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It's been a long time [18 Sep 2008|04:31pm]
[ mood | weird ]
[ music | Andrew Bird - 11:11 ]

I thought I knew myself...

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[11 Feb 2007|06:54pm]
I love you.
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All in the world that is good for me is good because of you [15 Jan 2007|08:05pm]
[ music | Andrew Bird - Action Adventure ]

Im so in love with you.

To do this week: Learn to whistle.
Its really cool when snow falls. even dead things look pretty.
this may sound dumb but i think that trees look like their reaching for something,
with the branches. when there is snow on them and they are frozen it looks like
they are reaching because it is so cold and want the sun. the drive was really pretty today
once my car stopped sliding all over the place.

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Now a Days [10 Jan 2007|10:38am]
[ mood | huh ]
[ music | mamas and papas - california dreaming ]

When did change become so important? (Coinstar gave me 30 bucks today)
Why do I go to Wal-Mart more than once a week?
When did so many people become dumber than me?
When did so many people become smarter than me?
Why is my back hurting? Oh yea, the back pack.
How do I know so many people, but can't think of their name or when I met them?
Why do I have to miss a class to write a paper for another?
Life goes backwards?
Weekends now start on Thursday.
I get free condoms from the health center and sometimes free candy.
I have Pizza Express and Dominos numbers as contacts in my phone.
When did my schedule start at 10 and 8 am seems so early?
When did sleep ever seem so wonderful?
How can we be so far away?
Why is it so hard to not have you for a neighbor?
Why can't we go check the mail together?
When did driving to school become so enjoyable yet so sad because of missing the bus?
I'd rather miss the bus...
Off to school off to school for another class.
class is stupid class is dull, but that's just part of the plan against me.
Yes, thats right. Life has given me lemons and I want to throw them at people.
It will be better. I know. It will. It has too.
Kill myself?
Being in love with life. weakness most people have.
A deadly attachment.
Kind of crazy to be in love with something that can be very horrible.
How can someone hold on to an existence of minimal happiness?

Sidenote: my mouth is numb from the dentist.
Fun fun!

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Milage [08 Jan 2007|05:02pm]
[ mood | Ahh... ]
[ music | Michael Jackson- Man in the mirror ]

Today I got to see the mile gage on the Handai go to 47,000 miles...
pretty cool watching it turn from 46,999...

Driving never felt so good.

I woke up thinking today would suck ass, but turns out it went well.
The day was awesome. Peace and Love always.

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07 [01 Jan 2007|07:03pm]
[ mood | So In ____ ]
[ music | Andrew Bird - Fake Palindromes ]

Crazy, oh I know crazy, this is what's crazy:
The fact that alcohol cannot be sold on Sunday or holidays.
Christmas seems understandable, but New Years, oh boy!
Sure, driving was fun, "Brain blank" I guess. How can two people, three I guess forget it's Sunday. Haha!

Thank you for a wonderful weekend and holiday! Seriously, I do not know if
I could have managed it without you.

Crazy, I know more crazy, the fact that in 12 days it will be 1 year, and 1 month!
Whoot whoot! Yeah Yeah! Im excited. Andrew Bird will be a great way to celebrate.
Hopefully, you and I will not be sick and be in tip-top concert shape!

For now, I feel good, just did something... ;)
Oh yes, and that question you had in the car, I would slap you across the face and make your head turn. Hehe!

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its true [20 Dec 2006|08:04pm]
I love you.
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Yes, there is still a hole in my wall. And I am not fixing it. [17 Dec 2006|05:25pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Gnarles Barkley - Gone Daddy Gone ]

Circles, road trips, gatherings, or you and me...

Thoughts revolving around deep soul seaching...
entertaining AND satisfying
Apartment rooms and cars of friends.
I can remember the faces. The laughter, the building up of what we thought
was the most interesting conversations ever.
The faces we made, the smoke blowing into our brains...
true faces
we were never scared, impatient, or worried...everyone always had
an open mind and open smiles...
It was beautiful
People can get use to anything
This was something I was use to.
These are moments I want to keep forever, even if they are lame and I do not remember all
conversation had, I want to keep them. Just like I want to keep you.
Love love PEACE always

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For Wes's Eyes Only [15 Dec 2006|04:51pm]
[ mood | creative ]
[ music | Pussy control - prince ]

Experience of euphoria.
Appropriate and nice, orgasms through oral sex.
impossible pleasure, impossible exists.
I want to see you, go in, get off, turn over.
You're pleasure to me is illegal.
sEx is like music made by us. beautiful and mysterious, yet known.
I feel whole and complete.
Romance, we hold. together.
2 = 1
down is up, left is right...
Step inside, inside me.
wonder, beauty, discover, true.
I will marry you.
Backwards, missionary, legs on the wall, etc...
You are my joy. My treat. My favorite thing to look forward to.
I have the most fun with you.
A bathtub with bubbles and rose petals and you, candles, and fantasy...
I want to die with you, I do not fear death or love. I am in love with you and I know
because you are the air I breathe. Love and trust.
I love you
you love me
you know how to fuck me.
Kamasutra......:) ahhh...
Thrust in me. over and over
dominate me.
deep is good, gagging is good.
Breast massage or neck massage.....mmm...
push me on the bed!
Your orgasm is what i want even more than my own. but it is a perk
I am going to start shaving a "W" into my crotch for you and then wear nothing but the
green necklace you gave me...

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High Expectations [12 Dec 2006|03:34pm]
[ mood | guilty ]
[ music | Incubus-Here in my room ]

Why do i have such standards for myself?
* graduate college
* make myself and others around me happy
* pay back my dad
* live somewhere awesome, with good weather
*live a happy live with the one i love
oh wait, that list seems normal right?

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Finals [12 Dec 2006|06:46am]
[ music | Digital Underground-the humpty dance ]

This week is going to be stressful, but i am just going to look forward to the good things.

i dont really need to to worry about stuff, i got you! and that makes me so happy.

Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly...

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hi [06 Dec 2006|02:10pm]
[ music | the printer ]

Where have you been?
Hopefully the day ends quickly, why can't I just make today Friday? Seriously, why?!
Peace and Love my dear!

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Will you hold me close? [03 Dec 2006|08:55pm]
[ mood | drained ]
[ music | Sufjan Stevens-To the One I Love ]

Even when you're here I want to squeeze and never let go.
Guess I should have.
I wish you could read my mind and know everything.
I wish I could hear you're voice.
I love you.
I want you back, hug and kiss me.
Im always down when you're gone.
I love Weseph.
I love 6:30.
I love Italian Chicken.
I love Tippecanoe.
You're Voice, eyes, oh gosh...stop me!
Love X love X love X

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Yes. [29 Nov 2006|03:04pm]
[ mood | dorky ]
[ music | None, but would be...The Offspring-Hit That ]

Class is finished.
Saturday is what is keeping me going. At 6. Ya.
December will be here in one day.
Wow. 2007 will be better. Or at least that's what Ill tell myself.
Peace and Love Always.

By the way do you think any of this will be worth it?
To me, right now, sitting here thinking, not so sure.

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Long Time [27 Nov 2006|02:37pm]
[ mood | restless ]
[ music | The Eels - Packing Blankets ]

Strangely enough it is warm out today. All in all a good day. Lonely, but good.
The ongoing story this weekend was about a creature who resides under the shed:
On Friday night, walking out in the back yard while on the phone, I saw an unusual thing slinking around the pine trees. It was the size of a dog, navy blue fur, and had a white face with a pointy nose. It's eyes were small circles and the white part of it's face was like an up-side-down heart. The tail looked like a fox tail. Strangest little rodent I have ever seen. It was not a fox, a dog, a possum, or a raccoon. There is no way of telling what exactly it is because I'd be dumb to disturb it's home under the shed when I do not know the harm it would cause. (even tho I really wanna know)
Saturday, Sunday, and probably tonight, I'll walk out back and make movements towards it's territory, just to see it again and hopefully tell someone else to look who may know it's species. Disturbing I know, that it is weird and may be a sexual mishap between a dog and a possum, but also that I am this intrigued.
Until 5 when I talk to you on the phone, which is in itself a dissapointment because I cannot just sit and talk with you face-to-face, I will have a very uneventful rest of the day which I will fill you in about if there is time after hearing about your very exciting work day. I love you and miss you darling. Peace.

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Wednesday! [22 Nov 2006|12:54pm]
Hey hey hey!
So, i am @ school, pissed, tired, and cold.

A good little story:
Yesterday driving home from school was beautiful. I forgot to tell you.
All the trees are dead and when the sun is behind them they look black you know?
Well, Going 65 mph by them was amazing, the sun was flickering through them. I had to put on my shades so that I could stare, You know how i do. love love love love love
i can't wait to see you! :)
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Going Numb. Cold. Ah. [21 Nov 2006|12:48pm]
5, 6, 5, 6, 7, 8

All these beats
workin' down the street
jumping, jacking
gimme some time
'cause if you don't, I won't
you'll never get back, yeah
if you do, I swear
I'll give it to you

standing on the board
board is on the wheels
wheels are on the ground
spinning round and round

I got the power
back here
all you gotta do
i got the power
back here
gimme some time

i got here, where?
i got there, where?
i got it
you got it
we got it everywhere

get all your loser heads up
try to pick up the junk

Lyrics : The Go! Team - Huddle Formation
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What can ya do? [15 Nov 2006|12:27pm]
[ mood | Stagnant ]
[ music | The doors - light my fire ]

Im sorry that my ears are small.
Im sorry I cry sometimes.
Sorry that it's sometimes for a stupid reason.
Hopefully Ill soon have something interesting to say.
Sorry for now.
Sorry that I can not be there all the time.
Sorry that I didn't know you existed long before.
Im sorry for getting upset about dumb things.
Sorry for all the times that I should have not done what I did.
Im sorry I can't dance without stepping on your feet.
Im sorry I sometimes call with nothing to say except I love you.
Im glad that were together.
Im happy it's been 11 months_but it doesn't seem like it.
Im sorry that you don't have cereal....~~~~~ :)

Just so you know, I love you.

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53 Minutes or 40 some odd miles away. [12 Nov 2006|05:57pm]
[ mood | Loved and lonely ]
[ music | Andrew Bird - measuring cups ]

I love you.

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Pointless... [09 Nov 2006|02:19pm]
If I were a day of the week, I'd be: Friday
If I were a time of day, I'd be: Midnight
If I were a planet, I'd be: Pluto (far out)
If I were a sea animal, I'd be: Sea Horse
If I were a direction, I'd be: Wes t
If I were a piece of furniture, I'd be: Step Stool (Helping out)
If I were a sin, I'd be: Greed
If I were a historical figure, I'd be: Lincoln
If I were a liquid, I'd be: Java
If I were a tree, I'd be: Palm Tree
If I were a bird, I'd be: Toucan
If I were a tool, I'd be: screwdriver (hhmmm)
If I were a flower/plant, I'd be: Iris
If I were a kind of weather, I'd be: A TORNADO!!!
If I were a musical instrument, I'd be: Sax
If I were an animal, I'd be: Ferret
If I were a color, I'd be: green
If I were an emotion, I'd be: strong-minded
If I were a vegetable, I'd be: potatoes
If I were a sound, I'd be: siren
If I were an element, I'd be: fire
If I were a car, I'd be: a convertible
If I were a movie, I'd be: Pulp Fiction
If I were a book, I'd be: The Notebook
If I were a food, I'd be: Pickles
If I were a place, I'd be: Paris
If I were a material, I'd be: Spandex
If I were a taste, I'd be: sweet then sour
If I were a scent, I'd be: incense
If I were a word, I'd be: weirdo
If I were a body part, I'd be: toes
If I were a facial expression, I'd be: surprised
If I were a number, I'd be: 13
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