16th April 2004

5:23pm: The Most Important Historical Event of This Week
What is the Most Important Historical Event of This Week, you ask?
It can only be my first entry ever recorded on Blurty. I only wish I had something extremely memorable to say......
uld I explain why I am starting this journal? I need an online diary where no one knows me. Anonymity is a beautiful thing. As well, I am tired of accidently creating riffs between friends and lovers, it's much too complicated.

I guess I may as well treat this as a real entry as my opening ceremony plans fell through.

My father who shall remain nameless as a very big business entrepeneur, is on me to *meet* a collegue of his, who shall go my the name Paris. (For those of you who haven't figured it out, my favorite play is Romeo and Juliet. And yes, my name really is Juliette)
I cannot stand Paris. His arrogance is almost as overpowering as his cologne, stetson, I believe. How typical. Those two have it in their heads that I could make the ideal trophy wife for Paris and his fortune, probably made using something completely wicked. Today over brunch, Father suggested I accompany him to one of his business meetings, aka lunch on Sunday with Paris. Clever, Dad.
Perhaps, he means well. Perhaps, he just wants me to be happy and not lonely. Perhaps, he loves me and not his business assets. Or, perhaps he needs like he needs a fancy cocktail party for a new client, just something to tie (ty, tye?) everything together. A tool to bind Paris and his deal to him. Very manipulative, daddy is.

All this talk of selling my future is unnerving. I shall escape to my flute and my sorrows.
Fare thee well, good citizens of Verona!
(don't hate me for that)
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