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    Monday, January 26th, 2009
    9:16 am
    He's THAT stupid.
    Somebody has been posting on blogs, when he's not suppose to be.

    Then again, are we really that surprised?
    Friday, January 23rd, 2009
    3:54 pm
    Just how tight are you with us?
    Because of reasons beyond our control, we at Noimbill are making this journal Friends Only.
    Wednesday, April 16th, 2008
    8:41 am
    Bill wasn't missed, until today....
    I had the shits.

    Is Bill out of jail yet?

    Since spring is finally here, I've been able to get out and sell shit loads of my home-made cheap-ass beer. And ride my bike.

    I kick ass.
    Sunday, October 7th, 2007
    9:17 am
    In Conclusion....
    Thanks to drysuitrider, we have an update on Bill:


    Wisconsin Dells Events -Wisconsin Dells Police found the man who they believe made bomb threats at several locations by tracking calls he made on a stolen cell phone, court records show.

    William Walkowitz, 42, of Wisconsin Dells, made an initial appearance Thursday in Columbia County Circuit Court, and details emerged about his activities.

    He reportedly told police that he called in bomb threats at Wisconsin Dells High School three times Tuesday because he did not believe authorities were taking him seriously. He told police he was playing "cat and mouse" with them, and that he had urinated in dozens of cars as he was stealing items from them.

    Walkowitz is accused of making bomb threats to the high school, Kilbourn Public Library and Riverwalk Hotel; breaking into dozens of cars; and taunting police with a radio he allegedly stole from the vehicle of an off-duty firefighter. He was ordered held on $7,500 cash bond Thursday.

    Way to go, Bill.

    Sunday, September 30th, 2007
    9:36 am
    Fuck my ASS, I'm popular!

    I am some serious funny shit. EVERYONE thinks it. I am also really really good lookin'. I drove a Harley this weekend AND I rode on a Harley this weekend. Bitches and ho's, pimps and the gig's, they all were up in my grill tryin' to ride the Hog.

    Some know-it-all tried to smack me down, but I yelled to him, "Yo Momma!" and everyone started laughin'. They know who's the toughest Hog ridin', grill wearin' bad ass is. ME! I be puttin' them in their place. Even the waitress who brought the food out to our car thought I was funny. The Sonic manager gave me a coupon for a free Cherry Limeade and tots. I rule!

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    Friday, September 21st, 2007
    11:46 am
    Cage Fighting.
    I did it! I have been kicking ASS in my cage fightin’ events over the last few months. I have sponsors and everyone thinks I'm really funny.

    I'm still sellin' beer to those homeless fuckers, and Pimpboy. The homeless men and women are like a rotatin' door. Some of those bums stick around for a week or two, and then they're gone. But a new batch are always just a few steps behind 'em.

    Pimpboy is the one who keeps the regulars comin' back. Most of his bitches are STANKY. I feel bad for a few of 'em. Missing teeth. Fucked up nose. Crossed eyes. The regular shit you see on the streets. But there are some that are down right only fuckable with a paper bag over their heads -with a hole cut out around their mouths. From what Pimpboy says it's the REALLY ugly ones that will fuck a cock the best. Those bitches will milk a stiff pole dry. He actually charges MORE for those ho's since clients usually aren't able to make it back for at least two days -their cocks just can't shoot a load before then.

    Honestly, I think he's just givin' me the hard sell. I KNOW those bitches want my package. They’ve tried to unzip and grab at me MANY of times. Horny fuckers.

    I asked Pimpboy about his "virgin" ho and he's already had her fucked by someone other than family. He bragged about how he got top dollar for her pussy. Still no word on whether or not it was Bill, but the bitch is in rotation now. He does have one fine piece of ass I wouldn't mind bangin'. She’s the new girl. Maybe I'll let her blow me for a couple sips of my cheap-ass beer.

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    Friday, July 27th, 2007
    2:07 pm
    So far, the vote is that Bill is dead and in hell.

    I, personally, think he's in jail.

    To semi-quote someone ('cause I can't remember the EXACT quote), "it would take something monumental to keep him away from the internet." Jail or death would be those two monumental things.

    Bill, if you are indeed burnin' in hell, we're sorry you couldn't get your shit together in time to make it to heaven.
    Monday, July 23rd, 2007
    11:12 pm
    What do YOU think happened?
    So, Bill and his alias's are all very quiet.

    Where do you think Bill has disappeared to?



    Strung out on real drugs?


    I have money down that he comes back with a "Me and Jennifer were on a vacation" story.

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    Friday, July 20th, 2007
    10:06 pm
    Expert advice.
    Being the (failed) expert of AA, Bill gives advice.

    Really, it's priceless.

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    Wednesday, July 18th, 2007
    7:30 pm
    Just to point out.
    Bill likes to brag about how much alcohol he can drink.

    He also likes to call people who aren't alcoholics "light weights."

    I would just like to highlight what one person had to say about Bill being a proud alcoholic:

    "I'm happy you like to abuse substance's. But stop being such a fucking lightweight, alcohol is for pure pussy's. Go take a handful of some strong pain killers or shoot up a shit load of Heroin."

    (Bold is mine)


    Seriously, THAT is priceless.


    Isn't is interesting how I posted a random quote about Bill, no mention of the person's sex or name, and then Bill suddenly posts on his "askbill" noncommunity about the VERY SAME person who said the quote?

    Yeah, I know.

    3:52 pm
    Bill is a self loathin' wuss.
    Really, Bill.

    Don't you get tired of people KNOWIN' it's YOU when you comment anonymously on their blogs.

    Don't you get tired of ALWAYS being called out as the pussy you are?

    Don't you get tired of just being yourself?

    You must.

    It's the reason you attack people on their blogs. You CAN'T STAND people who are success stories. ESPECIALLY those who have over come or are over comin' their addictions.

    It eats you up inside that YOU can not put down the bottle. You have failed at AA MANY times and you HATE yourself for it.

    I bet, even now, you wish you could end your life.

    But you don't, and you shouldn't.

    You are a miserable person, Bill. You look in the mirror everyday and wish you were someone else. Even when you used your friend's death to try and make peace with Tesco, you couldn't handle the silence and continue to be a douche.

    You're self destructive and you know it.

    Couldn't keep a marriage.

    Can't help your sick parents.

    However, you're an adult, Bill. You KNOW the difference between right and wrong. You choose the wrong.

    Maybe one day you'll stop being THAT douche.

    But as of this moment, it's doubtful.

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    8:58 am
    Bill, the good boy.
    Every now and then Bill will jump through our hoops.

    Like when we point out his inconsistencies.

    He's changed his anonymousposts' profile to say "husband" instead of boyfriend.


    Really, Bill. I love the amount of control we have over you. And I KNOW how much you HATE that considering you have control issues.

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    As usual: here are the screenshots.

    BEFORE we pointed it out:

    Image Hosted by

    AFTER we pointed it out:

    Image Hosted by

    Tuesday, July 17th, 2007
    10:37 pm
    Bill hearts Tesco.

    It's rather cute how Bill feels he needs to bring up Tesco's name in the Sextips community in order to "defend" him.

    Pssst, Bill. That girl was callin' YOU a fag, not Tesco.

    However, in the spirit of "Bill loves Tesco," it's all very adorable how Bill is still kissin' Tesco's ass.


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    10:19 pm
    Hey Anonymousposts, aka Bill.
    We here at Noimbill enjoy pointin' out Bill's inconsistencies. We enjoy watchin' him change his shit once we point it out.

    Bill, you might want to correct Anonymous’ profile. You recently posted Anonymous as havin' a husband. In your most recent post about (hahahahahahaha) music, you posted, "My husband likes the album covers you posted."

    HOWEVER, in the profile you posted, "I post as I am so that way nobody in my family or my b/f will know it's me posting here."

    Boyfriend? Husband?

    Which is it?
    Monday, July 16th, 2007
    4:15 pm
    Best joke of the day...
    Bill was asked an honest question that went something like this, "why do you try so hard to out people when you yourself have 10 accounts?"

    His response: 10? I only have 2.


    Once again Bill believes people are as stupid as he is.

    Psssst, Bill. They aren't. ;)
    9:07 am
    Bill just can't decide....
    One minute I'm Dorris.

    The next Americanwoes.

    What will Bill do?!

    What WILL he do!?




    Edited to add:

    Woes, you actually tried to befriend that pervert? You must not have read his chicagobill journal. Even when "sober" he shit on his friends. Yep, took HUGE dumps on 'em.
    Sunday, July 15th, 2007
    2:17 pm
    What a douche.
    Bill is still harassin' that young girl desireejawnnn here on blurty.

    HOWEVER, that girl has his number. She's all OVER that bitchass pussy. Bill has tried, begged, her to be allowed to post on her emoleericks blog but she's banned his ass. ALL of his asses.

    Now, I ask you. WHY does Bill feel the urge to post lyrics on a site where it's 99.9% young teenaged girls???

    To get in touch with his feminine side?


    He's a young girl trapped in an old drunkards body?


    He's a sick sick pervert.


    Bill the pussy douche is a sick motherfucker. Luckily those young girls have that shit stains number and gave him the BOOT!

    Good for you, desireejawnnn. We here at Noimbill give you major kudos.

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    Saturday, July 14th, 2007
    2:34 pm
    Go read the entry before this one and see what comment Bill deleted.


    Note to Bill: Bitch, you got SERVED!

    I see you peakin' in on here, pussy. Try as you might, you can't help it. You can't stop comin' around. You just have to see which lie we've caught you in now.

    Good to know you're our number one fan.
    Friday, July 13th, 2007
    10:52 pm
    Poor gay Bill.
    Since Bill has no other outlet other than his own noncommunity, he's resorted to postin' gay porn on it. Personally, this does not surprise me since Bill is a small cocked pussy bitch that envies the big cock.

    As for whether or not that pic is of me, he'll never know. ;)

    Now, as for Pimpboy, Bill just doesn't get it.

    Pimpboy is named Pimpboy 'cause he's a well known black pimp with a "virgin" ho suited for Bill -since Bill likes to keep fuckin' within the family.

    Pimpboy also keeps the ho's buyin' my cheap ass beer! That makes Bill angry since that means no cheapass beer for Bill.

    Bill is bitter that we here at Noimbill have exposed his lies. He's bitter that no matter what he posts he can't keep away from this blog. Doesn't matter that he's postin' on his noncommunity, he can't stop himself from readin' this journal.

    Perhaps if Bill spent more time cleaning himself up instead of makin' up lies he'd have himself a REAL Jennifer instead of a made up one.

    But we all know THAT won't happen.

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    5:18 pm
    I wonder.
    When Bill talks about "Jennifer," do you think he's referring to his left hand or his right?

    See, if he were smart, the left would be "Julie" and the right would have been "Jennifer."

    But he's not, so one of his hands is constantly being neglected.

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