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break his heart and ill kick ur ass! [10 Mar 2003|07:58pm]
[ mood | creative ]
[ music | further seems forever ]

Today I was told by Nikki that if I broke Joe's heart that she would kick my ass.. I mean she makes it seem as though I look around the school and say, "Okay he's next, I'm gonna break his heart!" I don't want to hurt Joe.. He's like my lil bro.. I figured out today bring jealous is a really bad thing.. It can make you turn against those you care about.. Never in your life let yourself get angry at someone you care about if you can't have them.. Be happy for that person.. It is better to have loved than lost? I am making THE NINJA NOTEBOOK! It's gonna be soo awesome.. I found these pictures in this Marvel Coloring Book of this Ninja looking chick! There are like 5 ninjas now.. Most of them are on the team.. It's gonna be great.. We are gonna fight crime!! YEEHA! I know that I must sound like a retard but for once I don't give a shit and I'm happy. Today has been kinda ruff but I'm still smilin... I don't know whats up with me.. I don't know if it's because of Joe.. But I just hope this feeling lasts.. I miss being happy.. Need to finish the NINJA NOTEBOOK!! YES! \
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