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Friday, December 12th, 2003

Subject:Never Gonna Get It Right, Youre Never Gonna Get It...*
Time:6:28 pm.
Mood: infuriated.
Music:Jude Law and a Semester Abroad - Brand New.
oh man. what a life i have. most of the time, i look like crap and it sucks. now when im all peppy and happy, not to mention bored, i did my hair and makeup all cool and theres nowhere to go. im really (see mood below). yeah. i havent really done anything lately, just stayed after a lot for makeup work. next friday is chanukkah and when we leave for break. score and a half. i probably wont do anything during break either b.c., you know, people are too busy to hang out with me. no im not mad, it just gets a little annoying after a while. im going to stop trying so hard and just let it flow. if i lose something, and i dont feel like looking for it, then itll stay lost. tough shit. yeah. its annoying as hell. but look on the bright side...i havent felt happy and content with myself for a while, so ill make this night last, or at least ill try.

i need to go buy more x-mas gifts. whats the use anyway. i still think that a polyanna would have been neat, but it wouldnt have passed with "the crew". uh huh. yeah, well im gonna go. nobody is going to comment, so ill use this for my own typing pleasure to relieve my teenage angst. im out.

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Wednesday, December 3rd, 2003

Subject:Run Away, Run Away From The Paiinnnn....*
Time:8:40 pm.
Mood: awake.
Music:Janey's Got A Gun - Aerosmith.
oh my lordy...the tab button on my keyboard wont work. balls. anyways, id highly appreciate if you filled this out, since nobody ever comments anyway. i think it would be interesting to see how many people would actually do it.

-your name:
-have we ever hugged:
-have we ever kissed:
-have we ever danced with each other:
-have you ever seen me cry:
-have you seen me undressed:
-have i ever offended you:
-what do i usually look like when you see me:
-do you think we will be friends in 5 years:
-has there been anything you wanted to tell me, but didn't:
-what advice would you give me, in general:
-wanna make out:
-is there a song that reminds you of me:

im so excited. i wanna fill it out myself. so i will. yeah.

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Saturday, November 29th, 2003

Subject:That Said, We've Had Enough, Please Turn That Fucking Radio Off.*
Time:4:43 pm.
Mood: lonely.
Music:We've Had Enough - Alkaline Trio.
First bike: hmm...i think it was blue, pink and purple and it had a dainty wicker basket on the front with a horn.
First best friend(s): well, in pre-k it was Sean Rivera but i dont talk to him that much anymore and in kindergarten i met my bf4l, Christina Lemma...yeah.
First date: i never really went on a date, but we went to the movies a few times.
First break-up: er, Billy the bastard. i dumped his ass.
First screen name: i dont remember. probably crazygurl1025 or something like that. haha.
First self purchased album: Backstreet Boys? i dont remember!!
First funeral: ive never been to one.
First pet: pasquina.
First piercing/tattoo: my ears.
First love: food? i dont freaking know. like in a crush way it was this kid in pre-k. his name was christian.
First enemy: uhh, i think it was either heather svboda(sp?) or crystal koshland.
First big trip: Disney World.
First play/musical/performance: school concerts in elementry school. i was a peanut butter thing.
First musician you remember hearing in your house: either frank sinatra or dean martin.

last good cry: maybe a few weeks ago?
last library book checked out: wow. er, something about the spice girls about 5 or 6 years ago.
last movie seen: theatres-elf, home-eight crazy nights.
last book read: a separate piece - for school.
last cuss word uttered: shit.
last beverage drank: ginger ale.
food consumed: turkey soup.
last crush: i still have him on my mind...
last phone call: mr. flahrety.
last tv show watched: crashing with good charlotte.
last time showered: yesterday.
last shoes worn: my new birkenstocks.
last cd played: Brand New - Deja Entendu.
last item bought: birks.
last downloaded: Allister - Overrated.
last annoyance: thats an easy brother.
last disappointment: i cant be healthy enough to go out.
last soda drank: ginger ale.
last word written: ale.
last key used: .
last word spoken: "...shit"
last sleep: last night
last im: christina
last ice cream eaten: french vanilla...yuck.
last time amused: when i was watching eight crazy nights and whitey was doing the robot - domi arigato mr roboto!
last time wanting to die: hmm...i dont remember.
last time in love: i dont even want to remember him.
last time hugged: on the 24th of october by none other than chris wilson from gc. <3
last chair sat in: My computer chair.
last lipstick used: i use lipgloss and i think i used some a few days ago.
last shirt worn: red soco shirt that i have on now.
last time dancing: in the kitchen after my sister and i were amused by whitey.

Three things that scare me:
1. spiders
2. needles
3. losing someone close

Three people who make me laugh:
1. christina
2. vicki
3. myself! haha im such a goober.

Three things I love in no particular order:
1. music.
2. going to concerts.
3. friends.

Three things I hate:
1. meany faces.
2. needles.
3. being told what to do.

Three things I don't understand:
1. why guys dont like me.
2. why people in general have a problem with me.
3. why people are so insecure.

Three things on my desk:
1. cell phone.
2. pen.
3. stapler.

Three things I'm doing right now:
1. This survey.
2. cracking my neck.
3. listening to music.

Three things I want to do before I die:
1. see the world.
2. get married.
3. be happy.

FIVE things I can do:
1. sleep all day
2. the robot.
3. not sleep for days at a time.
4. sing, when i have my voice.
5. make people laugh.

Three ways to describe my personality:
1. crazy.
2. caring.
3. funny.

Three ways to describe my looks:
1. oompa loompa like.
2. short.
3. curly brown hair.

Three things I can't/don't do:
1. eat a may be suprised.
2. put up with people who try to make me feel bad.
3. follow other peoples footsteps.

FIVE things I think you should listen to:
1. Brand New
2. Yellowcard
3. Taking Back Sunday
4. Senses Fail
5. Blink 182

Three things I don't think you should listen to, ever:
1. Britney Spears
2. Boy George
3. Hilary Duff

Three things I say the most:
1. "fucker"
2. "haha"
3. "dude"

Three of your absolute favorite foods:
1. chicken.
2. spinach.
3. grapes.

Three things I'd like to learn:
1. to play guitar better.
2. yoga.
3. to be more patient.

Three beverages you drink regularly:
1. water.
2. iced tea.
3. coffee.

Three shows you watched when you were a kid:
1. power rangers.
2. madeline.
3. thomas the train.

Describe your...
[ x ] Jewelry worn daily? a peace sign necklace i got for my b-day, a ring i found, and a ring that my mom got my in pr.
[ x ] Pillow cover? green.
[ x ] Blanket? pink.
[ x ] Coffee cup? i have tons of them. usually the italian-american blend one.
[ x ] Favorite shirt? my tbs shirt.
[ x ] Cologne/Perfume? lilu from pac sun. and some really expensive shiz that i have no clue what the name is.
[ x ] Piercings? 3, but im getting 3 more.

Who or What (was/is/are)
[ x ] In my mouth - teeth?
[ x ] In my head - i need to copy this picture for alex dep.
[ x ] Wishing - i wouldnt be sick so i can go to school.
[ x ] After this? probably hw or ps2.
[ x ] Fetishes? tattoos and piercings and nice eyes and lips. i dunno. im odd.
[ x ] If you could get away with murder who would you kill? the biggest pain in the ass in the world.
[ x ] Person you wish you could see right now? any one of my friends or benji madden. wowzers.
[ x ] What is next to you? a lot of stuff in my moms office.
[ x ] Some of your favorite movies? GRiND, Pirates of the Carribean, billy madison, nightmare before christmas, eight crazy nights, etc...
[ x ] Something you're looking forward to in the upcoming month? christmas.
[ x ] The last thing you ate? i already answered this.
[ x ] Do you like candles? yes.
[ x ] Do you like incense? uh huh.
[ x ] Do you like the taste of blood? no, freak.
[ x ] Do you believe in love? yes.
[ x ] Do you believe in love at first sight? possibly.
[ x ] Who is your worst enemy? myself.
[ x ] If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be? a monkey.
[ x ] What are some of your favorite candies? i dont really like candy.
[ x ] What's something you wish you could understand better? life.
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Tuesday, November 25th, 2003

Time:7:38 pm.
Mood: pissed off.
Music:I Miss You - Blink 182.
dude. this effing sucks. my mom just told me that the doctors office called and said that i have freaking pneumonia! what the hell?!?! arrggghhh, i hate life. i hate being sick. this is complete bullshit. bye.

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Subject:I'm Lost, Broken, Confused and I Wont Give Up On You, Tonite...*
Time:5:04 pm.
Mood: restless.
Music:Lost, Broken, Confused - Mest.
weeellll...lookie herreeee. im writing in this thing less often as i would like to, but annyywaay. so yeah, ive been sick, like really sick, since my birthday. the doctors dont know what it is and im sitting here coughing my brains out and im dizzy as all hell. i dislike doctors immensly(sp?). i havent been sleeping too well either. my ear hurts, the cartilage part. i have no clue why, but i think its infected...yuck. my brother got his ears pierced, both of them. he looks a little bit on the gay side, a little more than normal (for those who know him). um. i wrote out my x-mas list. its exciting. not a lot this year. i dont want a lot. i just want semi-expenisive stuff. 30 days. oh yeah. i need to get better so i can do normal stuff again, like hanging out with my friends without covering my mouth with my jacket sleeve(::hint-hint::) and i want to be able to frolic with the butterflies and the bees in the garden of youth. wow, how freaking gay did that sound?! hmpf. i dont know what else to put really, only b.c. i havent done anything interesting. so yeah, ill update later.

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Wednesday, November 5th, 2003

Subject:Don't Waste Your Time On Me, You're Already The Voice Inside My Head...*
Time:9:58 pm.
Mood: contemplative.
Music:I Miss You - Blink 182.
yes, once again im going to say that i havent updated this thing in a while. havent been in the mood to. havent had the time to. blah. ive been sick for the past 3 weeks and being sick sucks the big one. i have so much makeup work and i did most of it, but still. i hate CP courses. i want to take all honors, but my pain-in-the-ass mother of mine told me to take it slow this year, but if i take it any slower, ill be dead. i want a challenge. better yet, i need a challenge. but enough abt school and on to my personal problems. if you hate bitching and complaining and you are reading this, you better click the [x] in your top right hand corner and leave if you havent done so already.

why, out of everyone else's life, does my life have to be so difficult. im depressed, i hate life, and besides going on anti-depressants (sp?), theres really no way of changing that. people have been assholes lately and for what reasons, i dunno, but they just have. im a fat, ugly loser that by the time im at my peak to get married, ill either be dead, or close to it. i try, believe me, i try, but nothing seems to work. i see everyone else around me, beautiful, not beautiful (well, just scratch that non beautiful out b.c. everyone looks better than i do), they have boyfriends and they are really happy. im not. i was pretty much, parsay(sp?) mistreated and abused by the last guy i "went out with" and i cant get over it. i didnt deserve that, and yet, it happened to me. and the little incidents in 7th and 8th grade with, um...yeah, i still cant get over, the many times ive tried to. its bad. it sucks. and it all happens to me. "people say that i have people walk over me..." - ally hilfiger. i cant help but hold on to things in my life, very signifigant things, that people have done to me. what have i done to deserve this? i was, and still am, a nice person (at least i think i am...) and i dont know how things could have happened. nobody likes me, friend wise, b.c. of some fucking whores (no need to mention names...crystal koshland, shannon cole, and a few others). i can not take it anymore. im on the verge of a complete meltdown, and nobody will be here for me in the end.

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Tuesday, October 21st, 2003

Subject:I Know You're Out There, Somewhere Out There...*
Time:7:41 pm.
Mood: nauseated.
Music:Somewhere Out There - Our Lady Peace.
i havent updated in a bit. havent been in the mood to. i said in 2 entries ago that i was gonna talk about spirit week and well, here it goes. people were dressed up. it was nice. sophomores were in 1st on friday before we went to the field events. after the events, we were in 3rd. will was such a dope to pick the popular people over the more athletic, or better yet, determined ones. what a dumbass. well, it doesnt make a difference now b/c its done and over with. next year we will be triumphant(sp?). saturday was fun. me, nicole, christina, and vicki went to indian acres for the haunted hayride/ walkthrough. it was so fun. i was amazed by the eccentricity of some people. i accedentally elbowed christina in her chest (IM REALLY SORRY AGAIN!) cause i was a stupid woose. sunday, hmm...i doont remember what i did on sunday. i havent been remembering a lot of things lately and i dunno why. monday and today i was sick. i still am. it hurts. i have the worst non-menstrual cramps ever. ive been puking every five minutes and i dont like it. yeah. i have to go back to school tomorrow. a ton of make-up work in store for me. uh oh. saturday is my 16th birthday and i cant even do stuff with my friends because my mom is more preoccupied on my brothers fecking football game. its not like theyve been winning, otherwise i would understand. anyway...i have to go take a shower and get ready for school tomorrow. blech. and for anyone who reads, please comment. i dont enjoy looking at everyone elses journal's comments and not having any in mine, so comment for christ's sake!

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Tuesday, October 14th, 2003

Subject:Stars Will Cry The Blackest Tears Tonight...*
Time:7:26 pm.
Mood: relaxed.
Music:Anthem of Our Dying Day - Story of the Year.
its survey timeee.....

-word you said: anthem
-last song you sang: Anthem of Our Dying Day
-last thing you laughed at: the joke i told bekki-"babies in the backseat cause accidents, accidents in the backseat cause babies." hehe
-last time you cried: saturday night, but only a little

-what's in your cd player: Story of the Year
-what color socks are you wearing: striped toe socks
-what's under your bed: drawers
-what time did you wake up today: 6:00--hella early...dunno why either

-what is your career going to be: criminal investigations and such...kinda like csi or fbi stuff
-where are you going to live: in a nice house or apartment
-what kind of car will you drive: one that gets me from point a to point b

-current hair: green and blue (spirit week's clash day), but under it, its brown with highlights
-current clothes: crazy, non-matching stuff
-current annoyance: i have a freaking headache
-current smell: a reeeallly good smelling candle
-current longing: to get money
-current desktop picture: adam brody...omfg...can you say, h-o-t?
-current favorite music artists: tons...yellowcard, our lady peace, story of the year, mest
-current book: the 4th harry potter
-current worry: all this school shitt
-story behind your username: its because i dont believe much, and its a part in a yellowcard song.
-current favorite article of clothing: my goodwill levis
-one person you wish was here right now: i really dont know...

-i am happiest when: im hanging out with my friends
-i feel lonely when: im not with my friends?
-favorite authors: not sure.
-do you think too much: uh, yeah.
-if you could live anywhere in the world: in NY or maybe Sicily
-famous person you want to meet: anyone from any of the bands i enjoy immensly?
-do you have any regrets: not at all.
-sex or love: love, of course
-favorite coffee: i dont drink coffee.
-favorite smell: lula by tilt at pacsun
-what makes you mad: little things.
-favorite way to waste time: sleep, dur.
-what is your best quality: i dunno really. nobody ever says anything comment-like to me on a daily basis so idk.
-any bad habits: tons...
-do you find it hard to trust people: ehh sometimes.
-last thing you bought yourself: i guess the Story of the Year CD. ps- go out and buy it if you dont have it.
-bath or shower: it really depends how i feel.
-favorite season: fall.
-favorite flavor: of what?-- i guess its chocolate.
-favorite time of day: probably the afternoon.
-gold or silver: silver, but i enjoy white gold b/c its purrdy :)

-do you wear a watch: no.
-favorite pants color: blue jeans, any kind of wash.
-most expensive item of clothing: hmpf. im really not a big-spender on clothes b/c i have to pay for it by myself.
-most treasured: my leopard chuck taylors...i havent shown them to anyone at school yet. whooplah.
-do your friends know you: yeah. what kind of question is that?
-what do they tend to be like: friends...losers...haha im just kidding. i love them all.
-can you count on them: for anything and everything.
-can they count on you: see above.

-last book you read: summer reading shizz.
-last movie you saw: CASPER!!! i absolutely LOVE that movie.
-last movie you saw on the big screen: Dickie Roberts
-last show you watched on tv: i dunno.
-last song you heard: And The Hero Will Drown - SOTY
-last thing you had to drink: Coca Cola
-last thing you ate: fries
-last time you showered: yesterday.
-last time you smiled: a few hours ago.
-last person you hugged: pshh...i havent hugged anyone in a really long time.
-last person you talked to online: Bekki
-last person you talked to on the phone: Bekki, i think. yeah.

.:DO YOU:.
-smoke: eww no.
-do drugs: eerrr...wrong answer.
-drink: sometimes.
-sleep with stuffed animals: fark yeah.
-have a crush: yessum :(
-have a boyfriend/girlfriend: no
-have a dream that keeps coming back: yeah, its really freaking weird.
-play an instrument: yes.
-believe there is life on other planets: possibly.
-read the newspaper: uh huh.
-have any gay or lesbian friends: no. at least i dont think so...
-believe in miracles: i sure do.
-consider yourself tolerant: yeah.
-consider police a friend or foe: depends on the situation.
-like the taste of hard alchohol: its okay.
-have a favorite stooge: yeah, curly.
-believe in magic: i might.
-pray: sometimes.
-go to church: sometimes.
-have any secrets: who doesnt.
-have any pets: unfortunately.
-talk to strangers: all the time...
-have any piercings: yah.
-have any tattoos: not yet, but soon.
-hate yourself: maybe.
-wish on stars: when i want to.
-like your handwriting: only on days that end in y.
-believe in witches: i live with one.
-believe in ghosts: yes.
-believe in santa: eh.
-believe in the easter bunny: dont you mean peter cottontail?
-believe in the tooth fairy: sometimes.
-trust others easily: not all the time.
-sing in the shower: sometimes.

okay...thats it. i had nothing better to do so i
wrote in this damn thing. yeah. ill write at the
end of the week to describe the Spirit Week
festivities. holla. why the fuck did i just say
holla?? anyway...bye bye.
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Saturday, October 11th, 2003

Subject:How Dare You Say That My Behavior is Unacceptable...*
Time:11:06 pm.
Mood: contemplative.
Music:Maroon 5 - Harder to Breathe.
ugghh. i hate two-faced people. i hate life. i
hate the fact that one leg is shorter than the
other. i hate that im bigger than every girl
and it makes a difference to guys. i hate
girls. i hate guys. i hate, or should i say
dislike, people that ive known for a really
long time and its because of the stupidest
things. i hate how everyone else has some
one to like them and i dont. i hate reality. i
hate hate. son of a bitch. why do things
have to be like this? i never did anything
wrong to anyone, and at this point, i dont
give a fuck who doesnt accept that. i try to
be nice. i try, i try, i try, god damnit.
nobody has the ime of day to listen to me
babble about my damn problems b.c. all
they really care about is themself and how
they can change their life. well they need to
get a reality check b.c. the world DOES NOT,
YOU! all someone needs to do is just listen
and help, not say ways that you are wrong
and not the other person. in conclusion, my
life is worse than a crack-whore's and i
need to die. thank you for your precious time.

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Tuesday, October 7th, 2003

Subject:Lately Ive Been A Shell of Myself, Cant You See?
Time:6:13 pm.
Mood: excited.
Music:Mest - Shell of Myself.
Holy hell-o...i havent updated in a hella
long time. shit, i havent even done
anything that interesting either...except
for this friday, saturday, and sunday
only b/c...

the Bekkmeister came over,
twas horrible! haha, im just kidding.
bekki is crazy, like ive said before, but
anyway. so yeah, on friday we went to
the football game b/c my mahjah is in
the EPAA and i wanted to go. we left at
half-time, but in the meantime, these
little fucking 7th graders start saying
shit and it pissed me the fuck off....ohh
myy god. can those kids get any more
fucking gay then what they already are.
jebus chrysler! yeah, so i got upset,
cried, bekki helped me, along with my
other friends, well, friends of my bro n
sorts. my mom yelled at the little
fuckers. they cried too...good, they
deserved it. well now, im getting a little
into too much depth. but yeah, not fun.

on saturday, we went to my brothers
football game. the playground was soo
freaking cool! the game was in marlton.
i enjoy that field. bekki went there to
see this kid shawn fair. oh man, is this
kid hot for an 8th grader.
bekki likes to say, he has great sex
hair. i TOTALLY agree. yeah, so we
were gazing from afar until the game
started. along with the game starting,
so did the rain. it was so cold too. blah.
yeah, so they lost and bekki was gonna
grab his tooshie but when we turned
around, POOF...he was gone. shit. then
my brothers friend scooter hurt himself
badly. aww...poor scooter. my brother
got hurt too. he wasnt supposed to
play that night, so it was his fault.

on sunday, bekki had to go home early,
and she did. i just did hw, along with
yesterday, as well. yeah. today was
fun. i helped paint stuff for spirit week
with augistina...will stole her stuff and
forced us to come paint. we did an
amazing job at that as well. right on.
well i have to do hw and study for a
geometry quiz. i may update near the
end of the week. later losers....haha j/k.

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Saturday, September 27th, 2003

Time:5:51 pm.
Mood: drained.
Music:Story of the Year- Until the Day I Die.

Which Donnie Darko character are you? by Shay

hey...havent really done anything lately. i
did hang out with vicki, christina, and this
kid colin last night. it was fun. but i had to
leave early and i got in trouble by my mom
...oh freakin well...i have to babysit tonight,
so ill either update again tomorrow or mon.
by the way, i just thought that i should post
this awesome quiz. i love donnie darko<3...

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Wednesday, September 24th, 2003

Subject:Tell All The English Boys You Meet Bout The American Boy Back In The States...*
Time:7:30 pm.
Mood: groggy.
Music: Brand New- Jude Law and the Semester Abroad.
ehh...i really havent done anything lately.
just the usual; school, homework, sleep,
then i repeat. man, i feel like shampoo...
haha, i made a funny. you get it?! alright
then. theres only 31 days until my sweet
16. hooray for me! haha yeah. so, since i
have nothing to talk about, ill write when
i do. and you losers out there who actually
read my journal, whether you know me,
dont know me, love me, or hate me, put a
freaking comment. thank you, have a nice
day/night. later...

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Monday, September 22nd, 2003

Subject:Top Down, Seat Back, Rollin' In My Cadillac...*
Time:6:50 pm.
Mood: amused.
Music:Mest - Cadillac.
holy wow, i havent updated in a
while! i was gonna tell you abt. 2
weekends ago, but this weekend
was 10x better so ill share that...

on friday, bekki came home on my
bus. she was sleeping over for the
weekend. we got off the bus, she
checked her clothing bag and her
wallet and shirt wasnt in there. "uh
oh" you say? no, i had it covered.
we dashed down my street to catch
the bus and then we got her wallet
and shirt. hooray! my brother's best
friend scooter was there, too. then
we went to sleep...

on saturday, we got up early. then
we went to the rag shop. i got out
of my mom's truck and saw bridget.
she screamed, "daniella" and i yelled
"bridget". me and blee made shirts for
an anonymous reason. she knows why.
hey, we were bored. i dunno why. then
we went to my brothers football game.
they won. we blew horns. good times.
we were the good luck charms. we rock.
we did homework, too. then we went to
sleep again...

on sunday, we woke up early again. we
played the sims. we did some homework
again. then we went and got some grub
at slacks. kids chicken tenders came with
a toy. my sister said it looked like DNA. i
laughed. we walked over to the next plaza
and got my paycheck. nice. then walked
some more. i got in trouble, well, sorta kinda.
then bekki had to go. i was sad...

overall, i had a super weekend. bekki lee
is a crazy chick and she likes to blow the
air horn. shes my pal. my mom went to
party city and bought more air horns. im
glad. my birthday is soon. ill update later
b/c i need to finish my GT logs. oh no. later...

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Tuesday, September 16th, 2003

Subject:Oh, my head hurts like a bitch...
Time:6:03 pm.
Mood: sick.
Music:Straylight Run-It's For the Best.
well, since my other journal got suspended (no clue why)
and i enjoy writing in these things, i made a fun name. ill
tell you about the weekend later, only because my head
hurts like crazy. so, ill catch you all on the flip side. bye.

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