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shit day [03 Feb 2003|08:04pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | sparta-wiretap scars ]

Today was really shitty, well literally.. A bird pooped on my bookbag today at crew!! I knew I shouldn't of gone. Nikita keeps on telling me to stay home, but nah.. I got attacked today at practice by Joe and Alyssa kept on saying, " Stop flirting with the freshman!" I hate it when I'm about to get raped people just stand there and stare!! What crapola! Ryan won't leave me alone :( It's funny how when I get over the bastard he won't go away.. Catman and I are cool again.. ::sigh:: I hit 3 cones today during Driver's Ed. Good job me! Watch out everyone I'm on the road!! That's a scary thought!! Nikita's new name for me is Cowboy! YEEHA!! I'm going to see Final Desination 2 with Nikita and Alex on Friday even though I haven't seen numero uno.

<3 <3 Cowboy

sour kisses

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