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Take one step forward, take two back [01 Sep 2003|12:24am]
[ mood | drained ]
[ music | Radiohead-Morning bell ]

Everything outside of school shouldn't be stressful.. So my weekend continues to be great! NOT!!!! Joe and I texted each other back in forth until 1 last night.. Nothing good came out of that.. Woke up at 8 went to my Dad's.. Stopped by to see how the truck looked.. OMFG!!! The front was all smashed up, I wanted to cry! That was one of the other main things that my parents last bought, now gone and demolished! I took pictures.. Then we went to the house, ate breakfast.. Did alot of nothing.. Took a nap then went to Youth.. I wore my housewife dress.. I love it! One of the ladies complimented me on it! teeheehee.. Some other stuff happened, not important enough to mention.. Lin-z picked me up and took me home I did my chores watched this show on the family channel Perfect Match: New York.. I thought it was cute.. I liked it.. Just what I needed to add to the flame of my hopeless romanticness.. Finally my Dad picked me up so he bought me my dinner which was of course SUSHI! Came back to his house, and we watched Gangs of New York.. Fucking awesome ass movie!!!!!!!!! Lots of bloodshed but hey still a good quality movie! Ben called and asked if I was still going to Adventure Island but I have homework so I declined then told me his mom invited me to go to his aunt's birthday dinner.. I'm going, but I'm realllllly nervous! We aren't even dating.. I swear our mom's want us to get married, so now I call him my hubby! LMAO.. Then Joe called to see if I wanted to hang out.. But it was late so yet again I declined.. :sigh: I wish I could of hung out with Bu more, but hey what can you do? Everything is upside now.. Time for sleep..

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Maybe [01 Sep 2003|01:48pm]
[ mood | nervous ]
[ music | Acceptance- Permanent ]

On Saturday the Joes and I were talking about the word maybe, and how girls like to say it. Like if a guy asks you "wanna fuck" or something and you say maybe. They might stop asking b/c then they think they might have a chance.. Maybe is such an ugly world.. It gives people hope when you don't have the guts to say no.. I know I have used that word so many times to get out of things. In fact I just did.. Maybe later, maybe one day.. This one day at lunch this IB girl said to me kiddingly, "Eww you're trad you can't sit here." So I said angerly, "How about I kick your ass." It's just not funny, you know.. Because daily I try and get Trads and IBs to get along.. It doesn't work as well.. But you know, what can you do? Maybe I'm slowly losing my sense of humor! NOOOOOOOOO!!! Right now I would rather get shot in the face than have to go to that dinner with Ben's family.. If only our parents don't want us to forever together.. I'm sooo nervous!!! Now I might have to subject him to my family.. But I won't save him from grandma or Jairo.. MUHAHAHAHAH! But he would probably just talk to Jairo about soccer so that's not fair! Anyways.. I have a shitload of homework to do before I go! :sigh: Later peoples..

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