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[15 Aug 2003|09:28pm]
[ mood | giggly ]
[ music | Misfits//Last caress. ]

MissaLissa: Youre punk rock.
Broken Celestia: Fuck no.
MissLissa: I take it..that's..a joke?
Broken Celestia: No, Punk rock = Not Me.

Yep, Punk Is not somthing I would DARE, call myself, well..not anymore, I used to but I hope you fucking get your tits/balls ripped off if you ever compare me to a ''Punk'' it's not real anyways..

Like in the old days..ah..don't you miss them?

Name: Kate
Age: 17
Location: Moving soon, But Washington DC for now.
Hobbies: Painting, drawing, Making clothes.
I hate...: Nothing.
I love...: Shawn.
I miss...: Shawn.
I wish...: For world peace! psssh, um..for...happiness to all my ex/old friends.
If I could, I would...: Still be a virgin, haha.
I'm currently wearing..: Skivvies.
I'm currently Tasting...: Cherry laffy taffys
I'm currently hearing...: Last caress by the misfits.
I'm currently seeing...: My computer screen?
My current desktop looks like..: It's me and my blue mohawked lover. hahahaha, ok lame.
The last person I hugged was: Shawn.
I kissed was: Shawn.
I laughed at was: Someone from my past who I thought was important, but ended up being a dick, no I haven't spoken to him, I thought I was gonna be upset and I could never ''go on'' but uhh, haha, he sucks alot of cock.
I smiled to was: Shawn.
I touched was: Shawn.
I was scared of: Jb, Fucking scary ass kid. <3
That last cd I bought was: Ryan Adams
The last movie I watched was: House of a thousand corpses.
The last thing I ate was: Hot wings.
If I could be one person for a day, I'd be: My Mom.


What's your fav away message?: ''bitchsluthodickfuckingpussycatgothehellaway?''
Who has the LAMEST away messages: This chick, her fucking screen name is Broken Celestia.
Who says you are cute the most?: Anthony. <3 ''YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA'' hahahaha. ok..sorry.
Any last words?: Can I suck your penor?

People who should IM me:


People who shouldn't IM me, ever:

Um...Manda..could you stop asking lame ass question? My Havok..ugh..um...

That person I used to obsess over and now find to be fucking annoying as shit.

Shawn, in 100 words or less: Nice, sweet, cool as shit, Blue mohawk, Scary, tall, skinny, hot, sexy, gorgeous, beautiful, smart, hilarious, ''Hotter then Havok'', I love him.

FUCK: ok.

1 JAAAADE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is Gorgeous and you're not, kthanx

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