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Sunday, March 16th, 2003

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    a million things i wish i could say
    Well another weekend has passed and another week of education begins. Not alot happened over the weekend. Friday night me and brett went to bumper nets for the ping pong thing. I got 3rd, yippie. Brett lost both his games. Stupid. After that he and me went to DJs for a bit, while i`m there jeff calls me and is like," dude my dad wont let jason spend the night and i told him he could, can he stay at your place". Being the nice person that i am i reply, "jolly-o that would be just peachy", so me, brett, and jason are over at my house playin pool and listening to some justin timberlake (brett`s favorite). At about 2am daniel white IMs me and is like i`m bored, i`m like, me too, he`s like, cool, i`m like, let`s go to waffle house and get a bite to eat, he`s like, sure pick me up, i`m like, be right over. Well i kinda get sidetracked. But finally we all go over to daniel`s at like 2:30 and pick him up and go eat at waffle house, while we`re there we meet some very nice and respectable drunk college students from Troy University with slurred speeches and lisps. We get back to my house and brett, daniel, and jason are all awake and i`m like, i`m goin to bed, mess with me while i`m sleeping and i`m going to pee in your throat. Saturday morning i wake up around 3pm. Jason went skating with jeff and jake. Brett`s mom picked him up, so that left me and daniel. So me and daniel go over to andrew`s house for a few hours. Daniel and andrew had band practice so i left. I dont remember what i did that night, hmm. oh well. Today i slept in because i didnt get to sleep till like 3 last night so i was tired, naturally. Um not much happened today. I mowed the lawn,wow. Well thats it. 2nd weekend i havent gotten to hang out with laura, that sucks. I still feel bad for gettin her in trouble. Sorry angel. At least next weekend we can do stuff. If you want to. Girls are confusing. Especially the really cool ones. AH i have too many thoughts in my head right now i think it is going to explode. BOOM! And everything i wish i could say i cant, why you ask? because i dont want to risk ruining such an awesome thing. Oh and ladies, if you have a b/f, show an interest in them. im out

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