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Come Play At Our New Home [06 Sep 2003|01:25pm]

Come join: OFF CAMERA ON UNLIMITED RPG. Only have a few members so far, and it just started last night by a group of VERY ACTIVE(on daily) and MATURE RPers.

Seb, David, Chuck, Jeff from Simple Plan
Avril Lavigne
Evan T.
The entire American Idol Gang(not kelly clarkson)
Wade Robson
Backstreet Boys(not nick carter)
Lord of the Rings Cast(not liv tyler)
Trace Ayala
Nick Chastain
Jamie Lynn Spears
Ryan Phillippe
Reese Witherspoon
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Cast
The Donna's
Brittany Murphy
Ashton Kutcher
The Smallville Cast

Want to play? Read all the info in my post at: CAMERA MAN: Hope to see you there!
Once again, that's OFF CAMERA found at:
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[06 Sep 2003|12:32pm]

Well! It seems like AIM doesn't like my newer name, A Big DOLT so I've gone back to using Tays A DOLT just so you all know. I don't know why I can't log on with ABigDOLT, it just won't let me on with that name. Yeah....
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We've moved! [05 Sep 2003|11:26pm]

Just a friendly reminder that we've moved over to UnlimitedRPG. We're still waiting for the rest of you to join us. Your role will be placed on hold for one week. After the one week, we cannot guarantee your role will be open for you any longer, so come join us! The server is fast, you can use up to a thousand icons and have up to a thousand friends. What's not to like about that? Remember, this blurty community is no longer going to be in use now that we've moved it to the new server. You can find all the new journals on this list:

Lance Bass
JC Chasez*
Joey Fatone*
Chris Kirkpatrick
Justin Timberlake

Good Charlotte:
Benji Madden
Joel Madden
Billy Martin*
Paul Thomas

Matt Lovato
Tony Lovato*

New Found Glory:
Cyrus Bolooki*
Jordan Pundik

Simple Plan:
Pierre Bouvier
David Desrosiers*

Female artists:
Christina Aguilera*
Brody Armstrong (The Distillers)
Talena Atfield*
Michelle Branch
Jessica Fordera (Jack Off Jill)*
Avril Lavigne*
Mandy Moore
Ginger Reyes (Halo Friendlies)*
Jessica Simpson
Britney Spears
Meg White (The White Stripes)
Gen (Genitorturers)*

Male artists:
Nick Carter
Sully Erna (Godsmack)*
Taylor Hanson*
Zac Hanson*
Gil Ofarim*
Pharrell Williams

Emmanuelle Chriqui
Rachael Leigh Cook*
Eliza Dushku*
Cameron Diaz
Kirsten Dunst
Paris Hilton
Ashton Kutcher*
Natalie Portman
Tara Reid
Kim Smith

Celebrity Friends/family/etc.:
Kelly Baldwin*
Natalie Bryant-Hanson*
Sarah Madden*

Remember, characters with an asterisk by their name are on hold for one week. Storylines will continue and it is up to the writers to change them as they feel necessary. We really hope to see you all there!
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We're Moving [03 Sep 2003|07:54pm]

All Off Camera current members get priority to their role, however we are leaving Blurty and moving to (Thanks Mandy). The maintainer journal can be found at: and the community journal at:

We will cross reference IP addresses to make sure all roles are being accounted for. There will be a one week grace period, and if a character doesn't join the new comm as their role here, its up for grabs by someone else. :(

All story lines will be kept in tact and are up to the writers and writing teams to change them as they feel neccessary.


*Blurty eats comments
*Free Users are only allowed 10 friends and 3 icons. On the new server you are allowed 1000 friends and 1000 icons.
*Its easier to navigate and to set up.
*You get all the perks of a "paid account" like on LJ, but its FREE
*custom styles, mood themes, layouts, free web pages...

Basically, lets make OFF CAMERA on the new server rival Must Be Pop and After Celebrity on Live Journal. Lets PIMP it and make it the BEST on that server.

again, thank you mandy!
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Saying Hello [03 Sep 2003|07:44pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]
[ music | Xtina ; [ beautiful ] ]

Hey everyone. I'm Nat!

Just wanted to say "hello." Hit me up anytime. On my journal or AIM. ITs great to be here


AIM: missportmanxo

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[03 Sep 2003|04:12pm]
I think Mandy is right.... Hoping everyone wants to move to that other server. I just went over there and made a journal incase we all decide to move. I think its a good idea. LOADS of icons, its a faster server, just... I think its a good idea.

When i'm home later, i'll be in im's if people want to talk about it, but i suggest heading over there and making a journal for Off Camera, i mean, don't you all want more than 3-6 icons?
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OOC [03 Sep 2003|07:48pm]

[ mood | bored ]

So, I found a new site called; the thing is, you get 1000 icons, 100 styles and you can add up to a 1000 friends.
This is only a suggestion so keep that in mind, but what if we could move over there? You wouldn't have to worry about having free accounts and only three icons, and only getting to add 10 people to your friendslist.
Yes, everybody would have to create new accounts and go through that but hey.

This was only a suggestion, it's all up to the maintainers what happens to this community.

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[03 Sep 2003|10:40am]

[ mood | sad ]

[OOC: I'm sorry, I have to leave the community. I know I've only been here for a little while but I have to many RPs to keep up with after school starts. :( if i stayed I'd never be around and only update like every 2 months. So I just don't want to have to do that. I'm sorry! -Alyssa aka David-shaped]

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YAY!! [03 Sep 2003|02:04am]


aim: elf x princess

aim: miss portman xo

aim: wooo Im JERE

Friend Page Clean-up:

Just click the button when you're logged in.
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[01 Sep 2003|06:18pm]

[ mood | calm ]

I was never really that great at introductions.

But here I am. Rachael Leigh Cook. Maybe you recognize me from one of my more (somewhat) well known works, She's All That or Josie and the Pussycats?

Add me. Talk to me. IM me on being rachael.

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Boo! [01 Sep 2003|05:54pm]

[ mood | excited ]
[ music | Last Night ; [ Justin Timberlake ] ]

Hey guys! I'm Britney (as if you couldn't tell) ;) I'm so happy to be here and really excited to get to know all of you! Feel free to IM me ANY time on CallMeBrit28. I would love to talk to you. If I'm not there, just leave me a message :)


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[01 Sep 2003|06:04pm]

matt, tony... you know i couldn't stay away.
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[01 Sep 2003|04:50am]


aim: being rachael

aim nickxxcarterxx80

aim: lil sis madden

Friend Page Clean-up:

Just click the button when you're logged in.

xbritboo143x (removed for lack of intrest in the game)

contact Justin on: jusstin timbs or Chris K on tricky chris k

Don't forget:
1.) NEW DISCLAIMER(hosted by a friends site)
2.) INACTIVITY CAN LEAD TO REPLACEMENT. i.e. update regularly, jump on aim.
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New disclaimer address. [01 Sep 2003|03:55am]


Please add that as your website on your user info page as well as in your journal. Codes for the injournal disclaimer are located on the disclaimer site itself. If you need help, ask just_justin or c_kirkpatrick for help.
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+ o o o o o + [31 Aug 2003|04:49pm]

[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | MSI - Faggot ]

hey guys sorry its been so long, this tour schedule shit is driving me off the god damn wall!! well yeah i guess i will update soon!! you people need to talk to me!!!

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AIM CHANGE! [31 Aug 2003|11:42am]


Take PharreyIzFrontin off of your aim list and change it to

Im FrUm N E R D

<---use it and show Pharrey some luv!
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[31 Aug 2003|12:54am]

[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | "get physco"-Disturbed ]

::smiles:: hey everyone. I'm David Desrosiers. You can call me Dave. Hell, call me whatever the fuck you want ::laughs:: Anyways I play Bass and do back volcals for a band called simple plan, prehaps you've heard of us...

IM me anytime at Duh it Davester (yes duh "it" NOT "its" Davester... everyone does that lmao) I'm nice :)


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ROLL CALL [31 Aug 2003|01:12am]

aim: jaycee x chasez

aim: duh its davester

aim: cdiazx

aim: jusstin timbs

suck_me_chasez for being a loser
donnac_is_me inactivity
orli__bloom_ inactivity

*if a person pops up and wants to replace INACTIVE roles, we will do so. Defintion on inactive: isn't active on aim, and/or does not update journal*

Too lazy to add them yourselves?
Friend Page Clean-up:

Just click the button when you're logged in.

IF you have a new screen name, etc.. let us know so we can pimp it for you. Also, just_justin has a CURRENT COMMUNITY AIM BUDDY LIST If you need it or are interested, shoot him a comment or an IM message.
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[30 Aug 2003|05:57pm]

Hey are there any Off_Camera chats? I was just wondering... I'm usually online everyday/night and never know if there's a chat or not. Do the chats happen often or what?
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[30 Aug 2003|05:13am]

[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | BT, "Force of Gravity" ]

I am in a fucking GREAT mood. New icons. New screen name. New everything. Can't complain about a damn thang. Yes. Go look at my lovely new icons(STARTRAK!) and ADD MY NEW SCREEN NAME: JUSSTIN TIMBS

Oh, and I think I got the entire comm's SN's so if anyone wants my BL, just ask. *wink*

And as always, saving the BEST for last....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMMIE DIAZ! There's presents coming. You know how I do this.

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