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Josh's Journal

5th October, 2004. 10:19 pm. My thumb is falling off

Nothing particular exciting today, just another day of work, yay fucking rah. This working 60 hours a week is pretty retarded, well except when I see the pay check, that's always good. And plus, it's putting me through collage. I can't believe I move in two months. Hmmm......that shall be intresting to say the least. Carbondale, home of the party animal, which may prove to be a dangerous beast indeed. Best part, Shawnee National Forest, my huge playground. I'll probably wind up skipping classes just to wait, that is what my classes are going to consist of. Fucks yeah. Ok, i'm done for now

Current mood: blank.
Current music: Marylin Manson: The Nobodies.

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