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summer is closing [15 Aug 2005|10:26pm]
[ mood | weird ]
[ music | the lost prophets-sway ]

So, summer is over in like a week for me, but thats ok. I'm really looking forward to going to MPTC. I dont have to ever go back to high school(except for my yearbook, which i heard sucks this year). I start my student success class on the 22nd and my chem class on the 23rd and 25th. I'm actually gonna try to get a high gpa. I dont want to be throwing my money away, by putting no effort into school. It is really important that I get a well paying job in the healthcare field. I cant believe how much the fucking books cost, and the classes. Its ridiculous...I've already started planning my schedule for next semester, cuz i wanna take more classes i think....who knows. I have time.
I also hope that I'll meet some cool people in my classes.. Anyways, work has been sucking lately cuz I cant stand to be around dumb, ignorant,repulsive people anymore or their bratty kids. I love yelling at them when they start to piss me off, or glaring at them. I think wal-mart has made me a more angry person,lol. Its gonna seem so empty with alot of the cashiers either quitting for better jobs or going to college. In the next few months I have lots of days that I've asked of for :) things like going to The Rave for concerts, going to see Mike, halloween, and dog shows!
I miss Mike! I cant believe that he left. I figure I will try to go visit him atleast once a month at the least. I helped him move in this past weeked at Purdue, with his family. Saturday was hot as hell, it felt like 100. Both of us almost died, when our car lost all power and we were on the freeway near Racine! It was really scary, but we were able to get to the side of the road and get everything working again.I hope he likes being there, it really is a pretty campus and everyone seemed really nice(and lots of hot guys). If it wasnt for living with my mom, I would want to get away from home and just be someplace different too(maybe not Indiana).
Sunday night was interesting cuz i got to drive home from the top of Indiana all the way around chicago and back home. I got home around 1ish and worked at 8:15 this morning, and I'm so happy i dont have to work tomorrow, I have so much shit to get taken care of before school starts. Another thing thats really pissing me off is that 2 months ago I got my belly button pierced and my body is rejecting it. I dont wanna take it out cuz I've wanted it for so long, so idk what to do. I also want my eyebrow pierced but im afraid the same thing is gonna happen to it...Also I'm still waiting on my digital camera that im supposed to be getting, so I can take awesome pics and put them on my myspace..so........See I updated this Ashlee. I hope ur happy now. I dont really feel like going into anymore detail about anything. Ask if you wanna know.. I'll try to update this sooner than the last time

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.... [30 Jun 2005|06:23pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | chevelle-The red ]

So, I havent updated this in a while. How sad. Lets see. About a week ago I started working 40hrs cuz I really need the money. Work is work, but it gets so boring working 9 hrs shifts standing there when there arent any cool people to talk to. It was awesome, cuz last week I hung out with one of my old friends from walmart(Jen) who i havent talked to since like last september. I dont know what happened, but we kinda just stopped talking. It was fun to hang out with her and the gang again tho. I also hung out with some other people and went shopping... Mike came back yesterday from Europe:) Today we went to have breakfast at sandy's cafe in barton which was pretty good. Then we went out to the beach at lake michigan kinda near belgium and we just walked through the water cuz it was so hot out. Then we got bored and decided to go out to the light house in port and alot of people were out there. We just layed on the cement and tried to get a tan. Obviously I didnt because I just stay pale(oh well) I love summer, Sunday is gonna be really fun cuz after work Mike, his family, and me are going to kewaskum to see fire works! Atleast this year I dont have to work til 10 and miss them. I'm going to moraine park for nuclear medicine, btw so thats something to look forward too. I'm not sure if i'm gonna go to summerfest at all.....I've got lots of other plans this summer, so it really doesnt matter. well thats all for now...adios

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umm this past week [05 Jun 2005|09:30pm]
[ mood | horny ]
[ music | the used-blue and yellow ]

so....Monday was my 18th B-day!!! that’s so exciting isn’t it! I haven’t done anything exciting yet, but i will....damn i haven’t bought any cigarettes yet....so yeah, Monday my mom and i went to port to the beach, the water was so pretty and i just wanted to lay on the beach all day. Unfortunately i had to work at 4:30 so i couldn’t stay that long, but i saw shanna there too, so i talked to her for a lil bit. My dad forgot about my birthday, no big deal...Tuesday i had school which really sucked there cuz i hate everyone..... After school was fun cuz my mom, mike, and me went to the port hotel for dinner. I had to dress up and i almost fell on my face a couple times with my heels...after that we went to the bluff and mike wanted to climb down it, and then we went and walked around downtown. And then my brothers house 2, at least he didn’t forget my birthday. oh, and i get to go to Karen’s grad party in july...then we went and dropped mike's car off to get fixed and went back to my house... Thursday was exciting cuz i knew it was the last full day of school and i practically slept in all my classes. I worked 4-8 and then i came back at like 10 cuz mike and i went shopping for six flags, haha and after we went to the self serve car wash and yeah. Friday was like one of the best days i had in a long time. i met mike at his dad's house at 9am...it only took like 1hr and 15 to get down there.btw never go through a crappy city called sturnavent. it was so trashy looking. The day started off kinda cold, but it eventually got nice and the sun came out. I was so scared to be going on rollercoasters, but surprisingly i had alot of fun. We went on viper, raging bull(hr wait), vertical velocity, and some water ride were we got drenched! We were so cold, so we decided to leave and ended up driving around the parking lot for like 10 minutes trying to find somewhere to change our clothes-pretty exciting. it was just that stripping in front of mexicans that were staring wasn’t a turn on,lol. soooo we then went to circuit city and got to use tablet pcs< they were alot of fun to write on and play with. mike's getting one, and if i had money, i think it would be cool to have one for school too. meanwhile, we were like hey, lets go to down town Chicago and go to the Rainforest cafe. We had like no idea where to go, so we just guessed on the exits and some nice lady in downtown gave us directions to the cafe. It was really awesome being there, everything is so alive and exciting. I hate the one way streets down there, and all the drivers are really shitty. people feel that they have the right to do whatever the hell they want when driving, yeah mike drove the whole time, im like not a defensive enuf driver with all the taxis that try to cut you off n stuff. Anyways by the time we got to the rainforest cafe, it was like 10. it was awesome, they have like giant aquariums by all the tables, and the walls and ceiling are like a jungle. oh, and there are alot of waterfalls 2, and there's thunder. the food was pretty good even tho it was expensive, so after we left and walked around and took pictures, it was so pretty tho with all the lights, and we saw a giant McDonalds were it cost $10 to park,lol. Obviously we didn’t park there so.. Eventually we left around 11:30 , i really wish we could have just gotten a hotel for the nite, but yeah i had to work the next day. i slept the whole way home, and i almost died and crashed,lol... i wanna go back there so badly!!! Saturday i worked 10:30-5:30 and after mike i went to my house and jet tried raping him,lol. then we went to seafood fest and layed on top of my car for awhile. it started to get weird when like everyone started walking past us so then we went to G. webbs where we got served by hott tim.. and after that we went to my house, and screwed for awhile, i was kinda afraid my mom was gonna like come knock on the door or something ,.but she never said anything, so i hope not...(lol, i find it funny that anyone would believe that i would actually do that with my mom in the house)anyways, so mike ended up leaving like at like 2:30 and we like ran around outside and watched the lightening. and now today was great cuz i didnt work cuz i went to mike's graduation, it was so fucking hot in there, i hope west bend's isnt that bad, and yeah we hung out with his family. and i really dont want to go to fucking school for 3 more days..ahhhh. I think i would have gotten drunk tonight but yeah i kinda want to do good on my exams so I’m gonna skip that for tonight. yay, and this week is gonna be fun cuz im getting my belly button pierced on Thursday and mike is getting his eyebrow done too:)and then Friday is my GRADUATION!!, Saturday is Angie's party and Sunday i have off, idk why. i think im gonna get trashed then. And i cant forget about the warped tour, yay My Chemical Romance!!! btw i could really fucking care less, if someone is being an absolute bitch. its your problem not mine. I’m not the one who started being a bitch,.

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..... [06 May 2005|12:10am]

The Ultimate Random Survey + Word Associations! w00t!244 questions!

Created by boredyes and taken 55 times on bzoink!

School?west bend east
Distinctive facial feature???
Your opinions on Bush?i support him
Favorite Band(s)?the used, my chemical romance, dashboard,avril lavigne
Current song?helena-my chemical romance, or blue and yellow-the used
Ever been out of the country? (Where?)no
Longest flight ever?none
Best stranger you've met?random people i talk to when i see them yet i dont know there name
What size bed do you sleep on?double
Are you a morning person?hell no
Do you have a set routine every morning?school, and work. otherwise no
Have you ever attended a wedding?yes, a couple. i've catered at some too
What religion do you practice?lutheran
Does Easter mean anything to you?yes, it means what it says in the bible
If we went to McDonald's right now, what would you order?chocolate shake
If you had $10,000 to donate to a charity, what charity would you choose?idk, something with kids
What was your last dream about?buried alive
How many U.S States have you visited?6 or 7. pretty sad isnt it
What are your views on the war in Iraq?i think we had the right to go over there, i just hate that our soldiers are getting killed
What was your favorite childhood fairy tale?sleeping beauty
What's your favorite Disney movie?the little mermaid
Current Book?white oleander
Have you ever broken bones?no
Ever been hospitalized?yes, earlier this year. and almost for my supposed eating disorder
Ever worn braces?yes, awful
If forced to eliminate one 'sense', which sense would you lose? (Sight,etc)smell
Do you get embarassed when you have to dance in public?no
What's the most embarassing song you secretly like?barbie girl
How good are your chances of getting into Harvard?pretty slim
What is your favorite color?black with pink or purple
Would you rather be deaf or blind?deaf
Do you know how to do the Macarena? (Admit it!)ummm yeah
The Funky Chicken?no
Who would you pick to act as you in the life of your movie?
What song would be the theme song of your life movie?my perfect ending, avril lavignen
What do you want to do this weekend?um hang out with my friends
What was the name of your third grade teacher?my mom homeschooled me that year. it was so much fun
How old were you when you learned to divide?4
What were you doing around this time last year?i honestly cant remember. i was in school??
What do you want to do with your life in the next 5-10 years?finish college, get a good job, travel. become happy
Lesser of Two Evils... (Would you rather..)
Have permanent acne, or permanent pimples?neither
Be short/fat/pretty face or tall/skinny/ugly face?neither
Lose a hand or a leg?leg
Lose your voice or your sense of touch?touch
Die quickly when you're young or have a long, painful death when you're olddie young
Become vegetarian or lactose-intolerant?lactose intolerant
Be reincarnated or risk Hell?reincarnated
Which would you do over: 4th grade or 6th grade?4th
Lose your spouse or your child?spouse
Eat dog crap or your own crap?eeww
Shag Gimli or Gandalf??
Have no ear or no toes?no toes
Lose your left hand or your right foot?left hand
Go back in time or go into the future? (Why?)back and change it
Become permanently illiterate or never see another book again?neither
Have to to sleep with your mom or grandmother? (Or father or grandfather?)mom
Word Association (Write the first thing that come to mind...)
Yellow?blue and yellow
Death?the end, alone
Apple?adam and eve
Ask Jeeves?hate it
Flying?in my dreams
Wizard?wizard of oz
God?i believe
Popes?over rated
Jewish culture?i dont hate it
The Princess Bride?good movie
More Random Questions
Are you comfortable with your 7 times table??
What are you wearing?pj's
What was the last gift you received?idk
What was the last gift you gave?ummmm i cant remember
Do you keep a (written) journal or diary?yeah, at school with my friend
Do you use LJ, Xanga, or any other online journal?blurty
Name three European countries and their capitals.
How do you feel about the Terri Schiavo case?it was only right to let her die
What are three things you look for in the opposite sex?hot, caring, treating me with equality
If you could change something about yourself, what would it be?i woiuld care less about what people thought o fme so i could have more fun
What famous person are you most like?someome said i looked like amy smart/
Can you play an instrument?i used to play the piano
How old were you when you received (or gave) your first kiss?idk
Do you avidly follow certain TV shows?not really anymore
How many cartoon theme songs do you know by heart????
How do you pronounce the word "apricot?"idk
How good are you at guessing distances?ok
What's your shoe size?8
What was your last purchase?spray bottle, lotion
When was the last time you went out of town? last week
One song you'd recommend to everyone?adam's song
On what site do you spend the most time when on the internet?idk, mainly msn
Do you think you're a good cook?yeah
Best subject in school?history
Most humiliating moment ever?something at school prolly
Number of times you've lied to save your own ass?alot
Favorite Scooby Doo character?scooby
Use three words to describe yourself.doubtful,interesting,kind
What's your cultural/ethnic background?german, english,welsh,scottish
Best Christmas present ever?umm a book with a note written to me in it
Worst Christmas present ever?nothing
Favorite Male Celebrity?james dean, johnny depp
Your stripper name?crystal ice,idk
How many nursery rhymes do you know by heart?a couple
When you say the ABCs, do you find yourself singing them?yeah
When you count with your fingers, do you fold your fingers down or up?up
What body wash do you use?some apricot stuff
Have you ever played DDR? Are you good at it?no
What was the last movie you saw in theaters?meet the fockers
Most exotic place you've ever been?kentucky,lol
Worst school-related memory?4th grade
Can you turn your ankle clockwise while making a six with your right hand?wtf
Are you very flexible?actually yes
Do you play sports?no, i always wanted to do track
If you could re-do your entire life, would you?no, cuz then i wouldnt be me..i would like to do some things different
Make something on Paint right now and post it at the end of this quiz.no, too lazy
Who would you collect call right now?no
Favorite board game?candyland
Shuffle your music and write the first song that pops up + "in my pants".remember the first time in my pants
Pick up the nearest book to you- what is it?there arent any near me
Do you type with your fingers on the correct keys?sometimes
Who do you want to shag from Harry Potter?....
What time is it right now?11:37
Make a short rhyme for your name.. right now.cryst'al is appaul'ed at nick
Who's wardrobe would you swap with?
Would you trade your voice with anyone else's? (Who's?)angelina jolie
If you could be in the body of a celebrity for a day, who would you pick?avril lavigne, angelina jolie
Write the lyrics to a song representing a bad breakup.im sorry that i feel so alone, is just wanted to try, so i didnt have to die without you
Can you describe Alaska's state flag ?(w/o looking it up!)no
How many countries around the world speak English?lots
If you had to get a tatoo right now, what would you get?one of those on the small of my back
Have you ever been on a cruise?no,what if i fell overboard
If you had to get plastic surgery, what would you have done?idk....
What is Madonna's last name?i used to know..
Are you superstitious?yeah
What was the last movie you saw in theaters?meet the fockers
What colour are your eyes?green,blue
Do you wish you had an accent?french
More Word Association.. (write the first thing that comes to mind)
Markers?smell bad
Honey mustard?yummy
Babysitters?hate them
Money?love it
Time?i dont have enuf
Dreamcatchers?there pretty
USA?awesome place to live
Oceans?i wanna see one soon
Pollution?wrong, how can you destroy your world?
Livestrong?my bracelet
Minimum wage?should be higher
Pot?ummmm i really dont care. stoners
Brad Pitt?not hott
Lunchboxes?4th grade
Techno?i hate it
Michael Jackson?preverted, jail time
Classical music?ok
Flipflops?i love them
Back to the questions
Where were you born?men. falls
Would you ever get a name change?no
Have you ever gone skinny dipping?yes
Do you smoke?no
Who are your 5 best friends?cant say
Whats the most embarassing fad you took part in?
Do you consider yourself popular?no, and i dont want to be
Around how many movies do you think you watch per year?20-30
Are you allergic to anything?dust
What is the most valuable thing you own?jewelry...jet he's worth more than my car,lol
Have you ever shop lifted?not on purpose
Did you ever play with Barbies, as a kid?no, i liked trucks and animals
Do you drive?yes!
Do you speak any other languages?used to speak a lil spanish. i wanna learn more and be fluent in them
What is one country you'd like to visit?Austria or germany
Do you have any bad habits?prolly
How often do you shower?once to twice a day. i dont get how people can not like showering
Do you go the dentist regularly?yeah, i hate it though
How many bedrooms do you have in your home?2
Do you like eating Peeps? (the marshmallows)yummy
What do you think of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen?ummmm i liked them in full house. i wish i was them so i could have all that money
Have you ever been depressed?yeah and i still am
Do you have more than 5 secrets right now?yeah
Do you watch MTV?no, i dont have cable
Do you shop a lot online?no
Have you ever been to Disney World? How was it?no
Have you ever traveled by train?no
Were you ever into the Beanie Baby craze?no,lol i only have like 7 dobie beanies
How old were you till you stopped believing in Santa?my parents never told me it was real
Are you a risk taker?sometimes
What do you think you'll be most remembered for?idk, i hope being a good person
How much faith do you have in yourself?depends on my mood
You're the lead singer of a new band- what's it called?fallen,idk
What're the names of your first 2 kids?im not gonna have any. i like the name aleah and zara
What are you obsessed about?idk.....my obsessions no one knows about
What size waist are you?none of your business
Do you download music illegallly?hell yeah
Are you single?yeah
Do you like chick lit????
Have you ever read the entire Bible?no, parts
About how many hours do you sleep a night?5
Do you bite your nails/the skin around your nails?eww no
How do you feel about Ebonics?what?
What gaming system do you have at your house? (PS2, etc)....
Do you own a lap top?i wish
How much do you think your sex is worth?no one can afford it!
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yay another survey [05 May 2005|10:36pm]

Personality survey

Created by sexygurl23 and taken 21 times on bzoink!

Whats Your Full Name?crystal
How Old Are You?almost 18
Whens Your Birthday?may 30th 1987
Whats Your Zodiac Sign?gemini
Where Were U Born?menomenee falls
Where Do U Currently Live?west bend
How Much Do U Wiegh?....
Are you dependable and/or trustworthy?yes, both
Do you have any tattoos and/or piercings?my ears... soon to be my belly button
Do you suffer from depression disorder?probably
Have you ever tried to commit suicide?no
Are you a paranoid person?yes, just ask jenny
Do you ever get jealous of somebody else?yeah, doesnt everyone tho...even if its bad
Are you obsessive and/or compulsive?i used to be......i kinda wish i still was
What is your favorite movie?white oleander/ pleasantville
Who is your favorite band?the used
What is your favorite song?Blue and yellow
What kind of books and/or magazines do you read?cosmo,lol...doberman digest-and yes its a good magazine
What is your favorite color?black, purple
What is your favorite food?chocolate or bread... i like fruit too
Are you a virgin?yeah
Do you watch pornography?no,lol
Are you religious?yes, lutheran. not by the book tho
Do you like meeting new people?yes, if there people worht getting to know
What do you dislike most about life?feeling alone, losing people
Have you ever vomit while making out?ewwwwwww, no
Have you ever had to fuck stuff up for no good reason?no, why would you do that
Does the world piss you off?yes
Do You Have A Cell Phone?yeah. but its pre=paid \. i need a real one
Have A Boyfriend/Girlfriend?no
Longest Relationship?umm
Farthest You Have Gone With Opposite Sex?......
Ever Cryed For No Reason?all the time
Ever Cryed Over A Boy?maybe...
Ever Cryed Over A Girl?no
Hooked Up With A Random Stranger?yep, just last nite
Left With A Stranger Somewhere?no, only if my friends were friends with them
Been Arrested?no, almost
Any Near Death Expierences?no, but i believe in them
First Real Boyfriend/Girlfriend?.....
Still Together?.....
Last Or Current Boyfriend/Girlfriend?...
Why Do Most Of Your Relationships End?idk
Who Are Your Best Friends?umm i dont like saying names..its just wierd
Who Have You Known Longest?prolly cassie

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a survey cuz i was bored [03 May 2005|11:51pm]
So nothing is really new. i get to graduate in a month!


Created by xxkickyourassxx and taken 64 times on bzoink!

What's your name?Crystal
Have a nickname? If yes, what is it?none
What's your gender?girl
How old are you?17
Birthdate?may 30th
Where abouts are you from?wisconsin
Which year/grade are you in? (if in school)12th
Speak any other languages?i used to speak spanish
Family?mom, dad, and my brother
Pets?Dolly and jet, my 2 dobermans
Got a job?walmart. ive had lots of others too
Fav quote/saying?"ou think you know me, but you dont. and that means you dont know what i can do"
Got a website?just the blurty
.:Your Appearance:.
Skin colour?very white
Eye colour?they used to be blue, but they turned green
Hair colour and style?very dark brown, long
Clothing style?normal,idk jeans and a shirt/sweatshirt
Piercings?ears for now, belly button soon
Tattoos?ew none
Do others find you attractive?idk, prolly
Do you think you are attractive?yes i do think so
Who's style do you follow?mine, and my friends
Are you a trendsetter?no, i dont think so
Any distinguishing features or birthmarks?no
Height?5 ft 6"
Weight?idk, i hate weighing myself
How would you rate your appearance out of 10?idk, thats being kinda vain. 8??
.:Love Things And Sexy Things (No Kiddies Allowed!):.
Single or have a partner?single
Do you masterbate?no
Do you watch porn?all the time
What turns you on?guys with black hair and are kinda punkish,lol idk
Do you prefer to dominate or be submissive?dominate definatly
What would be your sexiest situation/fantasy?cant tell
What would be your most romantic situation?secret
What do you like best about the opposite sex?oh! another think i cant talk about
What do you least like about the opposite sex?tendency to treat women like shit(just some)
How do you prefer the opposite sex's looks? (sizes, hair, whatever)dark hair(black) taller than me, not fat. hot looking
What do you like to see the opposite sex wearing?nothing,lol. jk jeans w/shirt off
Fav type of sex?hott!
Any weird sexual expriences/dreams?yes...haha would it be weird to be at school
Movie?White Oleander
Band?The Used
TV show?One Tree hill, the Twilight zone, the wonder years
Song?"Blue and Yellow"
Video game?i hate them
Colour?Black and hot pink or purple
School subject?History
Actor?Johnny Depp
Holiday? (Birthdays, Xmas etc)I heart Christmas even more than my b-day
Mass murderer?ewww gross
Sweet/Chocolate?I love dark chocolate
Happy with life and why?kinda the last year or so of my life has been the best. i have so many friends that i hope i dont lose after the summer is over
Happy with yourself and why?yes, im graduating and i have stayed true to myself
Do you believe in magick?ummm not witchcraft, but i believe in supernatural power...gosts, spirits, the devil, God
Do you believe in ghosts?haha yes
What do you think happens when we die?i think we experience how we have affected others during our lifetime and if in general we were a good person. then i hope we get to be with our family and pets
Do you prefer day or night?Night, im just more awake for some reason. yay partying
What's your idea of a fun night?being with my friends drinking(not to much tho)
Do you have a webcam?no
How do you feel about love?im not one of those people who think that there is a perfect soul mate for themselves. i guess love is important, but not everything should be based on it.
How do you feel about life?I love living despite all the crap. im greatful to be alive and to be living in a free country like the US
Talents?I'm really good at showing dogs! no one will understand til they go to a dog show. and no, its not easy
What do you get complimeted most on?eyes, my hair
Large group or just one close mate?just a few close friends
Ever had suicidal thoughts?yeah, not for awhile tho. that was more like the hell of freshman year.. for certain reasons
.:Your Friends:.
Best?thats not fair to specify, i have a lot of great friends
Craziest?Ashlee definatly
Most girly?idk
Drama Queen/King?
Most annoying?
Most thoughtful?
Most caring?
Most generous?
Most gross?i dont have gross friends

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I Forgot. [03 May 2005|05:26pm]
[ mood | naughty ]
[ music | maroon 5 She will be loved ]

So unfortunatly spring break has come to an end. well almost. its saturday and i just got done with work, hooray! I worked 9-4. which was horrible, but whats new. lets see. Mike, Ashlee, and I went shopping on thursday at mayfair and at Brookfield square. Brookfield sucked as usual... However I got two new shirts! One is from My Chemical Romance, and the other is from THe Used...so yay. so after that we went to my house to get the red bull and lemonade, and then we went to Ashlee's. We had to wait a bit to start drinking cuz her parents were still awake, and ashlee had to lie about how she was at work(she called in, cuz she wasnt as cool as mike and i cuz we had off) oh, and i almost killed her brother cuz he tried pushing me down the stairs, what the hell?
So yeah....we had two bottles of UV blue to drink! we didnt take shots, we had classes, so i only had one...but ASHLEE had like 4. How the hell did u do that by the way??? i think mike only had 1 glass, but im not sure. I love the feeling of getting drunk, but i hate the taste of alcohol. Its like a necessary evil that it tastes so bad.. Ashlee was really bad, cuz she started crying n stuff, and was really wasted. I dont think i was that bad... "I think". anyways, After awhile ashlee passed out on the table for awhile. Mike and I kept hiding the bottles from her, otherwise she would have drank both bottles! but i didnt even know where mike hid the full bottle that was left, but apparently he put it in the bathroom downstairs. The last thing i remember was mike asking me for a pen, and after that its blank. I woke up at like 3 or 4 and i couldnt find him... I was like what the hell....so i went back to sleep. then ashlee couldnt find him either when we both woke up at 6. we thought he got mad and left for some reason. Um but apparently he had to go home, im glad he didnt get pulled over by the cops, or he would have been fucked! thats not very smart to drive impaired, especially when you drive like mike!. I pray to God her parents dont find the bottle. ahhhh! OMG that would be horrible. I didnt get sick at all, all throught the night event though i felt like it. However when ashlee drove me home, there was a little incident where we had to stop the car, cuz both of of werent ok. we were so afraid the cops were going to see us! ummm yeah... I hate hangovers, I wanna try some of those chaser pills from pharmacy... I can do without getting drunk for a month... so yeah....I have a dog show tomorrow at the fairgrounds! im excited, i havent shown since nov... I hope i dont see anyone i hate there tomorrow... bye,bye

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[26 Mar 2005|06:44pm]
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sooooooooo yeah. I havent updated this since the 1st entry which is pretty sad and lazy of me, but oh well. Going to the Taste Of Chaos tour was Awesome! I heart the Used. I wanna go to a concert thats just them, cuz it would be even better.... I also wanna go to Greenday May 9th, but its on a monday nite which is retarded. I can prolly go, but everyone else's parents wont let them, so that idea is kinda screwed. I had the most suckiest paycheck. $201.00! That is so horrible, I hate when they dont give me any hrs, but yet i dont like working so that is bad too. I had a lot of fun going to Mayfair on Thursday. I got some new shirts from hot topic, hollister, and im not sure wherelse. Easter is tomorrow, and im doing something very special. Celebrating it at Wal-mart from 9-4. Do you know how special i feel getting to spend it there? Then after that i might have to go to my aunts house, im not sure, but i dont want to! Work sucked badly yesterday and today. People dont know how to have limits with the amount of money they spend. Its ridiculous.....and they dont know how to stop eating. I'm really cold and idk why. Am i getting sick again? I better not be. Im so happy its spring break, so many fun plans and no school! and I finally get to sleep in. BTW I'm really pissed off and certain people, i wont mention names... who find it funny to tell a certain person at work A LIE about how I like them It is An EXTREMELY NASTY THING TO DO! considering this person is very GROSS and annoying and should prolly be fired cuz he is a slacker and doesnt know how to back off. oh yeah, i payed off my speeding ticket, and i plan to not get another one anytime soo. and FUCK this! I have my restrictions back on til im 18!! ahhhhhhhh....

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~cut the body, burn the soul, erase the past, to never know~ [06 Mar 2005|08:24pm]
[ mood | numb ]
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Sometimes I just dont know how I feel, or how to feel. Its weird. sometimes i'm happy and luv my life, and other times I hate it and am miserable. It changes day to day, moment to moment. As far as working this weekend, working 2-6 was awesome. less time the better with stupid ignorant customers and managers....Even tho I feel kinda down, next weekend is gonna be awesome! I cant wait to see the Used again, and then I have off Sunday too which is great. Im really not going to the rave to see any other bands, if I was there the whole time, it would be way to overwelming. I'm kinda hoping to see some people who I met last time there, I prolly wont though. I'm hoping to find a party or do something crazy! cuz im like not going home after that... I'm always worried when things are going pretty good in my life that they are gonna disappear and im gonna be all alone. I'm so sick of my so-called best friends ditching me for a guy, or developing some weird jealosy problem... Maybe im not normal, but I dont get why some people are willing to ditch their friends for their bf, or whatever... it seems like alot of relationships never work out, especially those when you're young. I think alot of people get way to serious. I mean, I just wanna have fun with my life and do whatever. I dont wanna be tied down to one person or anything... I really miss some of the people that i've lost. I cant wait til I graduate. i'm doing so bad in my classes right now, Im perfectly capable of being like a straight A or B student, but this year I like stopped caring... I wish I could miss more school, but I dont need a trunacy ticket, the stupid speeding ticket was enuf, along with the numerous other police encounters i've had. I've never thought of myself as a "bad kid" and im very far from it, so it seems really wierd when my dad, or the principle thinks I am. I think im going to mptc next fall, but i kinda wanna take a break from school,but thats prolly a bad idea. im gonna miss my friends who are going off to college away from here, but I guess thats how it goes.. grrrr I have to finish writing my speech for tomorrow on Las Mariposas. they were a group of sisters in the dominican republic who tried to help overthrow a brutal leader who was a tyrant, and they ended up getting killed in a planned masacrre. I hope my class isnt too bored by it. oh and i think I have some other hw I forgot about... I hate school....yay, no work til thurs! anyways, thatz it 4 now....

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[05 Mar 2005|11:34pm]
this is retarded!
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