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    Friday, November 7th, 2003
    3:48 am
    Just For You Jess =)
    Considering the fact you're reading this now....I Love You So Much Darlin'!!!
    *mauh!!!* =)
    Love Always Forever
    3:27 am
    Hey whats going on?...Nothing here. I'm sitting here bored. I'm talking to Jesse again online. About time with the whole computer ordeal. I don't know how her sis could be so fucking stupid to stick a butter knife in the pc tower and claim she was 'cleaning' it. Fucking moronic imbecile.

    Well my little sis is still in the hospital. -Sigh- I wish these god damned Paki's would find out whats wrong with her. Is it me or are doctors these days all Asian and Indian? Fucking sad....

    -Listening to my Youngland mp3 for the 1000th time-

    Oh man...I'm just bleh right now...as if you couldn't tell. Tommorrow night, err tonight, back to work. Wonderful Walmart. I've made up my mind about that shit too. I'm going to put in for a transfer to 1st shift recieving position. I've applied at Cub Foods for work in the Deli/Meat/Seafood, just need to follow up on that now. This overnight bullshit is getting old. I've had 3 days off, and the first day I was fine. The last two have been hell. Fighting with Jesse about the stupidest shit. And its not even an arguement. Its me getting all worked up over the littlest thing like background noise or the cat wanting attention. I've serioulsy lost it working for 'America's Favorite Retail Chain'. Fuck you Mr. Sam Walton. Well thats life. Working like a dog and it no results. You all know why that is. I wont bother going into details. (And its not the politically correct answer all you left wing, liberals would say it is.)

    I'm still feeling like shit. Better than it was. I woke up @ 5:30am yesterday. I left here about 1 and went and got my check. Drove all the ay back to Huntley to deposit it. And then all the way back to Dundee to return a video to Music Recyclery since the damn VHS didnt work. -sigh- Bought myself a pretzel from Auntie Ann and a Strawberry smoothie. Went back to Music Recyclery and bough 'Legends of Wrestling' for GameCube. Over to Waldens to get my porn. LOL. : ) And stopped in Hot Topic...man has that place turned to shit...Went to the gas station and filled up ole Jinny. Headed back down Randall Rd. to Burger King and got a Whopper. -l- (no cheese, extra pickle, ketchup, onion) -l- Went back home and called Jesse up for a bit. Jerked my member for a bit. Played 'Legends Of Wrestling'. Hotstuff Eddie Gilbert, hell yeah. Went to bed at 7, thus having to record wrestling AGAIN. (Are these some of the worst run on sentences you've ever seen or what?) LOL. Woke up at 9. Called my Love, and talked for an hour. Then called Julie back. She's finally home again. Will I see her this weekend? NO. Fucking figures. And then around 10:30 I went to Taco Bell for some dinner. It was iffy. Ok but could've been better. And then I left and decided to get my cancer. Figures eh? Well yeah. Came home. Called Jesse. Talked for about an hour. Played 'Legends Of Wrestling' for a while more. Talked to her some more. Went to sleep around 1:15am and woke up @ 1:40am and here I am now. Whoooo that was long and tiring to remember my day. -slow deep breaths-

    So I'll leave you at that. I shall return to update later on. Tootles for now.

    Current Mood: depressed, tired, & hungry
    Current Music: BATTLEFRONT - Skinhead For Life
    Wednesday, November 5th, 2003
    9:37 am
    -The Joys of Sleep Deprivation-
    Whats going on everyone? Well I don't really know how to start this off. I had a journal here on Blurty previously but it was updated so infrequently (is that a word?) that I decided to jsut make a new one. So yeah, here it is. Anyway...

    So I've been up since about 12 midnight and here it is 9:39 in the morning. This god forsaken schedule of mine is going to be death of me. I work at Walmart and well....it sucks. They ride you about every last thing. About how this isn't that, and how that isn't this. Well I'm about up to here with that shit. School and part time job here I come. ; ) So yesterday morning(11/4/03) I woke up at about 1:30am and called my girlfriend and we talked for about an hour and half. I went and made a Tombstone and added my own spices to it (considering frozen pizza usually tast like shit). I was here online until about 7 and decided to go the hospital since I felt like crap.

    I get to the hospital and sign in, etc. Nurse calls me. She askes whats up? My stomach hurts, sinus's are fucked up, diarrhea. Ok. Then about an hour later the doctor comes in. We go over the questionaire again. He askes if I drink alot of coffee. "No...alot of Coca Cola though....". He askes if I'm diabetic. "No". Then he goes on how he has a patient who drank a case of Pepsi a day and is now a diabetic. So then I was like whoa....considering me drinking anywhere from 5 or 6 cans of Coke to almost a case in a matter of a few hours. He drew some blood. Everything came back ok. I was low on my potassium so I was given a liquid potassium thing-in-a-jigger. Smelled like Fanta Orange soda, but tasted like liquid chalk. Bleh....oh and I was supposed to be only on a liquid diet for the day.

    I got out of there at about 12 noon. I went up stairs to visit my little sis who is in the hospital. Lord knows whats up with her. I just hope she's ok and all turns out well.

    Left the hospital and got lost in the neighborhood around there, and then finally figured out how the hell to get back out to Route 25. (If you live around Elgin, Huntley, Dundee, etc. in Illinois you know how fucked the roads are, esp. right now). I got off 25 and hit Route 72 and took that out to Route 47 and shoot straight down to the bank so I could get some $$$. I now have $6.85 to my name. : ( Headed over to Dairy Mart which is like a old drive in hot dog joint. Had some lunch (now mind you I'm supposed to be on a liquid diet). Went home. Had an attack of the bowels....called Jesse (my blue eyed devil =) and then went to bed. Slept until 10 when she called me. Talked for an hour. Went to sleep for an hour and here we are about 9 hours later....

    So I'm dead tired. Bored. And hungry. With no car. I want to go out. But I can't. =(

    I'll be heading up back to the hospital in a bit, hopefully I can get my dad to come back with MY car and visit my sis. And then head to Crystal Lake for some thrift shopping. Woo hoo!!! But for now I shall leave you at this....

    Until next time kiddies....take speed and worship Satan -l-

    Current Mood: lonely
    Current Music: -none-
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