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Friday, March 9th, 2012

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    Android Phone is more popular than iPhone in South Europe
    Last year, operators provided subsidies to help iPhone get more than 20% market share in America and England and other countries. However, the situation was not optimistic in South Europe, as the majority of consumers of these countries have not signed the contract, and they had to pay the full price for smartphones. It means that if the operator is no longer providing subsidies, Apple's market position would be affected.

    Carlos Alberto Silva, the speakers of Portuguese operator Optimus, the entering of the low-cost mobile phone help intelligent machines to enhance market penetration and utilization of low-cost mobile phone, which is obviously referring to Android phone. Android phone does not come with service contracts, priced less than $200, compared to the expensive iPhone, and the general public in Europe is affordable. Portuguese wireless operator Vodafone Group sales cheapest 8GB iPhone priced at $680. The Android phone's minimum price is $ 106, Samsung high-end Galaxy S II Price is lower than the cheapest iPhone. In America, the price of any brand of intelligent machines is $200 or $ 300, the difference is not large. The spread in Greece, Portugal or some other country, smartphones, carriers do not subsidize the majority of intelligent machines.

    Greek operator Cosmote of mobile data service, Dimitris Koutsonas said the company's sales last year's best-selling smart machine is Samsung Galaxy Mini, priced at $100, and does not come with service contracts. In the current economic environment, operators prefer to low-end intelligent machines. Google Android phone price diversification led to the use of the operating system, do not need operator subsidies and ancillary services contract to promote the development of the Android market. From a sustainable point of view, the only product of very expensive equipment to access ecosystem in the long run can cause very serious consequences. Analysts said that in the United States, whenever a customer to buy an iPhone, comes with two - year service contract, the operator is necessary to pay Apple about $400. Sprint has acknowledged the iPhone subsidy is 40% higher than the average level of subsidy for other intelligent machine, and its aim so that consumers can easily buy mobile phones. Operators are reconsidering handset subsidies sales model, which pose a risk for all mobile phone manufacturers, not just Apple. Danish wireless operator Telenor ASA CEO, Eric Haug, said consumers are looking for a cheaper call package plan, which is more important than cell phone subsidies.

    In a contract for service and handset subsidies for the mainstream U.S., despite the weak economy and uncertainties over the past four years, priced at more than $300 smartphone shipments accounted for intelligent machines about 90% of the total shipments, IDC said. And in Italian, to prepay for the first time, last year the figure was 67%. In contrast, the economic crisis in the markets of Greece and Portugal, the 2011 intelligent machines priced at more than $300 shipments of total shipments ratio was only about 40%.

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