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i'm 'new', well, not really... [08 Jul 2004|02:15pm]
[ mood | creative ]
[ music | classic fm tv *yawn* ]

...alright, procrastinatrix has died. yes, it's sad. so i've created oh_look_pie. she's fun too, i guess. whatever.

alright, i can't stay long, and i'm sorry to anyone who came and found nothing new to read. it's been sorta... alright, really really shitty for awhile and i haven't had any internet access.

let's make a list, shall we?

-got caught stealing a ring, a goddamn measly ring and they told my parents (but not the pigs, thank GOD)
-my mother found out about the cutting and has taken my blades (though alot of them are on the container so i have something to look forward to.)
-my grandfather died.

yep, all in a few weeks. i've been sorta not seeing the point of living for awhile, but i wanna try portland on for size since i feel strangely secure there. i miss pop. i'm in ireland now and i've seen my father cry more times than a girl should in her lifetime. i feel so bad for having to leave him again. he's got nobody once the relations leave. we're gone, pop's gone... god i think i'm gonna cry. and i haven't written anything in FOREVER since i haven't been near a computer in FOREVER and i'm about to explode and i just sorta feel like... going to sleep forever. i know. i'm a freak. i'll shut up now. sorry to anyone who cares enough to check my journal. i meant to update and i worry about those of yo like me.


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