the first time Michael is over;ll all be well that was pretty much my weekend so out..

<3 Samantha

I love you so much Michael!

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yeeeeaa.. [26 Jan 2005|10:25pm]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | Michael playing call of duty in the background... ]

Well goh it takes me a while to update...sry guys..been..busy? i guess..OK

School: grades suck assss..i think i failing every class bc i was absent those three days n so i missed like a shit load..n i just dont give a fuck to go n make up the its gunna stay failing till the next 6 weeks.... Whatev..oh but i like my third period..its so kick ass...its Psychology for those of you who dont know..its fuckin amazing...i decided ima minor in that when i get to College. Fuck ya..oh n im takin a CPR class so ima cirtified soon..SCORE!!

Friends: man..what is there to say? today at lunch had to be the funnest its ever been...well actually i skipped 4th to go to B lunch..but omg it was soooo worth it!! Misty got dragged around on the floor by Eric...then i kicked Eric;s asssss...lmao it was so much fun!! we threw markers n such at each were little kids..but it was great.

Birthday [Jan. 24th]: It was okay....but Michael was suposed to come up to crockett so i could take him home and before 7th period he called me n was like hey i have something to do..but ill meet you at your house..i was like alright..kinda bummed out n shit..but when i got home, he was waiting there with a dozen roses and a bear that says Love you...i was like awwww your gunna make me cry......n then we went out to dinner n got ice cream n went shopping..the best birthday.

Relationship: Fuckin Awesome. there is this stupid freshman that likes Michael and is talkin shit...and damnit!! me being the way i am right now...i fuckin yea...sad i know..but he sat there..n was like fuck em....i dont listen to them samantha..n i was like but in the past they fuckin ruin shit...he was like...i have strong feelings for you that i cant explain..why else would i spend all the time i do with you? and he was like ANNNNNNDDDDD...who has you in their arms right now? n i was like me..n he was like whooo? n i said meee..and hes liek thats right..for a long time thats right..n that made me cry more..but in a good way..BUT yea..

OK tired now n ima wait for Michael to finish his game then were school tomorrow..byee loves.

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nothing but a ring on my finger [14 Jan 2005|06:39pm]
[ mood | restless ]
[ music | Ding donG of the door bell. ]

Well ive been i missed monday tuesday and ppL thought i died..c'mon jk..i love yall..well shit is goin down with the hoMies..ppL talking shit behind other ppLs backs..idk i dont want a part of it bc yea..well heres my day:

**1st period** We had a sub and she had a stick in her ass for real..omg she got on my nerves..we made this little flip book thingy..mine is a flower growing..haha..such a loser..

**2nd period** Did nothing at nothing..

**3rd period** Did notes and whatnot..omg all the guys in that class friggin crack me up..specially Kenny n Matt n much fun..and the context of the class isnt that bad either..Psychology..hmm..

**4th period** Omg dont get me was ok..but daaamn that teacher pissed me she usually doesnt..but shit i havent been here for like the past 3 days..n she expects me to be presenting n like uhh hello? i havent been here..idk wtf yall are doing! but w.e

**5th period** We're talking about like Body how to move or sit at the computer..n whatev..well somhow Ms.Talkington starts talking about how this one time she was pushing her little girl on the swing n just pushed her off..and how she fell flat on her back..n then everyone in the class started talking about their stories n stuff so it was kick ass..Reuben kinda scared me his faces are the funniest ever!!!..uhh oh n i saw the letter about Dr. Gideon and the whole cougar n class of 2005 n stuff..if yall havent heard the story in one of yalls classes just ask me n ill inform ya..but ITS ALL TRUE!!! i know for a fact..i cant tell you how..but i FUCK HER!

**6th period** Nothing.

**7th period** Talked to Kari about whats goin on with our group n messed up stuff..well ANYWAYS..yea we just talked..

hmm..i think thats all thats really happend..nothing really big except the whole cougar thing..which is such fuckin buLLshit..god im getting mad just talking about it so ima jet..byee kidds..<3


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Life [10 Jan 2005|11:39pm]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | nothing. just soaking in the feelings.. ] is so awesome right now..just in the last few days...ok
**Friday** - friends are awesome as usual..and then after school..i go n get my belly button re-peirced..hurt a i said OWW really loud n ppL were laughing when i came outa the and then Michael. lol *sigh* Michael came over n SPENT THE NIGHT..yea i know it was a surprise for me too...n my mom was cool with it..well n him are going out now...we will see how long this one lasts before i fuck up..hmm..3 months? we'll see..
**Saturday** - Went to Dana's [Sisters] house n chiLLd..but i felt like shit so ya..kinda rented like a shit load of movies..but i didnt feel good n i tool nyQuill..n fell asleep so i missed them all..even Napolian Dynamite..n i really wanna see that..Michael said we would rent it one day n we would watch it together...yess..
**Sunday** - Woke up n got my dad to take me shopping..i convinced him to buy me this hoodie sweater at Abercrombie..its so cute..its light pink with Dark pink writing on it..and i got 2 other shirts and a lil tank top to go under the jacket.. and then MY dad..yes The ass-hole from hell..invited Michael over for dinner..sucking up to me? fa sho!...anyway i let it happen and he came over around 2 and my dad and my mom made dinner..[yummy steaks n green beans n potatos and garlic bread] i have to say he makes the best steak ever in Austin Texas yall..Michael loved it..anyway we chiLLd after that n then we took him home..
**Monday[today]** - i didnt go to school bc i had to go to the doctor..which kinda sucks bc i love all my classes and everyone in them..but thats ok..and at first i didnt think that i was gunna get to see Michael today..but at like 7:45 he came made me happy..our goodbyees are takes us a while to its cute..

Im hearing some stuff about Michael that i dont like..and i dont wanna beleive it bc im actually enjoying being with him..unlike i did some of the past bf's..weve been together..what..3 days? and it seems so much longer..and its parents love him..he loves my parents..which helps when i wanna go do stuff with him..they dont mind..i really dont want this thing to go bad..ppL are saying some shit..and i know some shit is true..but he hasent messed up yet..and i feel so comfortable around him..i can be myself..n just let go...i dont have to act a certain way..or put up a front..i just be myself n thats what he likes..i hope it stays liek this..i really do..maybe it will help that we dont go to the same school anymore..he makes me feel so i can do anything..ok ok..i know that for those of you who actually read this..yall dont wanna hear my mushy gushy stuff..but those of you who know know i dont get this way over anyone..yes i may be like "oh i liek him oh hes cute.." but never have i said that i can be myself n let it feels good. but ill stop well my weekend has been..amazing to say the all i have to say is.. i love yall..and goodnight. <3


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random quiz [02 Jan 2005|02:12pm]
[ mood | exausted ]
[ music | tv in the background ]

x. Sat on your bed: me
x. Saw you cry: Mel

x. Made you cry: who cares.
x. Spent the night with:
x. You shared a drink with: haha Mel.
x. You went to the movies with: Jessica n monica
x. You went to the mall with: my aunt.
x. Yelled at you: my mom
x. Sent you an email: big bro
x. Called you: Adam.... :|

x. Said "I Love You" and meant it? yess.
x. Gotten in a fight with your pet:haha...nuh uh
x. Been to New York: yesss
x. Florida: yes

x. California: yes
x. Hawaii: nope
x. Mexico: yess
x. China: nope
x. Canada: nope
x. France: nope
x. Dreamed something really crazy and then it happened the next day: i dont think so..

x. Wish you were the opposite sex: no

x. Had an imaginary friend: dont think so
x. Things you like in a girl/guy: nice..sense of fake..
x. What book are you reading now: im not reading a book
x. Worst feeling in the world: liking someone n knowing they dont feel the same.

x. What is the first thing you think when you wake up: ill get up in a min..
x. Future daughter's name: havent thought about it

x. Future son's name: same as above
x. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: yes :D
x. What's under your bed: nothing

x. Favorite sport to watch:baseball...and football
x. Siblings:2 brothers and sister- Carlos; WT; and Dana
x. Location: Austin Texas

x. College plans: Med school hopefully at Texas state
x. Piercings/tattoos: ears and bellybutton
x. Boyfriend/Girlfriend: no..
x. Do you do drugs: not really

x. Do you drink: lol yea when an oprotunity presents itself

x. Who is your best friend: Girls-Christina, Kari, Misty, n Kerstin; Guys- Scott; Nik

x. What are you most scared of: Buggss n Cockroaches

x. What clothes do you sleep in: shirt and pajama shorts or pants
x. Where do you want to get married: on a beach
x. Been in Love: yea.

x. What type of car do you drive: nothing.. :(

x. Do you have a job: sure dont.
x. Do you like being around people: depends on who they are.
x. Are you for world peace: sure..
x. Are you a health freak: not really.

x. Have you ever loved someone you had no chance with: no

x. Have you ever cried over something/someone of the opposite sex: yes

x. Do you have a "type" of person you always go after: no but i have a cirtain criteria..
x. Want someone you don't have right now: ehhh...
x. Ever afraid you'll never get married: nope
x. Do you want to get married: sure

x. Do you want kids: yes i want a girl.

x. Room in house: my room.
x. Type(s) of music: pretty much everything.
x. Color: PINK..
x. Perfume or cologne: Curious by britany spears or chanel chance.

x. Month: December n January

x. Stone: Dimonds.. :D.

x. Cried: hmm dont think so
x. Bought something: yes
x. Gotten sick: well i was in Colorado.who doesnt get sick in temps that low...
x. Sang: of course
x. Said "I Love You": yes
x. Wanted to tell someone you loved them:no

x. Met someone new: yea a couple ppl on ski lifts...
x. Moved on: umm..
x. Talked to someone: of course.

First job: hmm babysitting?
First screen name: LookDeeper07<<

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Its begining to look alot like ChRiStMaS [20 Dec 2004|11:41am]
[ mood | thankful ]
[ music | Earl Grant- Silver bells ]

Im so god damn n my brother finally got the Christmas tree up at..11:30 am on December 20. isnt that sad? yes it is. well anyways..we have the tree that my grandmother had n so she has alll these decorations n her tree used to look like one youd see in a magazine..or one that youd see going into a fancy hotel for the holidays..n so i was kinda scared to put decorations on it for the fear of it looking like crap compared to hers...but it turned out ok..n i feel soo much better with the tree up now..n i got a little bit of other decorations up..but i cant seem to find everything that we used to i gotta wait for my mom to get home so she can help us..n then..were going to look at Christmas lights with christmas music on in the car...she promised to do it like 3 days ago..but as we all know it never happend..ugh..i really wanted to go too..oh well..we are gunna go tonight..

well i baby-sat Julius saturday night n sunday morning..god that baby is the cutest ever..sept when hes crying..but man..i never wanna have kids...jk i will someday...but shit; not right now. i really dont see how my sister does it..she also has a 3 year old..[just turned 3 on sat.]..n hes wild n crazy..n she has a husband..which is really a kid he acts like one..loser....jk i love him so much..idk what id do without those 4...when my mom isnt there for me..those 4 are my rock. well anyways...i think its time for Samantha;s shower..byee LoVes..

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This is True. [17 Dec 2004|01:28pm]
[ mood | giggly ]
[ music | the voices in my head. ]

You Know You're From Austin When...

You never bother looking at the Capital Metro schedule because you know the drivers have never seen it.

You've been to more than one baby shower that has two mothers and a sperm donor.

You have a very strong opinion where your coffee beans are grown and can taste the difference between Sumatran and Ethiopian.

You know that anyone wearing pants in November is just visiting from Ohio.

You are thinking of taking an adult class but you can't decide between yoga, aromatherapy, conversational Mandarin or one on building your own web site.

You haven't been to Hippie Hollow since the first month you moved to Austin.

A man walks on The Drag in full leather regalia and crotchless chaps ...You don't notice.

A woman walks on The Drag with live poultry ...You don't notice.

You think any guy with a George Clooney haircut must be visiting from the midwest.

You know that any woman with a George Clooney haircut is not a tourist.

You keep a list of companies to boycott.

Your hairdresser is straight, your plumber is gay, the woman who delivers your mail is straight and your Mary Kay Lady is a guy in drag.

You occasionally see a guy on a unicycle whiz by you in your car and you say to yourself, "Oh yeah, it's that guy again..."

You start to worry when you don't see the cross-dressing, bearded guy in-a-tutu-and- bikini-top-who-has-made-a-statement-with-his-grocery-cart-and-cardboard-box-art/shelter on your way to work in the morning. Scarier yet, you know his name is name is actually Leslie.

You'll make dinner or bar plans around who's got the best margaritas.

You have a tough time deciding on one of Austin's eight 24-hour resaraunts (Katz', Kerbey Lane, Star Seeds, Magnolia Cafe, IHOP, Denny's, the Kettle, or Jim's).

You complain about their prices but still shop at Central Market for the scene.

You don't even think about getting good seats to the Longhorns football games.

You know the exact locations of three towing yards.

Your summer shoes are your Birks and your winter shoes are your Birks w/ socks.

Your entire wardrobe consists of: a black tank top, a GAP white T-shirt, second-hand Levi's, second-hand cut-off Levi's, overalls, Longhorns sweats, anything polyester from the 70's, a bikini, Tevas, Birkenstocks, and running shoes.

You often find yourself wondering why magazine editors insist that swimsuit season starts on Memorial Day when it's really the end of February or at the latest, the beginning of March.

You consider chips, salsa, Kerby Queso, and Shiner Bock beer a well balanced meal.

You find yourself making beaded necklaces to give away as Christmas gifts.

100 degrees for three straight months isn't unreasonable, 110 degrees is. And 90 degrees anywhere
between May and September seems a little chilly.

ou figure skin cancer is inevitable b/c it's so DAMN HOT even your sunscreen won't stay on.

When you go out, you make sure you've grabbed your water bottle before checking to see if you've got your wallet and keys.

You don't mind parking a mile away as long as it's in the shade.

Nobody's aware that Southwestern went out of style.

You ask yourself constantly if that's a cute guy or a butch girl. And you really don't care either way cuz it's fun to wonder.

You'd rather ride your bike than get in a car without air conditioning. At least on your bike, you're guaranteed a breeze regardless of traffic.

You see more Texas flags flying than American flags.

You spend so much time at MoJo's Coffee House, you finally start bringing in your own CD's for the staff to play.

Your professor decides in the middle of the Government lecture that now's as good of a time as ever to tell his class of 500 he's gay. Like you didn't know. Like you even care.

Cubicles are no longer referred to as "work spaces" but "way out funky left brain meditation depositories."

The food at the company holiday party is all vegan, organic, soy free, wheat free, dairy free...

That noontime odor in the breakroom reminds you of your trip to Caracas, but its only somebody's lunch.

You're in a band - several of them, in fact

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from Austin.

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Still Biotches [16 Dec 2004|11:23pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]
[ music | Reba Mackintire- he gets that from me ]

Mid-Terms are OVER!! thank god!! i thought they would never be over. n now its almost time for Christmas!! yay! my fav. holiday!! too bad nobody is here to spend it with seems liek everyone around me has someone to love n to hold..except me..which really kinda sucks.

well im deff getting a car very soon..bc of my mom n dads divorce they gotta get me a car so both of the incomes can pay for long as my dad will help out..he may not bc me n him arent i dunno if hes gunna wana help pay for a car for someone he doesnt talk to anymore..meh..we will see what goes down..

well Tomorrow im finally gunna get to put the freakin christmas tree up...its kinda sad that we dont have it up already...but w/e better kinda late then never i guess right? well NOTHING happend today so ima leave you with a Merry Christmas n i love you guys so much!

byee loVes-

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Biotches [15 Dec 2004|04:14pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | Kelly Clarkson- Breakaway ]

Well today was ok i guess. i had the English n Sociology Mid-Terms today. the only reason i didnt mind going to the English was bc ******* was in there with me. haha n Nestor found out that i liked him..that may have been a mistake. we will see.

Its funny how the most stupids fuckin things ever can make you realize how stupid some ppL are.
but i always knew who my Best friends were n i wont ever forget. i love you girls[*n* guy] so much and i wanna say thanks for always bein there for me no matter what. that means so much. love you guys!

i downloaded my pics on the computer today..heres the link if you wanna chek it out.

not the best day today so im gunna lay in my bed n turn the music up full blast. byee loVes<3

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New [13 Dec 2004|09:07am]
[ mood | determined ]
[ music | Rascal Flatts- it feels like today ]

Im trying out diff. journal sites. so far..i only want this one. well as for my weekend/day...i saw Candace at H-E-B on was so awesome i havent seen her years..but man it was so cool seein her. today we had the 7th period final..i dont think i did as well as i thought i was going to...even tho Kari thinks i knew the whole review..meh..

Ryan came over after school..he tried to call Michael and see where he was..apperantly he was supposed to meet him somewhere and michael didnt show hes so stupid..[a whole lotta no good as Erin would say.]

I went to was so yummy..

Im going to Cancun for Christmas! isnt that kick ass!! yes it is.

I really like this not sure if he knows it..but..i like him. w/e not the fist time i dont get the guy. i seem to atract ass holes/ losers/ obsessive guys..whats up with that?oh well whatcha wanna bet i get him before the end of the eh? lol..

w/e im gunna jet. byee loves!

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