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Saturday, June 14th, 2003
10:40 pm - Somewhere, over the rainbow...
I've actually got a little bit of writing done today! It's rather exciting. I just now churned out a page of Rumrunner. They're now inside the speakeasy. I guess reading GoF while sitting on the couch while the Sopranos were on is the perfect way to get into gangster!Filch mode. I really do write the oddest characters. Not many people have Gangster!Filch, Redneck!Draco, Stripper!Ginny, Homicidal!Neville and Cannibal!Lucius on their resume. Now, if they were all in the same story it would be very impressive indeed. :) I also got two pages of SB written, though the barbeque is just now starting. That chapter is already at over 2000 words, when typical chapters run 1200-1500 words, and I'm just now getting to what I'd intended to write! But I'm pretty sure the side-tracked writing is good, and pretty humorous. That's the tough part of writing humor- you never know when you've killed something. I wonder if I should edit out one of the Pansy jokes. Two in the same chapter might be a bit much- but the last one was pretty darn good. I really, really need to get that done. Same with Rumrunner. Of course, I've been working on them, not just ignoring them, but still.

In other news, the camping trip is off. To be honest, I'm a little relieved. Rachel sounded a bit relieved on the phone, too. Jessica and Ashley backed out. I bet Sammy and Jason were disappointed, they like the outdoorsy thing. Hopefully the next group activity will be something less wilderness-inclined. I feel like I never see them anymore- They all go to UT and Carson Newman. I have to say I'm much happier with my schooling choice. I couldn't have stood with having 200+ sized classes. I don't like it when my gen ed classes run bigger than thirty.

Humorous conversations with Dad tonight included Detroit taking over Canada, Bill Clinton as Satan, and how much TV used to suck. (They would only show 15 (!) minutes of NASCAR, then ice skating and whatever else happened to be happening, and then go back for another 15 minutes of NASCAR! I was only like ten, but I coulda told them to just show NASCAR!) Other topics included Hank Williams starting the drug craze amongst rockers (Morrison, Janis all copied HIM!) and Evel Kineval's greatest wrecks. These kind of conversations are why I wish he was home much more often.

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Friday, June 13th, 2003
9:31 pm - random ramble
Wow, it feels strange. I haven't gotten on the computer hardly any over the past two days. I was only online about half an hour yesterday, and today barely more. I have read no fanfic whatsoever, and have written even less. (Sorry!) Basically, all I've done is check my mail and breeze through my favorite sites. FA is closing for new chapter submissions from Thursday until Wednesday, so that kinda turns the heat up on me if I want to get Rumrunner's new chapter up before OotP. Especially since I've gotten little to none done this week, and I don't know how busy my beta is going to be. Gah. Were I Samantha, I would just twinkle my nose and the speakeasy scene would just appear. Beacuse that's really all that's left- the continuation from last chapter is done, and the last scene is done, just needs some tweaking. So just the speakeasy scene. SB also needs to be worked on. I have decided I'm not gonna bother working on that collab fic until after OotP unless I randomly get everything done early. Way things are looking now, tis doubtful. *glares at scenes that are so very clear in mind, yet so unbelievably stubborn when it comes time to emerge into the bright, cruel world*

On another note, is acting very screwy. It wasn't accepting submissions the other day (and I wanted Yelhsa to get the chapter I'd beta'd for her up, too!) and then, the other day, I got four lovely, lovely reviews from a new reader of SB (fresh blood! Always exciting!) and they haven't shown up on the site at all. Not even on my stats page. I'm a bit miffed.

What else did I have to rant about? Nothing's coming to mind, though I thought there was something else. Oh well.

I have just been called 'the unholy child' by my youngest sister. Just because she just realized, upon my mother's announcement that it was her fourteenth wedding anniversary, that our parents had not been married at the time of my birth. Barely in time for my other sister's birth, in fact. But I am amused because my mom told me that I picked her a bouquet from the courthouse's flowerbeds for the ceremony. Ha! I stole public property for my parent's wedding! How much does that rock?

I seriously get amused by the strangest things.

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Wednesday, June 11th, 2003
5:44 pm - Summer
Reasons why summer is good:

Warm weather.
Sleeping in.
Ice cream tastes better.
No papers.
Skimpy shirts. (The hippy kind with lots of ties are the funnest to wear. I've also grown fond of halter tops. But I don't wear Daisy Dukes, so therefore I don't look like a ho.)

Things I dislike about summer:

Hot weather.
Sticking to the leather seats of the car.
Seeing large people in too small clothing.
Sticky children.


Today's writing accomplishments so far: One sentence of SB and one half a page of Rumrunner. Would have written more, but bad thunderstorm rolled through. Knocked out power for a minute. Thought for sure I'd lost my precious half page of Rumrunner, but there was thankfully a backup copy. *hugs computer*

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Tuesday, June 10th, 2003
2:55 pm - Mother nature and soap operas
I agreed to go CAMPING just a few minutes ago. Me! Camping! I don't LIKE nature, I don't like sleeping on the ground, and most importantly, I don't like to camp!

Oh well. I'll get to see everybody, and it'll get me out doing something for a couple of days. Next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Then, the wait for OotP won't be as bad, because I'll only be home Wednesday evening and Thursday, when I'll go that night to pick it up.

My mouth is completely not connected to my brain, I think. I don't even know where we're going camping at- Rachel just said something about 'not Townsend' and perhaps 'Fort Loudon or Lauderdale or something.' *shrugs* Who knows what'll happen.

I mentioned my soap-opera plotline in a comment yesterday, and now I'lls hare it. It isn't exactly a story, but it's still pretty entertaining.

I realized that I have a passion for soap opera type stories. You know, where Character A is the long lost sibling of Character B, which causes much angst because they were Romantically Involved, and Character A is pregnant, but it's okay because the baby's daddy is really Character B's best friend.

You know, the total cheesy but oh-so-enjoyable type of thing. Ginny is seeing Draco on the sly, but has a wicked hot one night stand with Harry. She then finds out that Molly had a wicked hot one night stand with Lucius that resulted in her. SHe is at first overjoyed at the prospect of having a REAL sugar daddy, but then is quickly squicked as she realizes that she's been doing the nasty with her half brother. While the shock is still shocking, she realizes that she's pregnant. Much math and praying is in order before she finally decides that the baby belongs to Harry, despite the fact that she's been with Draco many more times within that particular time frame. So Ginny goes to Harry, and announces to him he's knocked her up, ad he'd best marry her before her hoard of angry brothers attack. He quickly agrees, and they go to an Elvis chapel in Vegas. Harry has no clue about her relationship with Draco. Months later, baby is born, with, to Ginny's relief, red hair. It is only once she gets it home to hubby Harry's that she notices that child's grey eyes. Big dilemma, Ginny goes stealth with the knowledge that her child is really the result of an incestuous joining, and the story closes.

Wouldn't that rock?

I think I have a running theme in my D/G stories.

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Monday, June 9th, 2003
4:56 pm - Writing and books
I finally got some written on Rumrunner! Woo hoo!

I got a little over a page written, and the hardest part- actually starting the chapter. I have the oddest system ever of writing this story. I originally thought it would be a long one shot, but then my start hit fifteen pages it was nowhere near finished, so I was like, cool, sa short chaptered fic. I divided what I had up, and then fixed up the prologue. Kept writing on it, and now I have three chapters done, the fourth finally on its way, and scenes from the next four chapters all written up. My minor insecurity with this story is the fact that it is mostly OCs. (My major insecurity being that I'm not an expert on Prohibition era gangsters, but I'm doing enough research to make up for that.) I mean, for the majority of the story (meaning everything but the prologue and the epilogue) my characters are Argus Filch and whoever he happens to run across. I just make up characters to fit the roles that need to be fit, and write them how they present themselves. I don't do those character profiles like I see other people doing. I don't have the slightest fear of my beautiful girl being a Mary Sue, or any of my tough boys being Gary Stus. I just write them how I come across them.

That was kind of a big rant on that topic. Oh, and I finally realized where some of my characterizations were coming from- the Stephanie Plum books. That's also probably where my humorous death scene inspiration's coming from, too. I can't wait until To the Nines comes out... I'm still a bit miffed that the release date for it got pushed back because of Harry Potter. Those books are just the best.

On another note, I've gotten the urge to read more Poppy Z Brite, but there just isn't any to be had. Why oh why didn't I buy The Lazarus Heart when I saw it that time? I am retarded! I know how hard it is to find Brite's books (my six month search for Exquisite Corpse) so I don't have any excuse. Though it isn't like I don't have anything else to read. The 1920s stuff, re-read GoF before OotP, Good Omens, start on my summer reading- I still need to find those Ursula le Guin ones, and those other few that I really don't want to buy new... A trip to McKay's is in order, I believe. As soon as I get someone to take me. I'm not in the mood to trust my car at the moment. First it's leaking transmission fluid, then it isn't, then it's fine... I blame my dad's anti-Ford comments while in hearing distance of the poor thing. Look at what happened to his Freightliner when he talked about getting a Peterbuilt.

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Sunday, June 8th, 2003
5:34 pm - Earrings and inspiration
I bought a new pair of earrings today. Nice big silver hoops. I, for some reason or another, adore big silver hoops- these brush against my neck, unless I'm leaning forwards, then they hit my cheeks. They're wonderful. I watched my Metallica DVD last night with Dad while Sue was over. (I swear, if I'd given birth less than a week ago I'd be keeping myself at home and resting...) It was just the band jamming out all the tracks of the cd, but it rocked. Oh, how it rocked. I'm still not sure how I feel about Rob, but I'll give the boy credit- he can play. Even if he does pose all monkey-like while he plays.

Had a humorous conversation while watching, though it was insulting towards Canada and ended up with Canada becoming Alabama Junior. I think that's all that really needs to be said.

I want to get the next chapter of Rumrunner written! I have the scene that's giving me trouble pictured in my mind, but everytime I go to type it out, my mind gets hit by a Freightliner and completely shuts down. Why can't I just write it? I wrote down a summary of what happens, I have that block of text that can come across in the dialogue, but my gangsters have abandoned me. Grr, I say. Grr.

Maybe if I listen to the songs that inspired it in the first place. And find some stories that take place during this era. I think I'll re-read "Aryans and Absinthe" and "Triads" from Revelations, and search my bookshelf for other 1920s/30s stories. Even stuff from the teens... IF that doesn't get my mind in the right era, I don't think anything will.

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Saturday, June 7th, 2003
4:22 pm - Blazing Fury
Today's topic is roller coasters. (at Zu's suggestion :P)

I love roller coasters, though I really haven't ridden that many good ones. The thrill of flying through the air in such a controlled manner is awesome, it really is. I always get completely apprehensive while waiting in line, even though I know that there's no way anything is going to happen to me.

The Blazing Fury at Dollywood is my absolute favorite roller coaster. Not because it's thrilling, not because it goes fast. It doesn't do either. But it's wonderful in a whole different way. The Blazing Fury is indoors, and underground. You enter through a rough looking building decorated like a fire station, and descend down a ramp. You end up in a dark, dank smelling room crammed full of people. It's a madhouse, and you just elbow your way through the crowd until you reach the far right side of the room, where the gates to get in the front cart are.

Then, you have to line up to get with the people you want on the same coaster, because if you have more than two people it's near impossible.

Finally, the little carts arrive, and you walk through the small gate that never fails to remind me of the starting gate at a horse race. You sit down in a plastic red seat, and exclaim that the seat is wet. It doesn't matter that you know the seat will be wet, you complain about it anyway. The little bar in front is lowered, and then the ride begins.

You find yourself clanking through absolute darkness. Suddenly, the ride comes around a bend, and there's a scene of old timey looking people who are obviously named Cletus and Mabel and the like. There are cheesy pre-recorded statements given by the characters. More scenes pass by, some of burning buildings and people trapped. My personal favorite statement by any of the characters in this is, "You look like you've been kissing on a steam train!"

Then, you come around a bend. A scene of a water fall is next to you, and there is an actual good drop from where the coaster is to the bottom of the pool. You turn around, and are greeted with a dinging sound and a bright light,and a bunch of signs all proclaiming that a train is up ahead. You travel closer, and closer...

Until the coaster drops suddenly. The ride speeds up finally, and a few bends and one giant splash of water later, you're back where you started.

And that is the Blazing Fury.

Other favorite roller coasters are: Tennessee Tornado (also at Dollywood) and the Loch Ness Monster (Bush Gardens, VA)

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12:25 am - Dress robes and pumpkin juice
This is inspired by a conversation I had with my sister a few minutes ago, during which I randomly read the ferret scene from GoF out loud while giving the characters silly voices. (McGonagall sounded strangely Scottish, Moody like a drunk rock star trying to growl lyrics they couldn't really remember, Harry like a little girl, Draco kinda shrieking)

What do dress robes actually look like?

I mean, I have a pretty clear mental image of the male dress robes. They look rather silly, and vaguely nightgownish. Sort of like priest's robes. All in all, I wouldn't want to see a group of teenage boys dressed in what amounts to nightgowns, but wizard's clothing choices are obviously strange to any not initiated to the culture.

But what about girl's dress robes?

Are they the same as the guys'? Are they mostly the same, with lower necklines and tighter bodices? Are they more gown-like in appearance? These are the kind of thoughts that I can't figure out. I finally decided on the second choice listed here, but that makes some of the mental dress robes steer dangerously close to Morticia Addams' wardrobe. Would that be very much a scandelous outfit? Are the wizards really much more sexually conservative and prudish in clothing than Muggles, or are they about the same? Why won't JKR ever answer these questions?

Well, because the series is aimed towards children, most likely.

I also had another thought on pumpkin juice. Pumpkin juice sounds absolutely repulsive to me. Completely gross. I have no doubt that other Muggleborn students would feel the same way. However, do they get their mothers to send them six packs of cokes so that they don't have to drink the pumpki juice, or do they have ot live with it? Have any of the Muggleborns started a racket by selling Muggle drinks and foods to the other students for outrageous prices? I can just imagine Justin Finch-Fletchly doing dealings in back halls and under stairwells, selling coke to the desperate caffeine addicted students.

I hope more insight into little things like this is given in OotP. I'm now getting very antsy waiting for it to come out (two weeks!).

On another note- My much-internally-debated-over self plug at the end of Shotgun acually worked- Luck be a Lady got a shiny new review. Actually, that one got a review on FA the other day that just said, "I can't believe you made Ginny a stripper!" I chose to take that as a compliment on my obviously unparalleled creativeness. ;) I still haven't written any more on Rumrunner, though I think I have the beginning of the speakeasy scene worked out in my mind. I keep getting distracted from it in my insane urge to read bad, semi-smutty D/Hr fics. I think I've gone insane. But Yelhsa told me she's been reading a lot of Scott/Jean lately instead of Kitty/Kurt, so maybe it's just a natural need to read something that normally is completely unappealing to you.

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Thursday, June 5th, 2003
8:02 pm - Metallica rocks!!
Why are really terrible fics so addicting? It's like a train wreck- you know it's going to be terrible, but you have to keep on watching anyway. Gah.

Happy happy today because I bought St. Anger. It's a great, great album- have been listening to it all day. They went back to the old days for style- I'd say it sounds like a mixture between the black album and Justice. It also came with a dvd of the band performing all the songs- I haven't had time to watch that yet. Also, I went to Hastings to get it, and got a free poster with it. I'm planning on scooting my Nirvana poster over and down, then kinda overlapping the two. I really need more wall space.

Fic wise, I did decent today. I got chapter ten of Shotgun written and posted. (I'm working on getting those chapters longer, this one was about two hundred words longer than usual.) I got nothing done on Rumrunner except to decide that the gangsters would drink scotch. That really isn't much progress, considering I wanted to have that one done by, you know, three days ago. Gah. Tomorrow, I will work on it. I really wanted to finish that Petunia fic I started forever ago, too. I think I'll cut what I have short, and return to the actual story I started out telling, instead of telling her life story. Yeah, that would be good.

I'm still giddy over Metallica. Four years worth of waiting does that to a girl :)

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Wednesday, June 4th, 2003
1:40 pm - Musical interlude
So, in honor of the new Metallica album being released tomorrow, I thought that I'd write about music and my life.

I've always loved music. The way it can just wash over your consciousness, drown you in emotions that other people feel, just make you feel the beauty in the notes and melody. That said, I have no musical talent myself. I can't play an instrument, and whether or not I can sing is negotiable. That doesn't mean my love for music is any less, though.

The type of music that impassions me is another thing that might make some people think that I'm maybe not as cultured or intelligent or whatever. I can't get into Beethoven, I don't like Bach, and operas make my ears hurt and musicals are too hokey for words. Classical and all the professional types of music don't appeal to me at all.

I'm a rock girl through and through.

I simply can't understand how people can listen to, say, Metallica's ...And Justice for All, and not *feel* it. Not just get that beautiful feeling when a song connects to you, when everything from the guitars and drums to vocals and lyrics just combines to create something gorgeous. I don't understand how people call it just 'noise' or 'garbage' or whatever. It's beautiful to me, why isn't it to them?

I think my upbringing has a lot to do with my musical tastes today. I was listening to Aerosmith and AC/DC and Black Sabbath in the womb. One of my first memories is standing between the two seats in that old van my dad used to have, watching him turn up the volume on "Welcome to the Jungle" and thinking, "he must really like that song, he turned it up loud." I couldn't have been older than three. I remember singing along to Aerosmith, all that.

I remember the very first time I heard a kind of music other than rock. It was in first grade, during show and tell. Two boys brought in a tape player, and stuck in Vanilla Ice. Every kid in the class knew the song except for me. That was the first time it even occured to me that the other kids hadn't ever heard AC/DC or Aerosmith or Lynard Skynard.

I continued listening to rock throughout elementary school- things like Alice in Chains and Nirvana and Seven Mary Three and all the early nineties bands became what was listened to as my parents began to listen to them more. Then, middle school came. At the end of sixth grade, beginning of seventh, I began to listen to the most horrible form of music: pop. All I can not think to my defense is that it was what all my friends were listening to. I liked the Spice Girls. I liked Hanson. I even liked Chumbawumba. It was terrible.

Then, eighth grade. I got an awesome stereo for Christmas. (That stereo was only retired this Christmas, when I got a nicer system. It still worked- I gave it to my mamaw so she could listen to her Elvis and Eagles CDs.) I began to listen to the radio more, and, noticibly, began to tune into the rock station more. I loved the guitars, loved the low melodic voices, loved the fun irony and meaning in the lyrics. I heard Nirvana's Lithium, and adored it. I'd heard it before, but after listening to pop for two years it was something fresh and new.

I began to dub tapes of the songs I loved off the radio, and from there I was back solidly into the rock music. I do have to thank my dad for getting my into Metallica- he bought me the Black Album one day when I was sick to make me feel better, then later on bought me ...And Justice for All after having a guy at work tell him it was the best Metallica album. I bought more CDs, made my collection grow to its present state of over 100 CDs, my tastes grew and Tool was added to my Favorite Bands list with Nirvana and Metallica.

My friends still listened to pop, and hip hop and rap as the years went on. I didn't. I stayed the rocker, the one who could surprise the freaks by being able to hold an intelligent conversation about, say, the meaning behind the lyrics of any Nirvana song, or by knowing the latest bands and all that.

One more thing to add-- Oldies. I adore them- Jim Croche, The Doors, all that. I love 'em. So I'm not just into new bands, I like bands from across the past 50 years.

Well, that was nice to rant out.

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Tuesday, June 3rd, 2003
10:33 pm
So Sue finally decided to pop that kid out. They dropped her two older kids off at our house at midnight last night. Casey was born at 3:45 this morning, so that was a very fast labor. Sue was like, if only my other two had beent that fast..., when we visited her this afternoon. Casey's a cute little girl-black hair and blue eyes. So very tiny! I only held her for a minute, because children tend to hate me (she made this funky elvis-ish lip curl face at me, then glared at me until I handed her to my sister). So Hana and Josie were over ALL day.. Josie's a cutie, though. She made me color with her, and we watched Shrek and the Powerpuff Girls. Well, I was watching Powerpuff Girls and Josie and Hana decided to join me. Buttercup rocks!

Today was a semi-productive writing day. Got a page of Shotgun down, and started dark!Draco fic. Didn't get anything done on Rumrunner, though, and that's the one that I should be working on. But, dangit, this chapter's jsut being impossible. I can't concentrate on it. Maybe when the weather gets better...
Plus, I want to write something else in X-Evo. Maybe I could finally finish that Fred fic... Or not. I also want to read some very good fanfics.

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Monday, June 2nd, 2003
5:38 pm

You're a evil split image of Ash,And also head of a
army of the dead known as the deadites.
Your goals are to get back the book of the dead
known as the necronomicon! What Horror Movie Villian am I?

Yay! I looove Evil Dead 2! So what if Evil Ash is from Army of Darkness?

Actually, my number one match was some chick from some other movie, based solely on the fact that she was the only female on the list. So I went with Number Two. :)

Pregnant cousin is over YET AGAIN. She's supposed to be induced in the morning- apparantly her two demon spawn are going to stay over here. Urg. I do not like children. At all. *mutters and scowls*

Saw X2 again today. Was going to actually TAKE sister, but damn car's broke. Leaking transmission fluid= not good. Probably a blown gasket or something. Ick. So I was dropped off at the theater, then we loitered out front waiting for our ride like a couple of 13 year olds. Well, she IS 13, but dang it I'm not.

Did research for next chapter of Rumrunner today. Amazing what I don't know. I'm going to have to include the teacups, though. And the word 'spifflicated'. For obvious reasons. I'm nervous about actually writing the chapter, though, because I fell like my ignorance on the workings of 1920s mob will shine through, even though I'm trying my best to keep it accurate. Oh well. If worst comes to worst, I can always pull a 'We can't tell you for your own safety", cheap as that might be. Of course, I'm already planning on doing that to a point.

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Sunday, June 1st, 2003
8:14 pm
Today wasn't really an interesting day.

Event of the Day: Sitting at redlight after visiting grandparents. In my car, Mom driving. Light turns green. Take off.

Teenager in car next to us takes off. Mom only realized about twenty feet after redlight that we're being raced. She slams on gas and kicks car into overdrive. We beat kid, they only pass us when we've slowed down to turn.

Me: Mom, you aren't supposed to drag race teenagers.
Mom: We won, though.
Me: True, but it took you a minute to realize we were being raced.
Sister: What did he think he was doing, racing a GT in that car?
Mom: *shrugs*

I love my mother.

Bought sketchpad notebook today. I'm not a real artist, but I like to color with my Crayolas. Does it mean you're insane when you color the same thing over and over? I don't really think so, unless it's like a picture of killing your father and sweet-loving your mother. I just color triangle-circles. It's.. medatative. I think about my life, I think about my fics, I make up silly stories, I just think as I color.

I wrote another ficlet to go with Honeysuckle: Oleander. Draco's POV (well, as much of a POV that those fics have.) I stuck it up on because I wanted to dedicate it to Rainpuddle, the awesome reviewer.

Talked to Shelley today. She's back in Alabama. I wish I was somewhere else. I want to go somewhere. Florida. The Keys. That's it, I want to go to Key West. And Universal Studios. Wonder if any of my friends would go... It would be awesome. Too bad I most likely won't end up going anywhere.

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Friday, May 30th, 2003
7:40 pm
Today: Woke up, helped clean up my car, rode around some, ate, wrote, watched TV, took dog outside, and not much else. Super-pregnant cousin came over, inspiring this convo:

Persephone92: yay! my super-pregnant cousin's finally leaving!
kaak27: aww, lol
kaak27: that would be an interesting comic book character
Persephone92: lol
Persephone92: LOL!!
kaak27: she could have mood swings at her arch-enemy, Pro-choice Man!
Persephone92: LOL
kaak27: and have a baby-bottle bazooka
Persephone92: That is the funniest mental image EVER
kaak27: LOL
kaak27: I'm being very random today, I think I've drank too much kool-aid
Persephone92: heh, it's good, you're funny when you're on kool-aid

:) I also posted my first cookie on FA. Bizarre ficlet I came up with. The plot is actually hidden in the words. My quick summary of actual plot: It's D/G where she fell in love with him, thinking he could be redeemed, he imperio-d her and now she kills people that she once loved. The story:

My weird mood from yesterday shone through bright and clear, I think.

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Thursday, May 29th, 2003
11:03 pm
First entry. Always unsure about what to write at first, but I'm in a weird mood tonight, so I guess I'll just ramble. I want to write. I am in one of those moods where my mind is bursting at the edges, and I just want to relieve it by purging everything that comes to mind. I'm just restless, I guess. Earlier- went riding through the back roads and woolies. Amazing how I've lived here my whole life, and still can get lost in this county. There are a million snakey, winding roads that go no where, but still lead somewhere out there. Houses line all of them, even though I never thought about this being a populated area. Hundreds of homes, some rat poor, some filthy rich, some just there, line the roads.

I said I was in a weird mood before I even started that ramble.

First entries are usually introductions, aren't they? Telling who you are...

I'll just simplify myself down into likes and dislikes.

Likes: Chocolate, Spicy Nacho Doritos, Pizza Goldfish, Metallica, Nirvana, Tool, Writing Fanfics, Reading Fanfics, Reading books- particularly those by Poppy Z Brite (lovely descriptions, lush characters, gratuitious gore and shock tactics, slightly heavy on the homoeroticness), Laurell K Hamilton (sexy books, sexy characters, fun storylines, absolutely love Edward, think books have declined after Obsidian Butterfly), Janet Evanovich (absolutely hilarious, dead sexy men *is Ranger Babe* hilarious characters *Sally Sweet* senseless destruction of innocent cars in every book), Harry Potter (Just too fun, love the entire world, can't wait for OotP), and most recently, Terry Pratchett ( Just too much fun to read, love them dearly). Also likes riding around with top down on car while jamming out to "Roadhouse Blues" by the Doors, as that is THE perfect cruisin' song.

Dislikes: Onions, tomatoes, lack of decent love life, anything pop music, birds (They crap on black cars the second they get washed, someone should do a study on this), thinking about the future, uncomfortable clothing, kids, and seeing women in thongs on the big screen TV. Better go ahead and add men in thongs to that last one.

Guess that's everything. I'm all rambled out now. :)

current mood: blah
current music: Queen of the Damned soundtrack

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