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Saturday, August 9th, 2003
2:12p - First Entry

this would be my first entry...and I dont know what to say...but I have to make a first entry, so I am going to ramble on about something.

Um....Last night. OK, lastnight my dad was acting like Chris. It was sad. He wanted to get something to eat at like 11:00p.m. so he was like "Do you want to go to Dennys?" We always go to Dennys so I reply "No, not really." so he starts yelling "well I dont know what is open at this hour besides Belly Bombers" Blah Fucking Blah...I was like Fine whatever, we can go to Dennys. But no, we just went home. When we got there he was slamming shit down and then he is like "Olivia, let me tell you something, I dont know if it was Hereditary or what, but do you know who you sound like?" Me..."Um, let me take a guess...My mom." him..."Right on the nose, she was always like 'Why do you make me pick the place to eat?' So I suggest somthing 'No, I dont want that'" And while he was yelling about some other shit I go to my room...then I hear him go "And I havent had anything to eat today"...me..."Then go get something". Yes that was my night.

He didnt eat because I didnt want Dennys...poor fucking baby. And he always manages to fit my mom into the fight. He needs to find a hobbie.

But here I am sitting in my room, I havnt seen him since last night, and it is 2:22p.m.

But he is alive, I heard him slamming shit down stairs...I hope that I dont end up like him, I mean people tell me that I am just like him. Just shoot me now.

Anyway, how was that for a first entry? Sorry if it was hard to read...yeah.


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