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[01 Oct 2003|07:41pm]
i got a new journal its at greatestjournal.com... ill give yaz the link later when i know it lol... be good luv yaz<3 and i will try my hardest to keep this one updated too

wow [09 Sep 2003|03:14pm]
yeah i know i havent writtin in a LONG time... im sorry ive been busy.. i got a job at walmart im a cashier i havent reallie had time to come online much cuz im workin all the time. i had to get surgery on my nose yesterday to get it straight cuz when i broke it awhile ago i couldnt get it done but than the other nite me and ricky were playin around and he accidently hit me in my nose and broke it.. so they fixed it for me and i have to wear this CRAZY lookin thing on my face and i just wanna itch but i cant cuz its in the friggin way!!... i havent hung out with friends in awhile either :( i miss them sooo much i miss jess touchin my ass!! lol... long story... i missed canada this year with EVERYONE!! grrr at least i got to go once this year tho... i miss meghan!! we hung out last friday but it wasnt for long!! dont worry meg next day off imma come down i miss ya!!!! gary... grrr i miss him he was my first bf but now we're likebest friends and i like it that way we actually talk its not like when we were goin out where we didnt get to joke around... i like it that way... and ricky omg do i love him sooo much he makes me cry but he ALWAYS makes me happy ... i lovebein with him and around him and spendin time with him... i love ya baby!! cuz i know ur readin this rite now lol... mwuahzzzz.... ok well i guess thats it for now and oh yeah damn meghan uve been writin in ur journal ALOT lol.... more than me ... and ive had my blurty longer than u lol.. neways imma go now... love yaz

another quiz [17 Aug 2003|12:16pm]
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quiz [17 Aug 2003|11:56am]
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job at walmart [16 Aug 2003|03:51pm]
hey guys sorry i havent writtin lately... and i know u hate this i always forget lol ooops... but yay i got a job at walmart :) i started on sunday ... im a fulltime cashier woohoo... todays my day off go me lol... yah havent really been up to nething lately ... just workin sounds fun huh? i dont think im so sick of standin all day but i am slowly getting used to it. i need this job so im plannin on keepin it lol... welp imma get goin ill ttyl and i will try and update more often!! i promise :) ... love yaz

ugh i just love him so much [13 Jul 2003|02:30pm]
i feel sooo gross lol..i got my period for the first time since february damn thats a long time lol and i hate it .. im like nooo its too hot out fot this.. hopefully i dont get it for another 6 months lol. me and ricky got into a fight today :( stupid babyshyt thats all it is...justin called this morning and was like ricky u gotta come help move and ricky gave the phone to me and justin was like make sure hes ready in half hour and ricky was like u were supposed to tell him he i didnt wanna go and i was like i didnt phuckin no and hes like well u should know me by now and i was like u didnt tell me to tell him u didnt wanna go.... and i was like y dont u call justin back and tell him u dont want to and he gets all pissy and called him andwas like what time u gettin me and after he was done i was sittin there just tryin to talk to him normally without yellin and shyt but it wouldnt work so i was like whatever just phuckin go ok? and than i go in the bedroom to play with the kittens and he comes in all pissy and all i wanted to do was just to talk to him normally but hewouldnt and i started cryin and hes like ooo look the babys cryin boohoo.. he makes fun of me constantly and im phuckin sick of it!! it pisses me off and puts me down sooo bad. and than he kept tellin me i cant go newhere today while hes gone and if i do hes leavin me im like wtf im goin down my friend meghans house to hang out with her like i said i was gonna do the past few days but i wasnt feelin well... and than the fight moved into the bathroom and hes like u know what im leavin im gonna go move into ambers house and i was like well y dont u go out with her? and he goes out and goes u wanna see what u sayin go back out with amber is like and i just sat there cryin scared he was gonna hit me and hes standin there like im just gonna leave u... so i picked up the toilet paper and whipped it at him and he whipped it back at my 2 times... im just really sick of it!! i really am he needs to get help we both do cuz i dont know how much more i could take!! and it hurts me sooo bad. i love that boy soo much and i care about him so much and it just seems like he dont care about the way i feel or wanna listen to what i have to say i just feel really ignored and it hurts me so bad...and i just dont know how much more i could take... we both need to go for help we really do... and if that doesnt work than i dont know what i'll do... i just love him...

sorry [24 Jun 2003|10:47am]
Damn i've really haven't updated in a long time. sorry guys. Boyfriends bein an asshole right now but u know what im just phuckin ignoring it cuz its all a bunch of bullshyt i wish he'd just go back to sleep or somethin. i havent really been up to anything me and ricky are stayin at my apartment now cuz his dads house got condemed. we had to take dakota to the spca cuz no one would take care of him for us til we found a place that could have dogs so we took him there and i called yesterday for the first time in a week and a half to check up on him and they said they put hm to sleep cuz he got agressive in the kennel. yeah ok never was that dog ever agressive only when he had a new bone and all he did was growl. but oh well what can u do the spca is grrr i dunno i hate them. ok neway thats it for now ill write more later and ill start updating this more often!! lol love yaz

convo i had with mom the other day hahah [08 May 2003|01:10am]
OzSleEpYhEaDzO [10:29 PM]: k back
goldielocks109 [10:29 PM]: ko
goldielocks109 [10:31 PM]: what r u doing, where r u going
OzSleEpYhEaDzO [10:32 PM]: chatting nd soon to go watch the good cinderella u?
OzSleEpYhEaDzO [10:33 PM]: what r u doing, where r u going?
goldielocks109 [10:33 PM]: the good one
goldielocks109 [10:33 PM]: for smokes
OzSleEpYhEaDzO [10:34 PM]: yes mom the good one
goldielocks109 [10:34 PM]: ok u can watch it
OzSleEpYhEaDzO [10:34 PM]: ok well that sums up where r u going.. now what ru doing
goldielocks109 [10:34 PM]: GOING FOR SMOKES
OzSleEpYhEaDzO [10:34 PM]: lol oooo ok
OzSleEpYhEaDzO [10:35 PM]: no i thought that was where r u going lol
OzSleEpYhEaDzO [10:35 PM]: WHAT R U DOInG?
goldielocks109 [10:35 PM]: WOULDN'T YOU LIKE TO KNOW
goldielocks109 [10:35 PM]: :-D
OzSleEpYhEaDzO [10:35 PM]: lol uhhh ur watchin the bad cinderella rnt u?
goldielocks109 [10:35 PM]: DEBBIE DOES DALLAS
goldielocks109 [10:36 PM]: :'(
OzSleEpYhEaDzO [10:36 PM]: whas wrong?
goldielocks109 [10:37 PM]: NUTTIN
OzSleEpYhEaDzO [10:37 PM]: o ok
goldielocks109 [10:37 PM]: :-D
goldielocks109 [10:37 PM]: SEE I'M HAPPY
OzSleEpYhEaDzO [10:38 PM]: whatd u get laid? lol jk
OzSleEpYhEaDzO [10:38 PM]: ooops
goldielocks109 [10:38 PM]: NO I DON'T DO THAT
goldielocks109 [10:39 PM]: MY DAUGHTER IS A PIGGO
OzSleEpYhEaDzO [10:39 PM]: lol
goldielocks109 [10:39 PM]: YOU BETTER NOT BE
goldielocks109 [10:39 PM]: GETTING LAID
OzSleEpYhEaDzO [10:39 PM]: im not
goldielocks109 [10:40 PM]: YOU NEVER DO RIGHT?
OzSleEpYhEaDzO [10:40 PM]: uhhhhhhhhhhhh ... rite?
goldielocks109 [10:40 PM]: YOU BETTER NOT BE!!!!!!!!!!
OzSleEpYhEaDzO [10:42 PM]: im not i swear
OzSleEpYhEaDzO [10:42 PM]: :-\
goldielocks109 [10:42 PM]: YEA OK
OzSleEpYhEaDzO [10:42 PM]: lol
goldielocks109 [10:42 PM]: 8-)
OzSleEpYhEaDzO [10:42 PM]: can u see my rainbow smilies?
OzSleEpYhEaDzO [10:42 PM]: :-X
goldielocks109 [10:42 PM]: YEP
OzSleEpYhEaDzO [10:42 PM]: theyre hott rnt they?
goldielocks109 [10:42 PM]: WHERE DID U GET THOSE
OzSleEpYhEaDzO [10:43 PM]: on aol 8.0 :)
OzSleEpYhEaDzO [10:43 PM]: im special
goldielocks109 [10:43 PM]: COOL
goldielocks109 [10:43 PM]: I'M GOING TO GO GET SMOKES
OzSleEpYhEaDzO [10:44 PM]: ok have fun
OzSleEpYhEaDzO [10:44 PM]: im goin to watch the bad cinderella i mean the good one
goldielocks109 [10:44 PM]: HAVE FUN GETTING SMOKES
goldielocks109 [10:44 PM]: i LOVE YOU
OzSleEpYhEaDzO [10:44 PM]: i love u 2
OzSleEpYhEaDzO [10:45 PM]: call ur cell nd tell u what i think bout what?
goldielocks109 [10:45 PM]: MY MESSAGE THING
goldielocks109 [10:45 PM]: I'M GOING GONE
OzSleEpYhEaDzO [10:45 PM]: ooo ok i will

omg im embarrased nice lil kmart experience lol [01 May 2003|06:04pm]
omg imma kill ricky lol.. ok so went into kmart nd first we filled out applications nd im standin there like omg i gotta pee but i figured o i dont gotta go that bad so went to the back to get ricky his boxers cuz he needed new ones lol nd he ripped a pair outta the package nd was throwin it nd twirlin it around his head cuz u kno hes gay lol jk nd we were walkin through the isles nd he was makin me laugh nd throwin the boxers all over me nd puttin them on my head nd i was tryin to hold back from peein my pants nd than when we got into the isle with the bedding stuff he was reallie makin me laugh nd i kept tellin him to stop cuz i started peein lol nd he was throwin nd hittin me with pillows nd it just burst outta me i phuckin peed my pants rite in the middle of phuckin walmart! i was sittin there cryin nd laughin at the same time there was a big puddle rite in the middle of the isle i tried holdin it back but every time i uncrossed my legs it just came out lol nd it wouldnt stop lol nd i was like ricky come on take me out to the car nd lets go nd come back in nd get what u need nd he wouldnt he took me to the front nd left me there lol... so than when he was done i was like ricky come on walk behind me nd he wouldnt i was so pissed off i was wet in the back nd the front all down muh legs i stood out on the wall til his dad turned around with the car nd when i got in they were both makin fun of me i was like wtf u told ur dad?! lol nd hes like hahah yah i dont think neone noticed they prollie just thought ur water broke nd they made fun of me all the way home i dont think im every gonna go into kmart again lol nd if i get that job imma be like hell no!!! nd oh yah i got new skechers today yay go me lol okies welp thats it for now ill update laterz mwuahzzz love yaz

[30 Apr 2003|04:12pm]
[ mood | tired ]

hey guys sorry i havent been updating or commenting just havent reallie had time ... been busy goin around lookin for a job and all that but yah hmmm nothin reallie fun goin on rite now BORING lol... ok welp thats it for now imma go read some journals nd start comenting haha okies byes


layout [28 Apr 2003|10:20pm]
hey just wonderin if anyone could make me a new layout im just reallie not feelin this one thanx

hahah 2 funni a$$ convos [27 Apr 2003|10:58pm]
this one is talkin to me bout muh otown icon lol
ExTaCy 981 [10:55 PM]: like o my god im o town
ExTaCy 981 [10:55 PM]: im so gay
ExTaCy 981 [10:55 PM]: that wrong
ExTaCy 981 [10:55 PM]: lol
ExTaCy 981 [10:55 PM]: boy bands dont work mami
OzSleEpYhEaDzO [10:55 PM]: lol
ExTaCy 981 [10:56 PM]: brb
OzSleEpYhEaDzO [10:56 PM]: ok
OzSleEpYhEaDzO [10:57 PM]: boy bands rock muh socks
ExTaCy 981 [10:57 PM]: u c they rock ur socks while i suck ur pussy and tits
OzSleEpYhEaDzO [10:58 PM]: noooo
ExTaCy 981 [10:58 PM]: lol

this kid is deathly afraid of dogs lo
D1sB0iPlydJa [10:51 PM]: why they always chase me then?
OzSleEpYhEaDzO [10:51 PM]: i dunno
D1sB0iPlydJa [10:51 PM]: see
D1sB0iPlydJa [10:52 PM]: my ass runs
D1sB0iPlydJa [10:52 PM]: lol
D1sB0iPlydJa [10:52 PM]: and they
D1sB0iPlydJa [10:52 PM]: chase me
D1sB0iPlydJa [10:52 PM]: i have to fucken hop a fence
D1sB0iPlydJa [10:52 PM]: so they wont get me
OzSleEpYhEaDzO [10:52 PM]: maybe they jus wanna be pet?
D1sB0iPlydJa [10:52 PM]: hell no
D1sB0iPlydJa [10:52 PM]: lol
D1sB0iPlydJa [10:53 PM]: i aint touchin a dog
D1sB0iPlydJa [10:53 PM]: fuck that
D1sB0iPlydJa [10:53 PM]: they gonna bite
D1sB0iPlydJa [10:53 PM]: my hand
D1sB0iPlydJa [10:53 PM]: off
OzSleEpYhEaDzO [10:53 PM]: lmao nah they wont
D1sB0iPlydJa [10:53 PM]: yea they will
D1sB0iPlydJa [10:53 PM]: im gonna go
D1sB0iPlydJa [10:53 PM]: bye

fun fun fun [26 Apr 2003|06:35pm]
o last nite was so much fun hahah welp lyneese and tonya came over at about 830 or 9 nd we sat in rickys dads roomfor a bit watchin tv nd playin with the dog til ricky was done cleanin the room. after that we went into the other bedroom and played guitar for a bit than we had rickys aunt go to the store nd get us each of a 40 of hurricane hahaha omg it was so much fun... well first tonya was playin with this sword nd playin around with cory rickys brother nd she accidently cut him lol nd than i was goin to get up on the bed nd i accidently spilled like half her beer on the floor lol sorry!! nd than if rickys cap wasnt on his i woulda spilled his too!! lmao ... nd than cory was tryin to kill tonya cuz she kept touchin his legs lol so we went downstairs nd gave the dog beer hahahahaha but he didnt like it! lol nd than i started chuggin my beer cause we had to leave nd i actually finished a whole 40 by muself so we left nd walked lyneese nd tonya half way home nd i could barely walk nd after they left the drunkeness started hittin me lol good times good times lol when we got to the house i p!ssed my pants hahah but i made it to the bathroom just in time lol o thank god!! lol... nd than i went on the computer tryin to talk to ppl nd i couldnt type lol it was funni so me nd ricky layed down nd we tryin doin it nd than some1 knocked on the door so ricky said brb nd when he got up the steps to the bedroom again i was sleepin!! lol it was so funni hahahaa neway rite now im at my cousins house at g-diddy's(grandfather) bday party nd my bestest friend jessica is here hahaha love ya chica!!! welp thats it for now ill talk to ya laterz mwuahzzz byezzzzz

[26 Apr 2003|12:13am]
ey im wtitin this nd im alld runkl lol rite lyneese nd tonya? lol im all phuckef up lol cant ya tell?
k thas it i cant see the screen hardklyh hahah ill write morre tomorrow

[25 Apr 2003|12:44pm]
hey guys wassup? ugh i hate muh drunk father last nite he called nd threatened to kill ricky nd im jus so sick of it nd than dads like if ricky wants to be with u hes gotta learn to respect me nd dads gf is just ugh i dunno phuckin WHORE!! lol... my dads sittin there tellin me that he threatened to kill muh real dad if he showed up at the custody hearing to adopt me my moms muh real mom but muh dads muh adopted dad he adopted me when him nd muh mom got married but neway muh adopted dad threatened to kill muh real dad nd i guess thats the reason y he didnt show up at the courtroom that morning i dont kno exactly what happened thol.. but muh dad was cryin to me sayin he loved me more than muh brothers which r his own kids nd that i was the reason y he married my mother nd he started cryin nd than handed the phone back to cathy nd shes like i care bout u is all nd asked me if i love ricky nd i was like yah nd shes like well i guess i gotta get ur father to see that nd understand that... nd i was just sittin there like uhhhhhhhhhh ok... my parents r so phucked up nd they wonder y i dont move back theyre all so immature i dont wanna get in the middle of theyre phucked up immature lives i like bein outta the house on muh own its so peaceful okies welp thats it for now ill write more later mwuahzzz love yaz

[23 Apr 2003|11:50pm]
hey guys whas up? welli did nothin again today went up the library nd got main in manhatten that was a reallie good movie i liked it alot after that i did NOTHING again lolok welp thats it for now sorry if i bored u with muh boring life lol mwuahzz love yaz

[22 Apr 2003|11:31am]
hey guys sorry i havent updated in a while lol ive been busy... lets see what did i do all weekend ill start with sunday since i wrote on saturday sunday we woke up at 1030 nd than at bout 3 we went next door to rickys aunts house to eat omg finally real food lol monday justin took me over to the hospital so i could get my bloodwork phuckin ouch u shoulda seen me movewhen they stuck the needle in me lol and than we went up his house to put his couch in the basement so it didnt get wet sittin outside lol and than we went mcdonalds nd holi shyt could ricky eat lol... nd than we went to best buy and we got a dvd ricky wanted nd blank cds so we could use the cd burner ... i went into the shoe department nd saw a nice pair of skethers that i want they r soooo nice i love them lol... and than we came home nd i wanted to go to get muh nails done nd we went to ny nails nd damn they phuckin did a shyt ass job they hurt me so bad nd made me bleed i like the place up by my grams cuz the ladie does it in her house nd they dont hurt lol and than we came back home nd did nothin but sit around nd go on the computer nd watch movies the rest of the nite til we fell asleep nd lynese hahaha u kno wha we're gettin o hell yah lol okies welp thas it for now ill write more laterz mwuahzzz xoxoxox

[19 Apr 2003|11:51am]
ugh i reallie hate ppl reallie bad lol rickys mom is yellin at me cuz she thinks im doin somethin bad to get my money nd doesnt think my aunt has been givin it to me when she has i get money each week nd it all goes rite into the bank nd i jus dont kno lol... im goin over mommies to babysit tonite... she met guy last nite so shes meetin up with him again tonite i think she seems happier nd im happy she finally met some1 nd is finally getting over dad grrrr mom just told me that she told dad she met some1 last nite nd he told her that she prollie did it with him cuz shes a whore wtf i phuckin reallie hate ppl nemore i cant stand my father for the way he treats me nd my brothers nd especially my mother she dont need that none of us do i cant wait til its finally over between them ok well thats it for now ill talk to u guyz laterz mwuahzzzzzzzz love yaz

[18 Apr 2003|04:51pm]
hey guyz wassup? nmh... hahaha i got drunk las nite it was pretty fun kristen's baby is soooo cute i was like awwww.... we watched movies last nite nd than went to bed pretty much it lol we woke up at like 11 today and than watchd gone in 60 seconds and ehhh what else than we went home at bout 130 and now im about to go over to the grotto with mom eric justn and chelse and than goin to babysit ooooooooooo yay!! hahah welp thats it for now ttyl byezzz love yaz mwuahzzz!!

[17 Apr 2003|07:37pm]
heyyyyyyyy guyz wassup? nmh... ugh i gotta go for bloodwork tomorrow morning one for my insulin and the other one for a pregnancy test to see if im prego or not.. i seriously think i am but i dont kno... i havent had a period since january and when i took a test in feb it came back negative and than i took another one the end of april and it came back negative but i dont know it could also be because of the cysts they found on my cervix... but if i am pregnant id be happy and so will ricky if i am im most likely onlie about 3 months pregnant but ill keep u updated when i find out i should know by next week welp imma go now ill talk to u laterz im goin drinkin at muh cousins house lol... mwuahzzzz love yaz

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