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    Friday, October 3rd, 2003
    8:38 pm
    hello everyone. I am very bored. Today was a weird day. I stayed at school for 3 extra hours. I watched a Tennis game.. well i should say tennis practice.. they didnt really play. it started to rain, so i left. Do you really want to know about tennis? No. well, im going to talk about it anyway. Not anymore. I think I have some kind of bladder problem.. overactive bladder I am guessing.. I seriously have to go every hour.. okay back to tennis. heh not really. This is boring, eh? Tomorrow I think i might start moving into my sisters room. I finally get a big room.

    My room right now is like a closet.

    I am going to stop boring you with my stories about tennis and my bladder. gooday

    "Have some of that new fashoined peanut brittle, on me" --David Cross, The Great Philouza, Mr. Show

    Current Mood: freakin idiot
    Current Music: They Might Be Giants : Why Must I Be Sad?