Well, this is just a pitty...   
04:27pm 05/11/2004
mood: blah
So, good thing I didn't type anything langthy or drastic out, or I may've been even more pissed off. I stayed hom from school today, sick I shall say. I felt like shit ever since yesterday, I am getting better now I guess you could say. I dyed my hair, back to its original color, or somthing of the sort. Tyler e-mailed me. he said that it seems that i am e-mailing him more now. Well, lets see there are reasons behind that, although through e-mail and not much thought exchanged, Tyler is an easy person to talk to or tell anything to. Plus, duh I like him. Well, I am going to go. Later
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You can only Imagine...   
01:47pm 04/11/2004
mood: sick
**Heh, did I even spell the hole title right?**

Okay, so I had to come hole from school sick...I feel like compleat and udder crap. Mrs. Bundy-Jost said I looked white...Okay, so what am I Casper the friendly Ghost?...So anyway, I was walking home from the school and I look down and I see a cd **A burnt cd may I note** it said "Yea" on it, wow instantly it cought my attention...also it had no scatches or anything of the such, so I was like "Oh yes! must take some advantage to this!"...So I took it home...Popped it in my stereo, to find out its a MP3 cd...I was like oh sweet! Because I could use it to my advantage to finaly use the MP3 player on my stero...of course now I can't figure out how to use it, just how to play the MP3 cd...well, I do have to say there are some pretty cool musical artist on it. Three Six Mafia, ICP Fet. Twiztid, the Spongebob "Fun song", Akon, and some other artist that I can't think of. I normaly don't go for rap but HELL YA!. Expecialy since ICP and Twiztid are on it lol. Later ya'll
07:21am 04/11/2004
  Wow, they don't joke when they tell you that the pills will make you extreamly tierd. Wow, so I took my medication lastnight, like instructed by my doctor and like an hour later, I was out cold. I was watching drawn together then I was going to get on the computer for like a half hour, but it never happened I was out cold by 10:15pm. My grandma came in my room around midnight and told me to go to bed. I think she thought I was still awake. LOL. well anyway...hmm, nothing else to really say.
*If we only knew the truth about it*   
08:36am 03/11/2004
mood: content
music: Deftons- Change
Hmmm, its 8:37am...Got up like 20 minutes ago..yeehaw go me. lol. Talking to Brad right now....E-mailed Tyler, ate breakfast. Yup, did everthing I was supose to do this morning...hmm did I ever let the dog in? Yup. lol. So again today its a late start, but I have to go in early with Liz because she has to make up Gym Classes. Woohoo. I should've just said I would walk to school, probably so much easier then sitting there with her?.
I was sitting in school yesterday, 7th hour and I wanted to smack Vanessa stupid. She never does her homework, then assumes i'll let her copy mine...Um, no! Hey cool, half day friday oh yeah! This week is so messed up lol. I was up untill 11:30 lastnight, and then passed out cold. This morning I got woken up though becuase my uncle came over to pick my grandma up...at 6:30am..that's f'in insane.
I'm out
~!*Happy Halloween*!~   
08:52am 31/10/2004
mood: bouncy
music: Nelly- Over and Over
Haha, wow...I am in a good mood today.It's only 8:53am, but still I woke up in a fairly good mood. Its Halloween, so Happy Halloween to all ya'll. Today, I get to dress up and no one can say anything bad about it, becuase well, I don't know. Actually I probably won't do to much to dress up, put on some "face make-up" and my ICP t-shirt with Bryan's pants, JUGGALETTE...haha, I am only going to do that if Amanda and I actually go tricker treating, HELL YEAH...well, obviolsey I am not going tricker treating with her in Sheboygan...She isn't going tricker treating in Sheboygan anyway, shes going in St. Nazianz...Haha dork.
So, they got the new "MATCH 3 CAPS GET A FREE NFL T-SHIRT FROM BLAH BLAH" yeah, of course everyone should know, I am going for a Cowboys one, and a Vikings one. Yeah, im cute
10:05pm 28/10/2004
  So, Liz is back to thinking she is all that and a bag of fucking chips.Wow, nothing new there. Everytime I say somthing to her, it's like my head is randomly being bit off and chewed into millions of tiny peices. Can't you feel the love? I wrote a poem lastnight here read it okay?

I don't know who'll read this,
I don't think I care.
I'm ready to bust.
The only thought going through my head is,
Just die already,
know one cares.
Everyday I walk down the hall,
everyday I listen to all the bullshit,
everyones lies about me,
their every god damn fucking thought,
do I say or do anything?
No, I sit there and let them think it dosn't bother me,
sorry but it does,
it makes me want to cut the fuck out of my wrist,
I hate everything.
I want to die,
and I wan't to die now.
Let the blood rush down my wrist,
who gives a fuck anyway?

I feel depressed, I wanted to kill myself again. The first thought that came to my mind was bryan, sorry to my friends that they didn't come first I don't know, its just I love him, and no matter what I will always feel like what I do is for him. Brad is pissed off because I am suposadly letting my relationship with my boyfriend ruin a friendship, um yeah whatever thats fucking stupid to believe that. My sister is over here tonight, and she keeps eating everything in site, like always she is the pig. She went and got fucked tonight, wow dosn't suprise me. The girl has a boyfriend, and she cheated on him, and this is were she admited to me that she has cheated on him before, yeah um, I don't even have the same amount of respect for her as I did. I can't stand cheating at all anymore it makes me cringe. Lastnight, my cousin Billy was over. I had to baby sit my 9 month old baby cousin for like an hour and a half today, he wouldn't stop crying. I think he needed his diper changed, but my uncle forgot to bring his dipers and shit in the house before he left, poor kid. I don't think I ever want to have kids, Bryan said I do. Well I do but I don't know :P
08:54pm 27/10/2004
  If you think Nsync is where your dirty dishes are, you might be a redneck

if you think a 410k is your mother-in-law's bra size you might be a redneck

Oh shit...Redneck comedy normaly gets me...not tonight
Headache, or more?   
06:14pm 26/10/2004
mood: anxious
music: Tv
So, I found out I will have to go to the doctor because my mom assumes that I might have somthing more then just headaches wrong with me. She says its very un-likley to have headaches like I do.
Bryan called today *HEART!*...He told me that once he gets done with alternitive school he is aloud to have all of his phone privlages back. So, in about a month or maybe just a little bit more I will get to talk to him like old times. I CAN'T WAIT! I am so going to keep track of it.
01:49pm 25/10/2004
mood: depressed
music: I have "I knew I loved you" stuck in my head...
Hey, what’s up…? I am sitting in the computer lab…bored working on some new work for world Geography and like I have been doing for the last four days, weep around. I just got my grade back on a presentation… I got a 26/30…A lot of people in this class have no idea how to spell my name, its Ashli, not Ashley…I’m just sitting here trying not to get caught typing…I’m a smart ass though and am typing this onto word document then pasting it into my diary. I want to give Bryan the link to my diary but I know he will never read it, at least not until he gets internet at home, and god only knows if that’ll ever happen. Oh wow, I also got an 11/15 on a quiz, is that any good? I hope so…I tend to wonder. I don’t know…I am going home right after school. I am really hoping Bryan calls me too before his mom gets home, but I doubt it because I think he has to go to his grandma’s when he is suspended from school which really sucks. Well I think I am going to go so I can work on my homework so later ya’ll...
*depressing sigh*   
07:37pm 24/10/2004
mood: depressed
Got to talk to Bryan for like 10-15 minutes today, I was ready to ball my little eyes out when he told me he had to get off the phone. *sigh*...Depressed. Wan't to talk to my baby, so bad. I don't want to smile, laugh or anything enless I am talking to my sweetheart. *No body wants to see the brides beaver...* Yeah, I bet they do...Damnit, I don't get to go to Texas anymore for Christmas. You know how much my fucking Christmas is going to suck now. We had it planned so that I would get to spend christmas with my baby, now that fucking day is just going to be one of those ultra depressing god damn days. I need to feel him embrace me
what the fuck ever
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Can't sleep   
08:32am 24/10/2004
mood: depressed
music: Uncle Cracker- Follow me
I guess going to sleep at 10:30pm, will result in me waking up at 8AM...Oh well. Course' Bryan's on my mind like always. I was listening to Savage Garden "I knew I loved you before I met you" and started getting all teary eyed. I wrote him a letter lastnight. I'll send it tomorrow. It's weird, its not like me to send only ONE letter down there, normaly its like 6 (Smile?)...Grandma says everything is going to be okay, well I hope she is right. I fell asleep lastnight, holding his picture then I woke up at 1:25AM, freakin' out becuase I couldn't find the picture...It somehow got on the floor (does it help that my bed is on the floor?)...
My frog played disapearing act again...someone (grandma I am suspecting) took the little covers off the front holes and he got out that way I think, all I know is I looked for him, and once again he was sitting on top the tank...I wonder what he does when he gets out of that tank...does he explore my room or just sit there all humble like?
I need to clean my room, and finish my homework today, but I don't want to...Haha, some retarted lifegaurd boy from New Jersey is all tryin' to get me to go on cam, and calling me hot...whatever...fuckin' idiots.
10:37pm 19/10/2004
  I got susspended again maybe if I stop SWARING so much...@$$holes  
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