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Monday, June 14th, 2004

Time:4:39 pm.
Finally Michael Moore's new movie will be with us soon. And who else did he get to produce it? A Canadian production company, Lion or somthing.
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Time:1:51 pm.
Music:Elextric Six- She's White.
Last couple days have been spent with Alex exclusively. And I havn't had any inclination to do otherwise. Tomorrow looks like it'll be the same.

Saturday night I went over there, we might have gone to Cathedral, but I know he didn't want to. I was to tired for that anyway. watched Willard and Pitch Black. Willard was alright, but the director is tring to hard to be Tim Burton. Pitch Black, I've seen it already, and as far as sci-fi alien horror crap it's pretty damn good. Might even go see the prequal. The rest of the night wasn't to exciting

Sunday morning, and the better part of the day, was spent making apple pie. Cept we didn't use apples we used a giant monster of a zucini. Tastes the same as apple though. I also make a big ol' stuft zucini with half of the half we had left after making the two pies, (I told you it was a giant monster zucini.)

Today I meet Alex at Boarders. I bought my dad a very small book, somthing like 2'4in, about meditation in action or somthing. Fathers day stuff. Went to Victoria Secret, they were having a sale. Bought a garder belt and a new bra for pretty cheep, which im happy about. Then we went to target so Alex could buy some video games. I got some underwear there too. Then we headed to the park to sit around and yeah. Taz and his wife came by and Alex bummed them a ciggerette and a little evening fun. I like them, they're sweet people... or maybe they're not, but they come off like they are. I wish them luck with whatever they have left of a life. We went to Aaron Brothers, beucase Alex is still looking for a job. Haha, he ended up buying ninety dollar markers. At least I know he'll use actually use them. I also told him to tell his dad to use them as a tax wright-off, maybe he can some money back. Then we took the bus down to San Marcos and saw Saved!, it was fuuuuuuuny. Go crazy christians. It wasn't as good as it could have been, if they had tried a bit more it could have had a more quriky dark humor feel. Oh well. It takes six minutes to walk all the way around the San Marcos Edwards 18. We came back and started watching Lost in Translation with some soy chorizo tequitos. But Alex never asked to stay the night, though it would only have been fair, so he had to leave about 15 minutes in.

Now Im here.

Tomorrow I should be heading down to 101 with him. There's a show at Ducky Waddles and I need to finish off that credit I have with Lou's. Mmmm, maybe we can go to Ogata too.
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Thursday, June 10th, 2004

Time:9:19 pm.
Music:The Cure - The End of the World.
One day... half a day left. Im working 'till ten tomorrow though.

Saturday could potentially be fun, theres Better Then Sex, which Mike has a very sketch plan of going to, theres Cathredral, though Alex doesn't wan't to go. There's sitting at Alex's house all night watching movies, that would require me to get in the mood though... not somthing I do very well, save 10:45pm Monday night or if Queer as Folk is on. Oh, thats what I can do, bring Queer as Folk.

Uncle Pidgeon still doesn't have his car back, that whole taking off for a day in a tiff didn't sit as well with his parents as he thought. So that's no option for Saturday.

That boy isn't ready to be out in the world in less then a yr! He's graduating early on top of that. I swear I'll have to keep an eye on that one. Alex aswell, god, their all leaving me next year.... shit.
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Wednesday, June 9th, 2004

Time:8:54 pm.
Hahahahah, I got through everything and didn't cry. Couple more days left. Brian is leaving, after his second year as a junoir. If ever there was a friendly giant it was Brian. I hope he finds somthign good for himself out there, I hope he has help and I hope finds some good friends. I shoudl probably try and give him my number before he leaves, if I see him tomorrow.

I could possible be leaving for the better part of a week a couple weeks from now. God I hope that works out.

Hahahaha, stupid little fuck. My cat is an awsome exscape artist I found out today. Shes been couped up all week, I wouldn't let her out b/c I never had much time. No worries, she found a way out. SoI walked around the hosue a couple mins calling her name, looked over the balcony and there she is, 3 floors down in the garden. Whatever, I know I locked everythign before I left the day before.

I have to work Friday... which... no worries. Saturday I can't go to Cathredral b/c Sunday is Dad's day, so I can't stay at Alex's. I have next week off as a surprise, beach work doesn't start till the following. I guess I'll have to do a little make-up work w/ the monkey, peneance for negelect this week. I might just say im staying with Jacket and head up to Almost Better Then Sex, if I can swing it. Ah well, no worries I got time, a couple months of time.

Saw Hedeki today when I went to pick up my Gran, he's Austin and Alicia's roommate, small world. I Vaguley remember Austin having a profoudn hatred for Asains.... eh, whatever. Hedeki is nice, I wish I had the nerve to practice my Japanese on him.

Oh and I also sent an email to Olga, hah, talk about a small world. I got her e-mail from Elisha or rather it was forced apon me b/c aprantly she wants to rant about the pictures I have him of us when we were young. I hope I get something back from her. Haha, then I can spend some quality time being all nostalgic.

There ain't no party like a white-rabai party?
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Monday, June 7th, 2004

Time:8:52 pm.
Mmmmmm, Sunday morning I wanted to stay in bed all day. I woke up all warm and safe and happy. Damn, had work at 9 am. Sorry monkey man. This week is to cramed. I've had to stay in Lucadia since Friday, whihc hasn;t hepled much. My japanese project is already kate I have a large math one to finish... that's if I'm still on my feet by tomorrow.

Last week of school.
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Saturday, June 5th, 2004

Subject:Long time.... comming?
Time:12:56 pm.
Okay, well I got through the whole week without looking at my computer? People around me seem to be living through their comupter to an extent that's disturbing. When you have to talk about your experiences on your computer the night before, the day after when you emerged into real life theres somthing must be somthing lacking in your mind.

One week left. I don't think the start if summer will impact my life that much. Ill still stand around twiddling my thumbs for 6 hours a day. Only difference is I'll be at the beach for three, hearding squadrens of 10 year olds in the right direction. Heh, like I could direct anyone in the right direction.

Today is Alexander I. Roudolphs 17th birthday. I called him this moring and sang over the phone. Mind you I can sing so he probably though I was having some kinda of fit.

Ever forget you already have a tampon in and stick another one up there anyway? You think you would notice, huh?
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Sunday, May 30th, 2004

Time:1:53 pm.
We made smoothies and ate all the humus. SCORE!
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Saturday, May 29th, 2004

Time:11:51 pm.
Today was hazy, with Jackie and toilets. Lots of toilet pictures, and we evern cleaned our ears. Oliver you're love. Kanpai!
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Tuesday, May 25th, 2004

Subject:All mixed up and nowhere to go
Time:10:00 pm.
Hahaha, I thought today was fuckin hillariously ironic, but the little Alex wasn't so smitten. So we go to the art show right after school, since we were both supose to have pieces in it. I looks around the room for a while, didn't see mine, didn't see Alex's. Lots of the pieces really weren't very good.... oh well. I wasn't dissapointed becuase I thought hey, neither of us were included, thats okay. Just as I was about to leave I saw my 8 by 20 hanging on the wall, wait.... WOOPS! the name underneath said Alex Roudolph. Hahaha I was almost on the ground laughing, Alex didn't seem to think it was that funny. I went and asked about it, and was told that the piece didnt have a name on it. Though he thought that the one with Alex's name on it and mine were both done by Alex, and he picked the on he liked best. I don't think that made my baby to happy. Hahahah, but seriously what are the chances that his and mine would be the ones mixed up. Hahahah.
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Monday, May 17th, 2004

Time:10:26 pm.
Music:OhGr - Water.
Haha, Sunday was really pretty nice. Even though Alex was stuck at home and bitter, I still had a pretty cool day. Which started out with a speghetti vs. mac'n'chese eating contest over the phone, and im almost ashamed to say; uncle Pidgeon ate his bowl of Mac'n'chese faster then I ate my freezered bowl of speghetti and tomato scauce... But then I made him pick my ass up.

And so we drove

We drove with the main goal of application giving and reciving, but on the way we chased down a hobo. He wouldn't tell us his name, and frankly I think he was a bit put off my two random teenagers doing a horribly park job and running after him yelling "excuse me". He told us to honk when we see him though. ( I saw him later when I was walking home, and had to appologise for not having a car too honk with... he was sympathetic and made the honking noise for me.) Uncle Pidgeon dream/life perpose after our attempted hobo introduction, becuase yes we went to hammock store. As luck would have it I happened to notice a HELP WANTED sign on the side of the building. Yes I am the bringing of wonderful shit.... or maybe it was the hobo and his good vibes. Anyway we sat in hammocks and Mike got an application.

After that it was down to Subsonic, becuase well who doesnt want free party flyer and would you knwo it, Pidg didn't even know the palces exsisted. Hah, I showed him. EDC! Oh, then we went looking for smoothies. God damn, you think I would have remembered places with smoothies on 101. No we drove all the way to Panican, dont worry everyone we got an awsome selection of over priced gummie bears in spite of no smoothie... what up with the Panican not having smoothies??? So we tuurned around and drove back the other way on 101... Finally I made him slam on the breaks cause the coffee shope next to the SRF had smoothies painted on their sign. Oh what smoothies they were too! Okay the smoothies weren't THAT great, but they came with little frickin green plastic monkeys on the straws! Heh Mike's feel off and mine drown, subsiquently I had to drink him out.... took me a while. The back of that place is nice, I'd sit back there and hang out again. It was LeStates degavue, cept nicer looking and not to cold. Then we hit the road again.

Now Mike Pidgeon out of all reason is purly beyond me, and always will be. I yell "free bed" he drives around the block twice to park in the place he stared from and spends 10 minutes with his trunk open tring to figure out what he could use to tie the bed to the top of his car. Mind you this was no small bed. No, this was at least a queen sized box spring and mattress. Thank god for not having bungie chords on hand.

Alright so you can't take a bed with you, becuase of travel space restrictions. Whats the natural thing to do in this situation? Go to the 2nd street thrift store looking for a very small cage for a little plastic monkey.

Im tired of writting, I'll wrap up my day with Uncle Pidgeon. Meet a girl with no hair, formed a plan to steal a catus. Catus place closed, dissapointment. Put two people in the truck and drive over speed bumps. Mkae a money flower. Go home happy/ slightly bitter.

Hey, Im warning you now Mr. Pidgeon, if you leave me with anymore one way trips, where I have to guiltily ask random people IM NOT HANGING OUT WITH for rides home, that exit only asshole of yours will be forcably rethinking it position! That means some latex glove and a lot of grapes!!!

I never washed that damn shirt. Heh, I don't think I ever will.
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Saturday, May 15th, 2004

Time:8:35 pm.
I love how people seem to feel the need to convey their lives over AIM. I mean it's as if I care you're, "in the shower", or "maccin the dub-melon...eating watermelon in an aesthetically pleasing fashion.)". You have to wonder, are they that full of themselfs as to think that I need to know what they're dong at that very moment.
Even better is the classic, "Im away from my computer right now", as if I couldn't tell from the stupid little idle sign next to your god damn name. People seem to think it nessisary to leave that message on 24hrs a day. If you're not going to be there for an extensive amount of time then don't leave your IM on. Do you leave your phone connected to someone for 5 hours just in case you might want to talk to them at some point in the day again?

Log online if you are planing to BE online. This insures you're not one of THOSE PEOPLE who are constantly online and about as fun to talk to as a box of paper clips, becuase the only thing you can muster in your online comma is "whats up" (spelled in various anoying ebonic ways.)

Point in full, don't be an IM junkie it makes you boring. Don't tell when your taking a shower chances are I don't want to know. Don't write song lyrics in your away messages I already know them and I don't care that your feeling like a melancholy little shit.

This has been a oublic service anouncement, please use AIM responsibly.
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Time:1:21 pm.
$25 Saturday, 6/26/2004 Electric Daisy Carnaval is getting closer! Event location isn't TBA anymore! No, now it's Nos Event Center 689 South E Street, TBA United States, and hopfully permitted; though I think with a 10,000+ people event you'd have to be an E-tard not to.... uh oh... haha nevermind. All i have to do now is geta ride. PIdg sure as hell won't drive that far.... I sure as hell wouldn't let him drive me that far. I'm sure Preston's car has been full for a while, not that I would want to drive long distances with him either. No worries, it's all still exciting.

Last night wasn't exactly an adventure, but it was awsome to just hang out with people again.
I think I'll go see a movie or somthing tonight since im off the hook for everything else.

Poor Mr. Pidg, Tiesto's playing eveywhere but here Geogia, Texas, even fucking Ohio. Hahahah, awwww.

Ignorance is astounding.
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Wednesday, May 12th, 2004

Time:10:20 pm.
If you love something set it free... hope it comes back.
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Time:1:48 pm.
Yeah, I think sex is, in fact, a sport.
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Tuesday, May 11th, 2004

Time:10:06 pm.
Oh yeah I forgot. When I woke up this morning I spaced when getting dressed and then when I went to go see the acupuncturist I realised I was wearing panties with the virgin mary's face on the crotch, hahahah, a lil awkward. I hope she got a kick out of my ass, haha OOPS, it said "Hail Mary".
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Time:9:29 pm.
I was very sick last week. My lovley UTI turned into a kidney infection. I now have a shit load of work to make up, which isn't making me happy. I don't know what to do for my Japanese project, and what's more, I don't know what my options are.

Other things are good. Being back at school is nice, with the people and what not. I supose im going to start clearing out old stuff. I dont much think its old but aparntly my room isnt properly reprisentive of who I am as a person, according to my dad. I don't mind making things simpiler, I wouln't mind getting a new lamp or whatnot, and changing my selfs. Though I do have a large prroblem with the idea that I should get rid of my shelf of.. eh.. 'stuff'. I think it's very charisteristic of me, and well it's just cool. I have 15 year old plastic smerfs and little harliquins. Clutter or no, I want to keep these things and keep them displayed in one place.

On that not stuft animals are hard to get ride of. When I think of them it seems like a lot, but when I look at them these isnt that many and well.... I don't know. I feel almost guilty getting ride of some of these things. I think thats a problem for me, I feel guilty about giving away things purley becuase I don't want whoever gave it to me... no matter how long ago to find out. Even really old stuft animals I've had since i was a little kid, I feel guilty to the stuft animals. Unreasonable as that may be.

I probably shouldn't bitch, but I feel guilty about a lot more then maybe I should. I feel bad if I tell someone something they don't want to hear... which gets me inot trobble becuase I end up in awkward situations invovling multiple people who I wanted to please equally, and never made up any decisions.

I really wish school was a bit more structured in reguard to, you sit in a class room, take notes, and complete assaignments based on the notes you take. I don't much like all this peer team work and group work. No reason I supose, I like to do my own work.

I went and saw an acurpuncturist today, last time. I went last week when I was feeling shit, it helped. Im not sure what it did today but doesn't hurt I supose and im not paying.

I'd like to see a movie this weekend, it was a good idea proposition Alex. I don't have any money though which is now an on going problem for me and a bit dissapointing. I asked Oliver to pick me up another application, I would really like to start working somewhere. Though a saw a wonderful report of the news last Saturday, this is the work recorded year for 'teen' employment in years. Aparatly no one wants to hire the 16 year olds. I wish i wasn't quiet so, um, intimidated by strangers. I feel very uneasy trign to ask for applications much less giving them back. I think I've turned in two. The one the lady said shifts were 6 hours long and I told her I would gladly start over summer, though I have my doubts she'll even call me back. Jimbo's just sent me a letter, though I know they don't want under 18. I supose technicly I'm not above anything so I could just go down to that Albertson's, though mabe I'll ask across the street at Von's. That Von's has no one come in and it's small. That wouldn't be bad. Though I would like to work somewhere small. I don't know. Whatever. I talk to much, even online.
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Saturday, May 1st, 2004

Time:9:28 pm.
How lame.
Didn't get out of the house all day.
Aprantly, was just kidding myaelf I was ganna have fun out on the... where the hell is you go around here.
I was completly confident someone would have some free time and i could just get free a lil.
Alex had SAT's this morning then went directly off the park all day to hang w/ the polio hobit while he dropped, I forgot he was ganna do that.
Which is cool, I hope the hobit had fun.
Um, so i sat on my bed.. watching dazed and confused, which I don't think is very good at all... actully I think it's far to long.
I did some homework while watching, and I just don't like it.
Alex called about.. I duno like 4:30, told me he was coming over.
That was awsomely nice but I would have rather meet him somewhere, oh well.
No worries though he got here about 5:30, they got side-tracked at Mike's house or somthing.
So I watching Dazed and Confused again with Alex, which is cool, I don't blame, him he was tired and didn't want to walk anywhere.
I called uncle Pidgeon and he said he was down in Oceanside and that he would call when he got back and pick us up, but I think he got side tracked too.
He said they found someone who had dissapered for a while which is pretty cool.
Alex left at about 9:00 I guess. Thank you for comming over.
Im still sitting on my bed, by the time Dazed and Confuzed was over it was to late to go anywhere.
and Wow, it's 10:00 already.
I want to go out somehwere tomrrow, but Alex said he can't so I guess I'll just go over there.
I don't know if I can go with Jackie next weekend. My Mom said it was fine, but I my Dad will probably will want to spend time there.
They only play really out dated stuff on TV on Saturday, which is dissapointing...
I wish I had made more of an effort out of my day instead on just relying on other people to fit me in.
It's really dissapointing because I rarely get the freedom of staying home on the weekends.
Oh well...
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Sunday, April 25th, 2004

Time:7:56 pm.
Last night was a good enough first shoot, aside from the sidewalk specticle afterwards. Im tired, and im very thankful for the monkeys of the world. Thank you monkeys, thank you bunnies, thank you bunnie-monkey.
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Saturday, April 17th, 2004

Time:8:34 pm.
Damn. Time to slide out some paper and thoose Neupastels. I havn't touched them for weeks. I havn't done anything for to long, crazy. I walked into Aaron Brother's over the weekend and wandered into their art section. And now I just remembered to ask Alex what his choice medium is, I think at the moment it's markers or at least it seems that way. Anyway it really, I duno, refreshing. Made me wanna, well lets be honest spend money supplies, but on top of that use them too. I really want to buy Alex a good set of those Prisma Color marker, he's so talanted, makes me almost jealous that I won't ever have thoose ideas sprouting out of my head. Ah well im happy for him, I hope he uses it at least. Okay now im ganna go find all these said items and play.

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Saturday, April 10th, 2004

Time:5:05 am.
Mood: curious.
Music:Bauhaus - Ziggy Stardust cover.
Some peoples level of close minded arrogance concerns me greatly. The unwillingness to take the side of your opposition for only a moment is detering to belife of just in my life. Not that it matters, people are stubborn, I'm stuborn. It's not in them to change their view for anything, because defeat isn't something anyone takes lightly, save maybe the Dali Lama. I note this stubron streak more with young people, don't get me wrong there's a great amount of adults who act the exsaclt same way, but it seems largely a trait of young people.

I had a good night last night. Went to Alex's durnign the day and watching Alien 3, somthign I havnt done before. At about 9 we headed to Devon's party goomer par. It was funny, we got there after everyone had, had their freak outs, (yeah i saw that comming,) everyone being Jess and Even. It was interetsing, Jakcie brought some guy named Gram, who at first I thought was a woman, he turned out to be a cool guy though. Went home a few hours later, after hottub fun was had and my pack was empty. But score! I found one today in a lipstick container, hahah go me. Awwww and Even is the cuttest goomer Ive ever seen. Hahaha he was wanderign around ina daze the whole time i was there, started telling me that his brain had told him that people weren't people anymore. It was fun, I walked in and saw him sleeping on the piano, hahahaha, awwwwww. Props to Devon for giving everyone such a good time. ^_~

What else, what else, I've botched a giant pastel I was doing, which is a shame. I was starting to get use to it too. But I did fix some broken jewlery with that soldering iron I bought. Now all my ornate crosses finally look like somthing worth like. Ass end up mofo.
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