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[25 Jun 2004|09:10pm]
uh yeah. today was kinda intresting. i went to the park with alexandria and there were three 6 year olds there. these little kids were perverts for their age. they chased me around the park trying to grab my boob and butt. one kid was succesful. then i told them to go chase allie and they did. they did the same thing to her as they did to me. me and allie ran into the restroom and the little boys followed. we tried to hide in a stall but they climbed under the door. WE WERE TRAPPED! then when they had to leave one little kid tried to steal allies bike. he wasn't succesful. nope he was not. we went to mcdonalds also. then we went to stop and shop and got slushies. the guy at the register was staring at us the whole time because he didn't want us to take too many squirts of the juice. what is the big fucking deal. it is just a slushy. jeeze. then we spat ice at each other. it was quite exhilarating(keep in mind that i am not a very good speller). then we took my moms car for a joy ride. yeah, it was fun. but my parents shall not know. they are not home. YAY PARTY AT MY HOUSE. WOOHOO! just kidding. but i think i am going to go drive my moms car again. yep. i just closed my eyes and sucked it outa a straw.
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