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pain- o- rama [18 Feb 2003|09:19pm]
[ mood | hungry ]
[ music | saves the day ]

Well today pretty much sucked.. Well first Ryan was being a prick.. Him and Nikki were yelling at each other.. It was so dumb. She would yell," You're a dumbass, you smoke!" While she smokes herself. He would say, "You're a whore!" He gave me the finger.. I think he was just trying to look badass in front of his friends.. I talked to Nick.. Well I wrote him a note.. I told him the truth.. I'm such a sucker.. :( Today was just bizarre.. I went to practice and nearly killed myself.. We had to do 5 yes 5 1500 pieces.. OMG did it hurt! Oh ya Ryan was bragging about going to see Less than Jake.. I was thinking about going.. Well Nick talked about going. Wouldn't that be a hoot.. Being with Nick and seeing Ryan since Jannus isn't all that big.. But I need to stop caring about all that crapola!! I almost totally forgot to mention about seeing AAR with Alex and Nikita.. It was fun.. But this kid kept on hitting me with his arm, I wanted to drop kick his ass!!! Ya I need to finish my world history before we get vaporized like Ms. Dowling tells Nikita..

sour kisses

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