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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

11:02AM - a huge blessing!

A co-worker is moving and she emailed me and asked if I could use a new recliner. What a blessing! Hubby needs a recliner because of his neck and I keep telling him to buy one but he won't spend the money. I was so thrilled to get this one! Imagine his surprise when I get home!

We have been working on being more loving and affectionate to each other. Some times we slip but for the past few days, we are really working at it and it has improved our feelings toward each other. I keep reminding myself that hubby is one of God's children and God wants me to take care of him.

More good news. I have lost about 13 pounds in the last 3 weeks since I began my 1/2 mile of jogging each day. I am going to add 1/4 of a mile to it for next week. Hubby has ice cream every night and other snacks but I keep telling myself that I have to do this for me and for God. I want to be thinner like I was three years ago and I will. Each day gets easier and I keep thanking our Lord for his blessings on this endeavor.

Our air quality [posted online] for the day is poor. This is due to the many fires. It is very smokey and hazzy outside. You cannot see the mountains. We must pray for our fire fighters!

Hubby has his court hearing on March 1 and 2nd of next year. I will be glad this is over but not as glad as he will be.

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