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Saturday, March 24th, 2012

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    Intel Release Ultrabook to Fight against Apple iPad
    Intel haven’t tasted the sweet for it’s not the chip supplier of iPad in Apple feast, which facing with Apple's continued strong momentum, Intel has finally determined to release the Ultrabook to challenge the Apple iPad. “Intel has set up A Fund with $300 million and will carry out a large-scale advertising campaign in April this year.” Intel's worldwide senior vice president of Sales and Market Division, general manager, Tomas M. Kilroy said. “Generally speaking, there is a turning point every decade In PC field, Intel can promote the transformation of the computing experience through the turning point, and we will achieve the change through Ultrabook in 2012.” Moreover, the traditional PC giants HP, Lenovo, Acer, and Asus have joined this challenge.

    As we all know, since the advent of the Apple iPad quickly swept the world, the dwarfs of the traditional PC industry, Apple iPad didn’t adopt Intel chips, so Intel did not have tasted the sweet in the Apple feast. However, Intel has been highly valued the study of Apple iPad, Intel said that they will put “meet the needs of users” to the first, and then follow the trend and direction of this industry, it is clear that the direction of the Internet is more and more personalized in the past more than one years. To the standard of the Ultrabook, Intel said: "It is continue to improve, at first the sizes are required and now manufacturing processes, such as less than 18 mm can be considered Ultrabook. Another example is that the battery life is more than five hours and then move forward on the 12 hours or more, in the second half of this year is the AOAC.

    The first generation of Ultrabook is very thin while maintains the performance, the appearance is a breakthrough. With the introduction of more technology, the application will be richer. For example, Windows 8 is the traditional computer and touch integration, which is an iconic, but Windows 8 is not the only, Android also has a touch.” It is worth noting, Tomas M. Kilroy said that they had set up a $300 million fund for Ultrabook to support the entire ecosystem around the development of Ultrabook." Through this fund we will support smaller, specialized companies, these companies can not be considered the OEM, and ODM are not really. But they focus on the production can be assembled to Ultrabook of this component or components which, we hope accelerate their development work, and accelerate their product launch to the market rate so that we can promote the Ultrabook of the cost of materials which achieve higher efficiency and lower costs.”

    Tomas M. Kilroy alleges that Intel will carry out a large-scale advertising campaign in the media from the beginning of April this year. Apple launched its new generation iPad in San Francisco, Apple CEO Tim Cook at the press conference emphasized: "The PC is no longer the center of the digital world." As the PC industry "actual control" - Intel apparently does not agree this word, which obviously that Intel put prodigious faith in Ultrabook, and seems to the bargaining chip to fight against Apple.

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