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    Tuesday, December 29th, 2009
    12:08 pm
    Meet you the most beautifully
    Our courtyard plant a lot of I famous or call the obscure flowers plants and trees, some long-term ones of theirs are green or does not divide blooming of season. Some are very short in florescence, some can last some time. In the past, I seldom went to pay attention to them. It is known that they have been in that all the time, within the range of my sight, wait for my favor at any time.

    Once in a while, I will make a pet of them in the name of liking seemingly too on a sudden impulse. Make a pet of while being what is called, it is expression in one's eyes that sweep I catch a glimpse of the graceful bearing that they burst forth in being smooth at most, stop and view and admire it for a moment slightly. Always, I have not given them real love. Water and apply fertilizer, loosen the soil except the worm, prunes branches and has not worked personally in anything. Think about it, how false with the selfishness I am. The beauty that only hates to leave them after bursting forth, say in the mouth that loves them, when to see me put into practice? Even if it is little and very little to water water once.

    Flowers plants and trees too many, courtyard seem some in disorder to have chapter. Even have on the balcony. He can not see the eyes naturally, has no time to hit paying attention to too. All that mother-in-laws water some water in symbolic morning and evening at ordinary times. After the father-in-law passes away, those flowers of the family are too obvious to open delicate and charming wantonlily in the past; Leaves of that dense sweet-scented osmanthus tree are sparse and much too, the fragrance of flowers is thin day by day; The bodhi tree is no longer the fruit growing in close clusters.

    He say should put flowers and plants those of courtyard in order, more and more and messy very much. Mother-in-law Wen Yan, has thrown away a lot of varieties that she does not like in a fury. Such as that my favorite cactus of the balcony, have raised and already to plant had half a person who has been high for many years. Several basin daisy is what I like too. Each time when flowers are open one after another, I will cut the next small daisy inserted in the vase. The father-in-law know I like, see flowers hold and put while watering flowers, will pick to me. That pine and cypress by fish's pool, that red camellia under the enclosure I like, have been thrown by the mother-in-law.
    Right, my miss to father-in-law has not subdued the half point.

    Flowers plants and trees of courtyard I go, notice seldom at ordinary times, do not know naturally when they leave me.
    Remember once in a while. Seek. Disappear. The heart is wounded and sorry secretly unavoidably. Presumably, I am not really the people easy to spend, only a kind of false and superficial one likes. Excuse me, I am not originally your master, also have no right to decide your growing and dying to stay.

    Regret what's the use of?
    Have, will ignore, lose, recollect.
    People always repeat the same mistake so.

    Then day, after the rain.
    See the next yellow flower of the wall open out extremely beautiful, the pineapple that the form is like peeling, yellow gaudy and gaudy petal smokes and sends out several slices of petals like the white feather, looks far into the distance, it is very lovely as the fruit to be like flowers. The samsara in four seasons, the flower blooms and withers all sometimes. Since unable to control the natural law, can't also decide your going or staying. Then, let me leave for you and once hold the graceful bearing put, the beauty of catching this season was frozen in my heart.
    Flowers, you should not be repentant.
    I met you when you are the most beautiful at least
    12:00 pm
    Beauty insisted on
    Winter rain, Xi patter underground. In this world, much fog, a boundless and indistinct slice.
    Such a day, stroll in the rain, very beautiful; Comb the mood at home and pour out one's heart silently, also beautiful.

    In the morning, I work overtime in the unit. The work of working overtime is tense and busy, I put into it, have forgotten weariness over these days, have forget time, has forgotten oneself too.
    After lunch, last two o'clock, come back, enter less than five minute such as door, immediately I layers of layers of parcel tired out sense.
    The multi-lingual again, I creep into the quilt, wantonly, sleep greatly heartily. I remember all the time: The man eats out, the woman sleeps out. The sleep and nourishing food as woman of love, love, are uncertain everybody has happily, sleep, so long as oneself willing, can with have comfortably mostly.
    Recently, I arrange time fully, the time for sleep cut down some virtually.
    Busy and has substantiated for a moment, these days, I tasted unexpectedly " hard " Flavour,it is the eighth last night, it have some relaxed sense people. The sixth sense is very strong: I have overdrawed one's own energy! I need having a rest badly!
    For the first time, I less than fall asleep right away in o'clock in nine last night! Sleep very heavily and very heavily, even dream of and become too far away to be readily accessible and far dimly discernible. I woke up this morning, caught the traces of less than a silk dreams unexpectedly. As to dreamland, people have not chewed, have not aftertasted.
    Having slept for two hours in the afternoon, I wake up lazily and lazily.
    It is overcast and rainy, at near dusk, the indoor circumstances are gloomy. I believe, world is the same as me, is the misted eyes too.
    I have not blamed oneself, use the time of so bright a afternoon on sleep. Leave some time to supplement the sleep, it should be my insistance.
    Looking at the person in the mirror, complexion is suffused with the blush, I have unfolded and held the smile.
    If endure bitterly, shape and virgin, one is virgin, really a bit wretched and intimate!

    Sit up straight by the computer, tea of a cup of chrysanthemum Matrimony vine on steeping for oneself, has seen the prose of several Joe leaf, I roll off the production line.
    May disappear tired look, some eyes can meet the light that the computer sends out. The nutriment of eyes is a bit more gentle after all that the books give, I yearn for the feeling of holding the books.
    Leaf through the prose collection of Zhang XiaoXian that buys newly, not a long time, I close the book. Zhang Xiao's refined characters are always so brief, suitable for reading, seem to make people a bit fewer and aftertaste again. Right, her thought, her view, can always glisten in the minds of people, or bright, or dim.
    Woman whom I like reading. The woman who loves the book, the thin fragrance of books distributed on one's body, make people fascinated. Among the behavior, they always many and a bit calm, plenty of and graceful than ordinary person.
    I am willing too naturally that become a woman liking to read oneself. In the book, there are fragrant flowers, there is green and clean Lin Mu, there are spacious champaigns, there is boundless intelligence, there are deep thoughts, these, draw people from a realm, move towards another realm. Finally, people's ambition becomes broad too, just the sea and sky are boundless in the world.
    The happiness is good too, sad, that is an interlude in life, the interspersing of life.
    Have a calm heart, seeing or quiet and beautiful world clamouring and making a noise, in one's own heart, it is very quiet to keep, stand fast at one's own insistance, why not do it!

    Some things can't be too persistent, too persistent, perplexed that people will fall into the boundless one. Some principles, destined be unable to give up, insist on, people will have fewer the sighing with regret of regrets.
    Even good friend, I will not know strongly he tells the past event again. Would like to turn one's head magnificently, I am thereupon once of brilliance too, unwilling to recall the suffering, I needn't accompany people to cry either.
    Sometimes, feel one's own heart fortress getting full, I have space load with again others' personal secrets. Associating, I would like to leave the space for both sides all the time. At leisure, I know consciously or unconsciously, clear up space of one's own soul, let it be spacious and bright and clean.
    Used to network life, but I have not lost oneself in the network.
    Unless anything crops up, escape,actively in the face of,it is the unalterable adhere to by principle of me, I there is the wide the worlds unselfish bottom of heart.

    The such one is overcast and rainy, my heart, cool, beautiful.
    Non- harsh oneself, treat oneself kindly and insist on one's own insistance, so beautiful. It is a rainy day to be vertical, we can leave a silk of oneself bright and beautifully too.
    11:57 am
    Find pleasure in it
    Chinese have a pet phrase, in order to encourage sons and younger brothers to study, do not hesitate with their unfufilled somniloquy, as the maxim, say: "The own gold room in the book, the own face is like the jade in the book. " No doubt " gold room " It is not everybody that may have it, but " the face is like the jade " It is just the bookworm's wishful thinking, but these two sentences really make the scholar through the ages have a good prospects at least; Though I have listened to and spoilt touching the pillow to pass of the adult promptly since the childhood, have not believed. Can act as an official to study in old era, it is a stepping-stone to success that the high hair explains the chapter, once acted as an official, the house, gold, wife concubines, slave girls slaves are just thereupon in one's hands naturally. You disappear " The Scholars " Fan stock, pass the imperial examinations at the provincial level, look after specially by this kind, have verified this so-called maxim. Study, can may not get face such as jade, I'm afraid, see gifted scholar and beautiful woman in the unofficial histories only, probably rare in reality, otherwise act as an official, people will be have no " the wife is not so good as concubines, the concubine is not so good as the slave girl ", the slave girl might as well steal " It sighs, it is obvious " the face is like the jade " It is difficult to ask, I think it is kind that is assumed as a matter of course.

    I study, it has not already been " gold room " ,Not either " Yan RuYu " ,But " happy in the book " . Even if originally geographical book, can also read fun from it. One " Xu Xiake travel notes " this, can make people travel round famous mountains and great rivers, deep and remote rock out-of-the-wayly, and these is not no the traveller tired out, but the mountains and rivers seen in the traveller. How much daydream in childhood Si Maqian's " chivalrous person's biography " once agitated me, Han Yu to draw I as one of sympathy tears that hold with both hands, and Liu Zongyuan " whether cobalt ãa pool the west little Qiu write " make people lie, visit 3 Hunan famous scenic spot again. " gold room " With " face such as jade " How could compare! But these advantages, probably only by loving book people can it get, if is the rash person of flighty and impatient air, it is forever " It is fragrant not to smell it " ,and person when it is indifferent to fame or gain in natural disposition, it feel just like fish in water, circle in the air sky is the getting content with one's more lot very bird.

    On old wife day alive, we sit opposite and read early in the morning every day, meet the good sentence of good article, beat time each other, it is cheerful, only if the this world middleman of the careless careless camp can compare. After the old wife passes away, I keep the old rule closely, get up promptly every dawn in the morning, pick up conveniently - the volume, no matter at all times and in all lands, utilize time. Though feel solitary sometimes - The body, feel dreary fully, but study and read taste, make a slice of silk in great numbers at the moment, word word grow, spend, make boundless and indistinct and lonely, fill the air by various business, orphan chilly to have to keep a good distance from.

    I have a well also bad habit to study. That is to enter into the role when careless. Personages like, I like, personages are grieved, I am grieved too. Laugh at the top of one's voice sometimes, can't help to wail sometimes. When being young, it is silly that the aunt often likes scolding me. This one so far " Silly" Word leave I either, though I reach year in octogenarian such as octogenarian already, I it studies to be but silly for shame with love, feel these " Silly" The word, make me become the scholar, is exactly my noble place. The scholar often lives in the fog in the cloud, if is above the material attractions of the world, but it is cheerful, benefit from all the life. If you revitalize, there is no harm in trying it, start to know I am non- absurd.
    11:54 am