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Down this road before [11 Dec 2003|06:48pm]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | apc- noose ]

I have been down alot lately.. I had a breakdown today since my project on the cd wouldn't play.. I almost threw myself out the window right then and there.. But it's all okay now.. Everything else is just reallly stressing me out.. I just can't be happy and myself.. I am soo worried, worried.. As Michael said I just need to have some fun.. So I think I will, this weekend. Any takers? And I mean real fun, not just going to the movies.. So boring. I want to do something exciting... School is almost over, then I can breathe easily.. I hate being a fucking overachiever.. Well homework time... Adios.. By the way.. Get some balls or that joke was funny..

<3 Crying Rabbit

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