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Untitled [24 May 2004|12:46pm]
[ mood | bored ]

And will you breathe these fumes? These fumes that radiat from his corrupted soul, these fumes that collect above your head and seep into your thoughts? Will you be strong enough to fight him back- fight him back and win? Will you let him destroy you, or will you stand shining above the corpse of his evil soul?

The flashes of your mind, illumination the dark sky of your aura, his aura smothering your own. Fight his power, don't leave my side. Become strong, become brave, become what you're meant to be become what you wish yourself to be- become mine, my own and let us fly. Trample on his smothering soul, and leave his stench behind you. Come with me.

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Untitled1 [24 May 2004|12:59pm]
[ mood | blah ]

You let me ache, you know. You stab me with your friendship. You stab me with your platonic love. You pierce my very soul with how little you make me feel like I matter. After all this consideration I've put into what I feel for you, I realise I can only keep it to myself. I carry my heart neither in my rib-cage nor on my sleeve, but I've attached it to your chest- leave it trail after you, throwing off the fumes of my feelings. Your love would surely be reminicent of the Elyssian fields, but alas- I am doomed to despair in Hades, never unchained from my feelings.

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