Monday, May 26th, 2003

Why is it so nasty outside?
Time: 11:13 am
Mood: blah.
Music: "Come Original" -311.
While I wait until it's time to wake Adam up, I'll do a survey.

Come on, you know you want to do it, too... )

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La la la...
Time: 9:44 am
Mood: sleepy.
Music: "Not A Pretty Girl" -Ani DiFranco.
I don't update this half as much as my LiveJournal. Oh well. Sucks for you, too bad it's friends only. <3

talentedbreezes taught me how to use the best filesharing program EVER. Soulseek is the best and Linz is my new hero.

Yesterday sucked. I typed all day for my mother. Well at least I also got to talk on AIM and such, but yeah... still... I don't think I should have had to type for her. These things are so pathetically pointless in my opinion. Meh.

I want to do something fun today. I might go see Bruce Almighty with Adam. We saw the Matrix the other night. That movie was good. I can't believe it's raining on Memorial day weekend. My dad put the boat in the water yesterday, but obviously it's no use to us when it's raining...

I'm hungry.

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Saturday, May 24th, 2003

What an interesting night lastnight was. ;]
Time: 3:21 pm
Mood: cold.
Music: "Anyday" -Ani DiFranco.
I miss my friends. Most of them are home from school now and I haven't seen them, really. I know they've been busy, but I still miss them.

Lastnight was Sondra's graduation party. Mucho fun... yes except I had to take care of Adam the whole night. ;] Now we know we don't drink that much, no? ;p

Today I'm going to see Matrix Reloaded, then maybe go out to dinner. I probably don't have softball practice tomorrow because of this shitty weather. I guess that's alright. I can catch up on some much needed sleep. Next weekend starts tournaments. I think it's in Jersey next week.

Oh, and I dropped off a job application at Staples yesterday. Who knows what will happen though. I need to keep looking. I need a job.

I am so sick of this weather.

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