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[03 Feb 2003|08:47pm]
haha check this shit out: < a href="">What you are
speak your mind

[03 Feb 2003|08:47pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | a sorta fairytale - tori amos ]

haha check this shit out: < a href="">What you are

speak your mind

First entry [01 Feb 2003|02:55pm]
[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | pickpocket - at the drive-in ]

Hey everyone! I dunno what to put for a first entry, so I'll just put a survey so you can get to know me..

`On you...

x. Name: Sara
x. Nicknames: Sari, Sari-O, Sara Bear, Sara Pooh
x. Age: 15
x. Hair color: Brown/black with red highlights
x. Birthday: April 18th, 1987
x. Eye Color: Brown
x. Siblings: Yeah
x. How do you describe yourself: Unpredictable, funny, nice to certain people..
x. Do you have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Nope

`Have you...

x. Fallen for your best friend: No
x. Made out with JUST a friend : No
x. Been rejected: Yeah, alot of times
x. Been in love: Eh, at the time I thought I was.. but looking back at it I guess I wasnt
x. Used someone: No way, thats just wrong
x. Been used: Yes, I know I have and it sucks. I wouldnt do that to anyone
x. Cheated on someone: No, and I would never
x. Been cheated on: No, at least I don't think so
x. Done something you regret: Yes, I've done alot

`Who was the last person...

x. You touched: Myself... lol no I'm kidding... umm no one.. I'm not a big fan of touching people..
x. You talked to: My mom
x. You hugged: No one
x. You instant messaged: I'm not talkin to anyone right now
x. You yelled at: My mom probably
x. You laughed at: I dont know
x. Who broke your heart: Many guys.

`Do you...

x. Color your hair: Yeah
x. Have tattoos: No
x. Piercings: Just my ears 3 times
x. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend/both: No, I wouldnt have both.. eww
x. Floss daily: Yeah
x. Own a webcam: Yeah
x. Ever get off the damn computer: Haha when my eyes start hurting from it
x. Sprechen sie deutsche: Pardon?
x. Habla espanol Ce amigo: Hey fucking retard there is no "ce" in the Spanish language :)

`Have you...

x. Considered a life of crime: No, not really
x. Considered being a hooker: Sometimes.. haha no
x. Considered being a pimp: No
x. Are you psycho: To some, yes.. to others, I'm merely interesting
x. Split personalities: Haha no but that would be amusing.
x. Obsessive: Over some things, I'll admit I am
x. Obsessive compulsive: Now whats the difference?
x. Panic: Alot
x. Anxiety: Yeah
x. Depression: No, I don't have much to be depressed about
x. Suicidal: I've thought about it, I mean, come on who hasn't? But its never gotten past that.
x. Obsessed with hate: No
x. If you could be anywhere, where would you be: Anywhere but here
x. What are you listening to: Crazy - Aerosmith
x. Can you do anything freakish with your body: Nope, I'm normally jointed
x. Chicken or fish: Chicken
x. Do you have a favorite animal: Kangaroo


x. Current Clothes: Jeans & T-shirt
x. Current Mood: Tired
x. Current Music: Aerosmith
x. Current Taste: Nothing... maybe tooth paste from brushing this morning.. but.. thats it.
x. Current Hair: Messed up haha
x. Current Annoyance: People in general
x. Current Smell: Paint.. my mom & stepdad are painting the house
x. Current thing I ought to be doing: Homework I left at school
x. Current Desktop Picture: Its uh... an ocean or something
x. Current Favorite Group: Stone Temple Pilots
x. Current Book: Im not reading any book right now, though I should be
x. Current DVD In Player: Ted Bundy... or Ghost World.. I forgot :\
x. Current Worry: I dont know, I feel im going to lose someone I care for, Im kinda scared
x. Current Crush: I dont know really, there are people I like right now, but yeah.. I dunno
x. Current Favorite Celebrity: Trent Reznor, John Frusciante, Edward Norton


x. Color: Black, red, and silver
x. Shoes: My new ones
x. Candy: Candy makes me sick...
x. TV Show: Beavis & Butthead, even tho its not on anymore
x. Movie: Dude wheres my car, Half Baked, Beavis & Butthead do america, Tommy Boy, Black sheep, American History X, Con Air
x. Dance: Uhh what?

`Are you...

x. Understanding: Yeah, I try to be.. I'm not all the time though
x. Open-minded: Yes, I try to be that too
x. Insecure: Yeah, who isnt?
x. Interesting: I dunno, to some people maybe
x. Hungry: No not really
x. Friendly: Yeah, I try to be again..
x. Smart At: Alot of things, but I'm also not at alot of things too
x. Moody: Oh god dont get me started
x. Childish: At times, I can be extremely childish
x. Independent: Uhh I dont know, I live with my parents right now.. but yeah
x. Hard working: Haha not really
x. Organized: Not really
x. Healthy: Nope
x. Emotionally Stable: A little.. hah a little
x. Shy: Around the guys I really like
x. Difficult: When im upset
x. Bored: 90% of the time
x. Thirsty: Yeah
x. Responsible: Hahahahahahahahahhahahaha.. when i want to be, and thats not alot
x. Sad: Yeah, usually I am
x. Happy: Not all the time, but I can be
x. Trusting: In certain people
x. Talkative: Yeah very
x. Unique: Ehhh.. i guess?
x. Needy: No not really

`Who do you want to...

x. Kill: Oh.. this is a fun question.. too many people to name
x. Slap: Too many people to name
x. Look like: No one, I think everyones ugly, including myself
x. Be like: Myself
x. Talk to offline: Alot of people, I dont know?

`On Preferences...

x. Chocolate milk or hot chocolate: both heh
x. McDonalds or Burger King: Ewww yuck yuck
x. Marry the perfect lover or the perfect friend: both.. if your spouse isnt your best friend, or one of them.. forget it.
x. Sweet or sour: Sweet
x. Root Beer or Dr. Pepper: Ugh I hate pop
x. Sappy/action/comedy/horror: comedy or drama
x. Cats or dogs: both
x. Ocean or Pool: Pool
x. Cooler Ranch or Nacho Cheesier: Cooler Ranch
x. Mud or Jell-O wrestling: Mud, jello youd get all sticky
x. With or without ice-cubes: With
x. Shine or rain: Shine
x. Winter/Summer/Fall/Spring: Spring
x. Vanilla or Chocolate: Chocolate
x. Snowboarding or skiing: Snowboarding
x. Cake or cookies: Ewww
x. Cereal or toast: Cereal
x. Gloves or mittens: Gloves
x. Eyes open or closed: Open
x. Fly or breathe under water: Fly
x. Bunk bed or water bed: Waterbed
x. Chewing gum or hard candy: hard candy
x. Motor boat or sailboat: Neither I hate boats
x. Lights on or off: Off

`Whats your favs...

x. Number: 16
x. Holiday: my birthday or christmas
x. Radio station: I despise the radio
x. Place: Anywhere where there are people I can see, and some to make fun of
x. Flower: Doesnt matter, they all look nice, although I like tiger lillies
x. Scent: Anything that smells good...

speak your mind

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