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    Monday, June 24th, 2013
    2:30 pm
    Ahh NEW
    So I am just guessing but I would assume I'm around 127 or more. Been a crazy up and down week/weeks.

    Today has been:

    B: banana, pb, coffee, hard boiled eggs
    L: salad with toppings, tuna,
    S: carrots, apple
    D: TBD! I'm guessing turkey, ham, hummus, chips
    Wednesday, May 1st, 2013
    9:49 am
    up down all around
    has been nuts the last couple weeks. went UP then went way down (126.4) because ive been running around, stressed, etc.

    today was 128.2 which i'll take. want to stay under 130 before i go to miami on sunday

    today will be

    B: banana, pb, yogurt with gf cereal
    S: carrots
    L: salad
    S: apple
    D: TBD- prob soup, turkey, cheese, etc

    EEEK hope to say down!!!!!!
    Wednesday, April 17th, 2013
    9:27 am
    up down all around
    so yest i was 130.8 and today i was 128.6. some reason yest i had no appetite and had a very small dinner i dont expect it to stay down that low but one can only hope

    AGAIN wake up, roll out of bed do like 2 situps. blah i just cant work out. leaving work early today going to walk part the way home so does that count? idk...

    today im planning on

    B: banana, pb, yogurt
    S: carrots
    L: salad?
    S: apple
    D: TBD-- prob eating out- yikes!
    Monday, April 15th, 2013
    9:50 am
    all over the place!
    130.0 even. Ok. I will take that for sure.

    Last night had a light healthy dinner but then had a payday! haha. Sometimes I Just can't help it. Miami in less than 3 weeks soo gonna try REALLY hard.


    B: banana, pb, yogurt with gf cereal
    S: carrots
    L: salad
    S: apple, a few gf pretzels
    D: TBD
    Monday, April 1st, 2013
    9:15 am
    weekend success!?

    i will take it. long weekend-- so nice, kept portions somewhat small so that is good. really wanna get down before i got to miami in a month!

    todays plan

    b: banana with pb, yogurt, lil bit of gf cereal
    s: carrots
    l: salad
    s: apple, a few welches ( i know i wont be able to help it)
    d: TBD-- prob spinach and an amys meal
    Wednesday, March 27th, 2013
    10:02 am
    Yesterday I was 132.8 (blah) and today I was 130.8 which I’m happy with but it figures because I’ve literally been running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

    Just gonna try to keep it up-portions small and healthy!


    B: banana, pb, yogurt with just a spinkle of gf cereal
    S: carrots
    L: salad
    S: apple
    D: TBD—probably soup or brown rice Amy’s meal?

    Trying not to snack on carbs!
    Monday, March 25th, 2013
    10:06 am
    133.0 no surprise here. i def went crazy this weekend.

    todays back on track

    b: banana, pb, yogurt with gf cereal
    s: carrots
    l: salad
    s: apple
    d: salad, plus something else?
    Friday, March 22nd, 2013
    10:16 am
    i'll take it
    130.8. kinda happy. been running around this week but i DID kinda splurge last night so happy with a lil that. my goal is to DEF be in the 120s by monday.

    MUST do goo this weekend!

    todays plan

    b: banana plus (too much) pb, yogurt with gf cereal
    s: carrots
    l: salad
    s: apple
    d: dunno but doing happy hr and then maybe grabbing a bite!?
    Tuesday, March 19th, 2013
    10:13 am
    well ok!
    131.8 this morning. been up and down back and forth with my habits and literally NO working out at all :/ eeek.

    today will be "good" i think and kinda getting into the back on track mindset.

    B: banana, pb, yogurt gf cereal
    S: carrots, apple
    L: gf sandwich from my fav place
    D: going out or ordering in sushi
    Thursday, March 14th, 2013
    1:48 pm

    UGh not surprised. Ran around like crazy yest then had a huge lunch and dinner. wahhh.

    todays been good but just opened a bag of gf pretzels and i am JUST about to polish it off (2.5 servings eek!)

    gonna keep it good tonite and cut back on carbs. we'll seeeeeeeeee
    Wednesday, March 13th, 2013
    11:01 am
    well ok!
    131.8 this morning. had a big sushi dinner last night but didn't eat too too much during the day so pretty happy with the "loss"

    today will be

    B: banana, pb (way too much-oops), yogurt with gf cereal
    S: carrots
    L: salad
    S: apple
    D: TBD- prob turkey, cheese, carrots & hummus, some kind of CARB!
    Friday, March 8th, 2013
    10:04 am
    same lame
    132.6 again. womp. was OK yesterday but had a dessert- almond joy- :/ like really late (kinda drunk)

    today will be OK- same ole then going home. snacks on bus- will try to keep healthy!
    Thursday, March 7th, 2013
    9:29 am
    not surprised!
    132.6 this morning. have literally had the WORST stomach issues this past week! feeling bloated yet practically had a stomach bug. ALSO i've been obsessing over carbs! eek! going home this weekend so hopefully that will help-- eating actual GOOD food!?

    plan-ish .. today

    B: banana, pb, 2 hard boiled eggs, yogurt with gf cereal
    S: apple
    L: salad?
    S: apple
    D: tbd

    need to cut down on the snacking/carb-o load!
    Wednesday, March 6th, 2013
    9:40 am
    idk what i was this morning. spent the nite at joes. yesterday was ok. ate a nice breakfast, lunch was rice, hummus, veggies, chicken (on set) but i think some gluten in there. dinner was taco night so big stuffed taco but only had one so that was good! i wish i coulda weighed this morning outta curiosity!

    we'll see tomorrow! :/

    todays plan:

    B: banana,pb, yogurt with gf cereal
    L: salad
    S: apple
    D: ? TBD!
    Tuesday, March 5th, 2013
    7:19 am
    131.2. so i did have cake at my office party yesterday buuutt i still have a stomach bug kinda so like how did i gain? no cool. gonna keep it healthy today. shoot today then dinner out tonight tho so who knows. eek!

    today beginning of the day will prob be:

    B: banana, gf cereal, yogurt
    S: apple, carrots, king bar
    L: who knows?
    D: i think mexican? :/
    Monday, March 4th, 2013
    9:39 am
    getting there
    130.4 this morn but i figured it shoulda been WAY less considering ive had a stomach bug like all weekend!? sheesh.

    keeping it light today.. didn't work out. but stomach still hurts and not much of an appetite!
    Friday, March 1st, 2013
    10:23 am
    131.0. yay. havent had much of an appetite the last day or so soooo i guess that is good!? need to keep this number going down.

    todays plan

    b: banana w. pb, yogurt with gf cereal
    s: carrots
    l: going out to lunch- hopefully just a salad
    s: apple
    d: going out for dinner-- eek!

    hoping i can continue doing well this weekend!
    Wednesday, February 27th, 2013
    10:33 am

    surprised bc yesterday during the day i wasn't so good but then i had a very small healthy dinner... so YAY. finally some progress. need to keep that number going downnnn


    B: banana, pb, yogurt gf cereal
    S: apple, gf pretzels
    L: kale with chicken (plus extra veggies)
    D: TBD
    Tuesday, February 26th, 2013
    8:59 am
    133.8. i guess i will take it. ive been so back and forth with being good!?


    i DID wake up and do a LITTLE workout this morning which really is better than nothing-- and planning to walk home from work..


    B: banana & pb, yogurt with gf cereal
    S: carrots
    L: salad, apple
    S: pretzels
    D: cucumber and tomato salad; kale and mushrooms
    Friday, February 22nd, 2013
    9:25 am
    not. happy.
    134.4. um what? i did not do that great yesterday (or the day before) but sheesh thats a big jump. i am going to go back and read what i was doing when i was staying in my 120s for a while. apparently i am not doing enough right now!

    plan today

    B: banana, pb, yogurt with gf cereal
    S: carrots
    L: salad, pretzels
    S: apple
    D: TBD

    Its when I get home before and after dinner when I get super lazy and have snacks etc. GRR

    Gonna try to "workout" after work today! This will be like a first for me!
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