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Monday, September 29th, 2003

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    no school today
    well, i woke up for school. got ready. called dad, no answer. called back ten minutes later, tina answered and said he went to the store and he'd call me back. never called back. so i figured, well he must of forgot about me and i'm not going to school. he randomly shows up at 7. so i'm like.. oookay.. we drive to school and he's like so when am i picking you up, i said like 11 and hes like well what the fuck is the sense, just stay home. and he starts driving home. haha, so that is how i stayed home. i got to his house and just went to sleep til like 1030. i had a really weird dream.. hahah i told him when i woke up and hes like wow your weird. like i didnt know, dad.. it was about like our class, the juniors, and there was something going on like a picnic or something. but it was being held in front of Griffin? i dont know. and people were just acting retarded and like sliding across the pavement and stuff.. and me and laura were like running around talking to people and she went to sit with a group of people on the stairs. which included mike and some others. haha and i didnt know anyone so i went to this picnic table in the middle of the parking lot thing and read magazines. haha and then everybody just like left, except mike. and he just came over and read magazines with me? *laughs* but he was like reading out loud to himself. and then i just went and sat with him. and then i woke up. it was interesting, no less. then i went and drove my car around the block a few times. the brakes need tightening. you have to like press the pedal to the floor before the brakes kick in. so dad's gonna fix that up for me. we had to go get gas, and this cop like stared us down and then we thought he was turning around cause he turned down the street. but luckily he never came back =) i have to go jacket shopping with gram later? haha, i'm gonna be paranoid in the car with gram driving again. its been quite awhile. i hope she doesnt kill us all, i have a show to go to on the 12th. =D i guess i'm getting my haircut tomorrow. because i didn't go today and mother said today or tomorrow. if she doesnt bring me tomorrow i'm just gonna have to do it myself or something LoL everybodys getting home from school now *points at buddy list* well anyway, i'm done rambling. ciao

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    Current Music: defiance - i hate everything

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