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forget me love, for there is nothing left to give [28 Feb 2003|04:41pm]
[ mood | devious ]
[ music | Sparta-wiretap scars ]

Last nite Nick and I had a fight.. He's a prick. That's all I'm going to comment on that.. If I say more I'll just get really pissed.. Right now I would rather be in the presence of Ryan than that stupid fucker Nick.. Anyways.. Enough of that.. Today was shit.. I had to sit through that dumb Cosmo Fest.. Our school is soo fucking ghetto.. Pardon the language.. I was looking for this kid Doug was talking about in the yearbook and I read what everyone had written to me.. Everyone from crew had written something to the effect of, "Stay with Jared" "He's a good guy" blah blah blah.. And I know that it's all true.. Jared and I were having a strange conversation last nite.. I need to explain a lot to him so he can better understand me.. Everything is so fucked up right now.. Everyone is sick or just horrible.. I don't want to go back to school.. Sitting in my room and stare at the walls is more appealing than school. Tomorrow I go shopping YAY! Then to Liesel's b-day party.. I will probably be the only tradition girl there.. Great. Someone shoot me now..
Andrew Soom gave me a ride home.. That was scary.. Thankfully Meg was in the car.. He ate a leaf today... Thanks to Megan.. It was great.. Catman is a prick..

<3 always and forever

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